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Melchizedek - Karmic Duel and Returning of Mother Sophia

Our Super Universe is a multi-level’s structure but also an administrative system. Its floors and sub-floors look like this:

One Super Universe (10 Large Sectors);

One Large Sector (100 Small Sectors);

One Small Sector (100 Local Universes);

One Local Universe (100 Constellations);

One Constellation (100 Local Systems).

Local Universe was created by its Absolute, Co-Creators (of three levels below), and Source (The Main Creator of all seven Super Universes).


Our Local Sector was built by Yaltabaoth. Lucifer was the administrator of our Local System where there are 619 planets. Earth is the 609th.

One Yaltabaoth’s son – Jehovah was the ruler of the Solar System. The second son – Yahweh – of Earth. The residence of both is on Saturn. The third son is Sabaoth. From the beginning, he passed to the Light Side and now bears the name El Moria which means the Vision of the Lord or the Guidance of the Lord.

The parents of Yaltabaoth were the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe and the World Mother Sophia, who went to this union against the will of the Supreme Light Hierarchs. She was forced to abandon her son after his father completely subjected him to complete control.

It was the case until recently when radical and irreversible changes began to occur in the structure of the Local Universe.

Which ones?

Under another administrative division, our Local Universe consisted of 24 eons: 12 eons were of the Black Co-Creator, and 12 were of his younger brother, Christ.

After the older brother betrayed the Source and moved to the Dark Side, his 12 eons (in one of which we all live) found themselves in involuntary-karmic stagnation.

Black Co-Creator had full power over his 12 eons. But that was not enough for him. He wanted to rule over all of Pleroma.

All of Source’s efforts in recent history were aimed at saving Its Creations – Perfect Man and the 12 eons that were in the power of the Black Hierarch.

The effort culminated in the rebirth and transformation of humanity, a topic the DNI covers extensively and at length. The next step in bringing the Local Universe back to its original state was the sanitization of the 12 Black eons.

It was prepared for very long and thoroughly. The Absolute’s Hierarchy decided to replace these twelve eons with new ones.

The main problem was that they could not simply destroy the 12 eons, because that automatically meant the destruction of all humans and all their Monads.

There was still the option of salvation through ascension. But how many could reach such a high level of Spiritual perfection?

As a result, an alternative plan was enacted.

In fulfillment of the Source’s will, the Higher Light Hierarchs began to withdraw the Universal Life Force of the Absolute from the twelve Black eons and place it in the Crystal of the new twelve eons that are being created. Melchizedek was appointed their Lord and Guardian.

The Crystal was formed from the Melchizedek’s Mandala, a Thin-Material structure spiritualized and animated by the heart and Monadic aspects of the Light Beings who were invited to participate in this work.

Melchizedek’s Mandala

Members of the Light Forces ground team joined in as well. The operation was conducted at extreme vibrations through the cores of the Causal Bodies and Lightwarriors’ Monads. It was a very difficult ordeal for them.

Their blood pressure was 108 over 0. They jokingly even called it Shambhala Pressure, by analogy with the fact that 108 is the Sacred Number of Shambhala.

However, the operation had to be stopped.

What happened?

Black Co-Creator, realizing that he and his 12 eons were doomed, filed for Karmic Court. He had direct rights to his Universe by his Divine origin, which Melchizedek did not have. Black Hierarch accused the organizers of the op of bias and tendentiousness.

Everyone understood that it was only a tactical move aimed at stalling for time, similar to the way earthly lawyers can artificially delay trials if necessary.

Nevertheless, according to the Cosmic Laws, he was right, and the Karmic Board suspended the operation.


Then a different plan was adopted in the Pleroma at its Great Council. Since the degraded twelve eons had lost their ability to conduct the Perfect Light of the Source and did not conform to the Divine Model of the Universe, a contest was announced to build a new, ideal structure of them.

Consideration was simple. Black Hierarch, who could not create anything perfect, goes to the contest with his model, and the Higher Hierarchs and Archons of Light represented by Melchizedek – with theirs.

Best model selection will also happen simply. An Impulse of Perfect Light will be emanated from the center of the Pleroma. Whichever model will distort it less when assimilating and transmitting to the lower eons will win. It will be legalized and implemented.


The contest was conventionally called a karmic duel between the Black Co-Creator and Melchizedek. Of course, no personal contact was implied.

The duel was scheduled for the Summer Solstice on June 21 at 9:09 p.m. local time in the region where Light Forces’ ground group was located. For security reasons, the year of this and other events will not be disclosed.

To support Melchizedek, the LF’s team was ordered to arrive at the Perfect Light Temple on one of the sacred mountains.

By their aspects, Lightwarriors were part of the Melchizedek’s Mandala and the Crystal of the new 12 eons, so they had to be directly involved in the contest.

To prepare for the karmic duel, they went to the mountains for three weeks, where they underwent special training. It went on continuously, even during brief sleep, in the Perfect Light Ray. It transformed their Radiant Bodies so that they could withstand the great energy load.

What were the chances of the parties?

Black Hierarch had one indisputable advantage. He was a Co-Creator of the Local Universe, and theoretically capable of one hundred percent transmission of Perfect Light due to his Divine Origin. But, as it later turned out, after his betrayal, he degraded and lost most of his Divine qualities.

Melchizedek, on the contrary, wasn’t Divinely born. He reached the highest level of Spiritual Perfection through self-sacrifice and service to the Light. He acquired all the necessary Divine qualities but previously could not test them in practically anywhere.

Plus, he had the Lightwarriors on his side, loyal to him, ready to do anything. Black Hierarch’s support team included Archons, Dracos, and Reptiloids.

A great deal in the duel depended on Yaltabaoth, the creator of our eon and part of humanity.

By the decision of the Highest Karmic Council of the Local Universe, on the eve of the duel he had to make a conscious choice of the Side he wanted to stay with.

To this end, Karma Lords completely isolated him from all contact for a time. The only thing they did was to provide him with the most complete information about the deeds of Black Hierarch and his, and what happened to the Earth and humanity as a result of their actions.

Karma Lords allowed Yaltabaoth to sort things out for himself and decide his fate.

He was to announce his decision to the Karmic Council a minute before the duel began and immediately join the chosen Side and participate in the duel.

Yaltabaoth could significantly influence its outcome, for he was a Divinely-born entity, a direct descendant of the Supreme Hierarchy of the Absolute as a World Mother Sophia’s son.

And he made his choice.

The decision that Yaltabaoth publicly announced before the duel began was sensational for the Black Co-Creator and his Archons. He gave up on his father and came over to the Light Side and Melchizedek!

He was immediately transferred to Melchizedek’s zone of 12 eons to take part in the duel at his side. At the same time, the Hierarchs of the Absolute transformed Yaltabaoth: instead of his beastly appearance, he was given a human form.

Then the duel began. The night before, on June 21, by order of the Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy and the Karmic Board, the ground crew had arrived on the sacred mountain at the Perfect Light Temple.

Karmic duel of the Epoch for the right to become the Lord of the New World began at the appointed time – 21.09.

An impulse of Perfect Light was emanated from the Absolute, which was divided into two Beams and retransmitted to the Black Hierarch and Melchizedek’s eons.

The vibration of Perfect Light first passed through the Hearts and Monads of the Rulers of these eons, and then through all who participated in the Causal Crystals of these parts of the Local Universe.

At that moment, the Lightwarriors felt an inordinately high vibration that knocked them off their feet. Their heart chakra center was torn from the powerful impulse, but the cores of the Causal Bodies and Monads held out.

Everything happened so fast that the group members did not even immediately realize that it was over. The Ascended Masters then showed them that the eons of the Black Hierarch, after the Perfect Light had been projected onto them, crumbled in a few seconds, unable to withstand its power

Then, Karma Lords have officially announced the outcome of the duel. The twelve eons of Melchizedek received the right to become the new second half of the Local Universe. The eons of the Black Co-Creator, after evacuating from them all Creative Energies, Principles, and Forces, were to be split into elementary particles.

Melchizedek thus became the Master and Guardian of the New Creation, and a month later was elevated in the hierarchical ladder by the Absolute to the Divine rank.

Thus, our Local Universe now consists of 24 eons: 12 – of Christ and 12 – of Melchizedek.

At dawn on June 22, precisely at 5:00 a.m., the solemn ceremony of the official activation of the New Universe – the twelve eons of Melchizedek – and its baptism with the Absolute’s Perfect Light took place.

Baptism Of The Of Melchizedek’s Twelve Eons

A bit later, the Higher Light Hierarchs and the ground team did the following work:

– Trimming of the active past in the structure of the Earth’s chronal continuum. Time energy (active past) has been reduced to three days (previously it was millions of years). Planetary Time Causal Matrix is now a range where active past is 3 days from the current moment and has become fully compliant with the Great Quantum Transition requirements;

– Installation of the Universal Galactic Time Matrix into the Earth’s Crystal (Logos);

– Initiation of money karma sanitation and its planetary egregore. Through it the Black Archons are dumping their karma on those for whom the material was more important than the Spiritual, who see money as the meaning of their life;

– Bringing the Perfect Light into the Reiki Logos, merging the Reiki channel with the Perfect Light. This is a truly epochal event, the effects of which can be felt by all who have any level of Reiki initiation.

Reiki Energy

Now each Reiki practitioner automatically gains access to the combined cosmic-bio-energetic channel of Reiki Perfected Light. The practical result is an increase in channel energy, vibration level, therapeutic and healing effects.

Yaltabaoth’s transition to the Light Side caused a tremendous resonance in the Spiritual Cosmos. For the first time since the betrayal of the Black Co-Creator, telepathic access was opened to his son.

Lightwarriors could make contact with Yaltabaoth. They ascertained that he had truly repented and completely reconsidered his past. He truly believed that he answered a Higher Calling for the Common Good.

In fact, Yaltabaoth was carrying out his father’s insidious plan to steal the Absolute’s Perfect Light and the Life Creation Universal Principle which man received from the Source.

It was not the end of events. Higher Light Hierarchs asked the ground team to arrive on June 24 at the Life Temple on one of the sacred mountains for the next phase of the operation.

In the course of this work together with the Ascended Masters, the Perfect Man DNA Matrix was introduced into Yaltabaoth. That is a part of what the Black Hierarch has been trying to extract from people with his help throughout the entire history of mankind.

Only men were involved in the operation, as the transfer of sacred DNA could only take place through the Male Foundation.

On the night of June 26-27, another epochal event occurred: the meeting of Yaltabaoth with his Mother, Sophia.

They had not seen each other since the Karmic Board forbade her to see the son. It meant the loss of her maternal rights.

Black Co-Creator, due to his status, was not deprived of paternal rights. That permitted him to control Yaltabaoth, incite him to atrocities on Earth, and create them with his hands.

So, the long-awaited meeting took place. The ground crew was allowed to watch it clairvoyantly. What they saw shook them so deeply that it still brings tears to their eyes when they think of it.

As soon as Yaltabaoth saw Sophia, he rushed to her and embraced her. Sophia did not expect this. She held back her emotions until the last moment.

When Sophia realized that her son had forgiven her and loved her, she had an emotional outburst. She poured out all the Love of Her Heart on him. It was all happening at crazy frequencies, and the Lightwarriors felt all their enormous power.

Mother Sophia And Yaltabael

Sophia and Yaltabaot embraced each other in the vibrations of Love, repentance, and forgiveness. Then the son, desiring to help his Mother, decided to voluntarily give her all the Perfect Light that was left in him by her.

It was the Light that Sophia had missed so much after sharing it with her son. For Yaltabaoth, it meant death, and he knew it.

Death was instantaneous, and he hung limp on his Mother. The Perfect Light and Yaltabaoth’s Life Crystal passed to Sophia, restoring her integrity.

The Pleroma’s coveted energy did not bring her happiness. She, wishing to revive her son, emitted all of her Life Energy from herself, trying to place it in his heart.

It was too late. The Spirit of Life had left him. Yaltabaoth sacrificed himself for his Mother, the Source, and the people.

Sophia was on the verge of death after trying to save her son. Her remaining Life Energy was insufficient for existence. Her grief was immense.

Her Heart failed. The Life Crystal cracked, and the vital powers began to leave her rapidly. Sophia was dying…

But a miracle happened. The Law of Divine Intervention worked. The Pleroma Hierarchs intervened in the situation and decided to revive Yaltabaoth and Sophia.

Many Light Beings and Higher Light Hierarchs were additionally involved. Members of the ground team also participated in the resuscitation. They shared their vital energy by directly transfusing it from their Life Crystals.

The rescue operation continued through the night. Only at dawn did the cumulative Life Energy reached the necessary level.

After that, the Source, by Its Divine Will, returned to the Yaltabaoth and Sophia’s hearts the Life Principle. Thus they were resurrected.

No words can or will ever convey what was happening.

Sophia and Yaltabaoth did not just forgive each other. There was a reunion of the lost integrity of the Local Universe. Now they work together for the good of humanity, fulfilling the Source’s plans.

On the night of June 27 to 28, the Baptism of the New Creation – the twelve eons of Melchizedek – by the Absolute’s Perfect Light terminated.

After Yaltabaot’s transformation into Yaltabael, and his transition to the Light Side, things changed dramatically. He is now the Trustee of the Unified Karmic Reality of the Local Universe, the director of the karmic Alcatraz.

Together with the World Mother Sophia and his father, who after the inner Armageddon returned to the Pleroma’s Higher Hierarchy, Yaltabael combined with them the energy for the complete restructuring of the Local Universe, its Galaxies, the Solar System and the Earth.

All Monads created in this space-time continuum will be rebooted with their help and guidance, freeing from the energies of evil, violence, and other negativity that were embedded earlier during creation.

Then, the renewed Monadic entities will affect their branches and genera, achieving the complete eradication of the distortions of the Light and every creature they have created.

Yaltabael and Lilith are directly involved in the transformation of the Solar System and the Milky Way by their energies.

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