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Meet The Light

People, who have reached the level of frequencies of their bodies up to the fourth dimension, are destined by Galactic Committee to a better life.

Soon, they will be given back their Divine qualities. And the very first of them is the possibility and right to live in the new reality in a young and healthy physical body.

How will it happen?

The fourth dimension is buffer space, intermediate between the third and fifth dimensions.

3D is a world where consciousness is placed in dense matter. In 5D it is placed in the Subtle matter. And between them is the space of neutral 4D, equally loyal to both dense and Subtle matter.

The fourth dimension is used by the Higher Light Hierarchy to merge the two worlds. It is the space where beings from neighboring densities meet.

Beings that evolve from the dense space into the Subtle Plane ascend into it from the lower levels. They decompress their physical bodies and raise their vibrations.

From the higher dimensions, fellow Subtle beings descend into 4D. They have to consciously lower their frequencies and condense their bodies.

The dense ones are dissolved, the Subtle ones, on the contrary, are condensed. Thus, a platform is created where lower and higher beings get an opportunity to see each other and establish contacts, cooperate and interact for the benefit of the evolution of lower consciousness into higher levels.

How will we move into this space?

First, by expanding our consciousness to the fifth (astral) dimension at least.

Second, the physical body must vibrate at frequencies close to the fourth (etheric) dimension, at least two-thirds of the 4D.

On the lower floors of the fourth dimension, we go through the procedure of matter code replacement. Our body is constantly being bombarded, like by hot steam, by high-frequency quantum waves to get used to.

Dormant DNA strands in us are activated. The frequencies of our cells’ vibration is increasing. They are infused with Light and crystallize it within themselves. This is how we are prepared to meet the Light.

Once our vibes reach a density of 4.5 to 4.6D, we will begin to make contact with entities of the 5th dimension on the site of the fourth dimension.

They are our highly evolved ancestors who have been waiting to be reunited with us as members of their family for many thousands of years.

Contacts with them will be made by people (and groups of many of us) that have reached a level of frequency that will allow them to see higher counterparts, and feel comfortable in the presence of their radiance.

Although Higher Light Beings can lower their vibrations to the 3D level, they do not like to do so.

Our space is very messy for them right now. It’s not good for their bodies. And that’s why relatives are waiting for us halfway between our densities – in the fourth dimension.

What awaits us in 4D?

The most important thing is to be able to enjoy life. The ancestors waiting for us have the technology to dramatically raise the quality of our lives, to help us become spiritually and materially wealthy, and fulfilled.

Life in the higher dimensions bears little resemblance to what we live in now, and what the Archons and Dark Forces have accustomed us to.

There is no fear and division but trust and Love. There is unlimited freedom to do what the soul craves, what expands its boundaries and brings joy.

There is an opportunity to manifest ourselves in a society interested in our evolution, in the unfolding of all our Divine qualities.

4D Reality

The reality of the fourth-density is very fluid. We will have to get used to being able to create almost instantly whatever we want and need.

It will take us some time to fully understand it and to become capable of doing it.

Soon, the main attraction for us will be to learn how to apply this possibility more deeply, practically. We will start experimenting with space and our bodies.

At first, we will do it under the guidance and with help of our Curators. It is one of the many things they will teach us with great eagerness when they determined that we are ready.

All beings are in the fourth dimension only temporarily, for adaptation and training to live in more Subtle Planes: the fifth, sixth, seventh, and higher.

The higher dimension, the higher is quality (taste) of life. People usually do not aim to stay in the training 4D for long. They try in every possible way to raise their body vibration to the 5D level.

However, even being in the fourth dimension is incredibly life-changing.

Who will we see first in 4D?

Contact With Lemurians

In this space, the long-awaited meeting of two origin civilizations of the Earth will take place. One is our Fifth Race that is now ascending to 4D and 5D through body transformation. The second is the civilization of our highly evolved relatives, such as the modern Lemurians.

They crossed into 5D several millennia ago but deliberately keep their physicality at the 4D level so they can be the first to meet us in the buffer zone, and teach everything we need to know.

On Earth, one of the strong Power Places is Mount Shasta. In 3D it is a dormant volcano 4,317 m high, one of the peaks of the Cascade Mountains located in California, USA.

The Indians believed in the special sacred properties of Shasta that gave them wisdom and physical health. Their shamans made ascents to the mountain to communicate with spirits, and for cleansing ceremonies.

Nowadays there are numerous pieces of evidence of the anomalous phenomena occurring on Shasta. Eyewitnesses tell of tall humanoids in white robes emerging from under the ground.

People see strange lights and hear unusual sounds, songs, and melodies coming from the mountain. And also observe many UFOs landing or launching from the top of Shasta.

This is not a speculation, this is a reality. Shasta is one of the key sources of our planet’s power. At the level of the fifth dimension, it is an embodied aspect of the Central Sun of our Local Universe.

It is a center for Spiritual Guides and Teachers from the Realm of Light. In the 5D of the mountain is Agartha which includes 120 underground Cities of Light.

It is also a haven for the survivors from ancient Lemuria, our kinsmen. They have long been, and now especially actively prepare to meet us, their friends and relatives, on the territory of 4D and to unite our two worlds into one.

As for the “tall humanoids”, the original height of Lemurians before the cataclysms was about 3.6 meters. When their continent sank, the remaining humans were lifted into the fourth dimension, and their height was reduced to 2.1 to 2.4 meters.

Such they remain to this day. Although Lemurians evolved into the 5th dimension over time, they deliberately left enough physicality for the soon-to-be merger of the two civilizations.

Eyewitnesses were not wrong about UFOs either. Mount Shasta is not only home to Lemurians but also is an interplanetary, intergalactic and multi-dimensional Portal for many friendly cosmic races.

Today, Lemurians have a huge fleet of spaceships called the Silver Fleet. They use it to travel within the 5th dimension and higher in the Greater Space.

Spaceships are physical but can easily become invisible and silent in time of need to avoid being seen by ground armed forces. Ships are capable of changing their energy fields from the third to the fourth and fifth dimensions and back again if necessary.

Above Mount Shasta, there is also a huge City of Light called the Crystal City of the Seven Rays. It is an awesome creation that will be the first of the Cities of Light to descend into the physical world and be manifested on the surface of the Earth.

City Of Light

However, we must be equal to their vibration. For soon, our two civilizations will reunite to build the long-awaited world of abundance, beauty, and perfection.

Under the leadership of the more advanced Light races, a collaborative effort will begin to recreate the once lost grand design of the Universe on planet Earth, only now on a permanent, eternal basis of the supremacy of Light.

Once, Lemuria possessed unique technologies which the current Lemurians have carefully preserved, adapted to modern conditions, and are ready to demonstrate to the new humanity.

To do the same are ready Siriusians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, and many others friendly races.

Most technology is, as before, controlled by thought power. In particular, know-how that makes 4D inhabitants young and healthy again.

In the higher dimensions, everyone looks 30 to 35 years old. Those with severely worn-out bodies will go through a rejuvenating procedure two or three times, gradually rejuvenates/ look younger the body to the desired level.

There will be some more nice bonuses of the fourth dimension (briefly).

New houses will be built for the residents of 4D with perfect crystal technology. The houses will be heated by small devices, the size of a mobile phone. One device can supply light and heat to an entire block.

People who have raised their frequencies to the fourth dimension level will no longer need our electricity and gas networks. Owners of country houses will not need to buy expensive fuel to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house. There will be as much light as it needed.

There will be a new, quantum Internet and telecommunications system. Computers will run on amino acid technology.

The know-how that will allow growing agricultural products without chemicals and fertilizers will be transferred, only by the energy of thought and emotions. The technologies of long-term storage of fresh harvest without freezing and canning will be provided. It will give huge cost savings.

There is a lot to tell… But we must understand that for living in 4D, we must raise our frequency and consciousness to this level.

To meet in 4D the members of our highly developed family, it is necessary to exercise daily the art of true Love. It begins with filling our hearts with love for selves, for others, and all beings.

We should well understand that the success of Operation Compression and other Galacom’s ops, like the victory of the Light Forces at Armageddon, are not mean the liberators in the streets, not the winners’ flags on the balconies, not the bouquets, kisses, and hugs.

For now, it’s ONLY dismantling 3D debris, and terrain clearing for building a new planet.

The most important construction site is our Souls, thoughts, emotions, and actions. On it, the main victories for many are yet ahead.

As the veil between 3D, 4D, and 5D continues to thin, a new world in all its glory will soon appear before those involved in the transition in a very physically tangible way.

But it requires us to be conscious, not to be distracted by negativity; concentrate on everything positive; raise our vibrations to the fourth dimension and be ready for the merger of the two worlds which can begin for us at any moment.

How this new “living standards” for 4D and 5D humans will be implemented? How it would be possible while seeing what’s going on in the world around?


The transition to 4D/5D is ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY on the basis of free will and freedom of choice of everyone.

For those who want to stay in 3D, no one will be forced and it is not going to be it in the future.

The energy of the planet is already changing to 5D, regardless OF ANYONE.

Only those who can pass through self a large amount of high-frequency energy could exist on the planet. Everything is interconnected.

The “Event” is in full swing already for a long time, since 1975, and now it is only accelerating every day.

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