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Light Forces Victory April 2021

April 22, 2021

A few months ago, Higher Light Hierarchy spotted increased activity from numerous groups of Dark Forces who remained intransigent and refused to side with Light.

Not only did they manage to unite. They could activate one of the remaining Anti-Pleroma self-resurrection Matrices in the Local Universe.

When the former Black Co-Creator was building his eons, he simultaneously developed a huge number of such Matrices.

Light Forces could not eliminate them all as they had no way to find or calculate them all. The Supreme Black Hierarch carefully hid and disguised them in many places of the Local Universe.

His return to the Higher Light Hierarchy by transforming into Light, he lost his former dark memory and large layers of information embedded in it.

This included the location of all the Matrixes he had once hidden. By engaging in a war against his former brood on the Light Side, he spotted and eliminated many Matrixes, but not all.

It also emerged that members of his Black Hierarchy created the same latent Anti-Pleroma Matrices without his knowledge. He was not even aware of them.

Dark Matrix

A few months ago one of such Matrixes self-activated. Of course, for the Higher Light Forces, it was not difficult to destroy it. But in the Local Universe another, very serious problem suddenly surfaced.

Given the choice to either be transformed completely or be annihilated, many of the Black Entities among the irreconcilable have gone deep into hiding. They pretended to cross over to the Light Side, and it was impossible to track them all down.

Higher Light Hierarchy understood perfectly well that they can bring a lot of harm. And that without a global mopping up of the Local Universe, its complete cleansing from energies and Dark entities of the old 3D Matrix, cannot be avoided.

Absolute has promulgated a new Equation, a New Formula of Its next Local Universe which consists ONLY of Light.

Darkness, as an opposition to the Light, as a state, hypostasis, which is a critical distortion of the Light, simply can’t exist in it. No conditions are left for Archons. Darks are not prescribed in the new Equation of the Absolute.

All Intelligence forms will have to implement it by their labor. It will not change by itself. At least, it would be very long.

Black Eon Pocket

So, the Light Forces were tasked with detecting and eliminating all remaining irreconcilable Darks (active and disguised, lurking), as well as all potential pockets of Black eons, demonic worlds, and Anti-Pleroma revival.

Unfortunately, there were no real opportunities for this.

And suddenly, unheard-of luck: the unification of the remaining Dark Forces and the Anti-Pleroma Matrix activation by them.

A Plan was born almost immediately. It was risky, ingenious, daring, and, as it turned out, very effective. It was implemented immediately in the strictest secrecy.

Higher Light Forces and the Hierarchy of the Absolute decided not to prevent the Darks from uniting, but to allow them to take possession of the growing Anti-Pleroma, to nurture it to full scale, to make it their main abode.

That is, to gather everyone in one place and eliminate all at once – both the remnants of the Dark Forces and their Anti-Pleroma.

To carry out the Plan, Light Forces had to do more than just feign weakness. They did not just surrender their positions. There were real battles, real losses, and on both sides.

Black underdogs have been given the ability to completely take over certain eons from 5D to 12D.

At the same time, the Archons were actively and rapidly building Anti-Pleroma in 13D. Light Forces did not hinder it.

Forming a full-fledged Anti-Pleroma required colossal sources of energy, including life energy. Dark Forces were siphoning it from everywhere.

The world parasitic system, including on our Earth, was working in full swing. Recent developments in politics and geopolitics, the financial world and social sphere, racial and interethnic clashes focused only on this task.


The former Luciferians have activated all of their resources, all of their possessors, all of their caches on Earth and beyond… Of course, they were immediately marked as targets for the Light Forces.

The purpose of these astral possessors is one – to penetrate the field of people and siphon off their vital energy.

Slogans like Stronger Together, or Forward, or Yes We Can were used as All For Anti-Pleroma.

Light Forces performed with clockwork precision … And the Darks swallowed a gudgeon. In the end, they showed the real power, they felt their power!

In some ways, there was an analogy with the ISIS that they created. At a certain point, they lost their sense of proportion and went for broke.

They had nothing to lose. They decided to prove to the Absolute their right to exist. To show and prove with their strength that they could defeat the Light Forces, take over Pleroma, and lay hands upon Absolute.

Any army must have a Leader, someone who is fully trusted.

And that’s where… Lucifer appeared before the footlights.

After his repentance and transformation, he once again became a Supreme Light Being and was engaged in the arrangement of some distant Galaxy.

The head of the Light Forces’ covert SpecOps, Chief Hierarch of the Absolute, Archangel Michael, personally offered him one of the leading roles in it.

According to this role, Lucifer was to lead the rebellion, the revolt, the revenge of the Dark Forces. He agreed and played this role brilliantly.

He returned to the scene and declared his ambitions to become the Darks’ leader, to eliminate Pleroma, and be the new Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe. Once, he had already betrayed the Source and defected to the Dark Side. And now he wants to help it win.

And they believed him.

He became commander in chief of all the Black Forces. From then on, Lucifer simply led them, controlled the process of unification, and the restoration of Anti-Pleroma. And steadily, he led them into a trap, into a snare.

But then the Plan was almost ruined by the Light Forces’ ground team leader. As DNI had already described, Lightwarrior decided to appeal personally to Lucifer to stop all his thugs.

The group leader’s associates in the Higher Light Hierarchy and Galactic Committee helped find and put him in contact with Lucifer. They were not aware of the special operation and his role in it because of the top-secret regime.

The Lightwarrior was surprised by the reaction of Lucifer, who wouldn’t even talk to him even though he owed him his life. He merely conveyed through an intermediary that he could do nothing to help.

Now, amid a covert op, everything became clear.

The ground crew had their role in it. At the appointed time they had to make a lightning ride by car to one of the secret hiding places of Anti-Pleroma Matrix in the clandestine planetary Hell’s Portals.

Archangel Michael

However, it was only a distraction, part of Archangel Michael’s strategy.

Without going into detail, the need for this maneuver disappeared after an unexpected turn of events in the SpecOps.

Before this, the information was transmitted to the ground group via an open telepathic channel. It was done deliberately, knowing that the info would be intercepted by the Luciferians hunting for the Lightwarriors.

The Light Forces were executing a multi-pronged plan to plant disinformation. The members of the ground group were marked as targets for the Darkies’ strikes, and the Lightwarriors had to hold the blows the whole time. They had to.

The goal of the Black Archons was to form the Anti-Pleroma in the fullest sense of the term. It was not Anti-Pleroma 13D, but a semblance of the Gaia’s Multiverse.

Their foci in the captured eons 5D-12D were forming as a unified field of the new Black Local Universe, which was to merge into the Anti-Pleroma 13D.

What were they missing for the whole plan? A 3D stronghold, and a better beachhead. And there is simply no better place to do that than our 3D Earth.

So they sent their main forces to capture our planet. All last days there was unprecedented fighting between the Light and Dark Forces.

Battle For Earth

It was no longer a giveaway game. The planet was not to be given up under any circumstances. That is why the battle was fought to the death.

All Earth’s Light Forces, all the Light helpers took part in it in April 2021, some consciously, some at the level of their Higher Self. Everyone rose to the defense of Earth… WE ARE UNITED!!!

The powerful offensive of the Dark Forces had another important goal – to capture and restore one of the key Portals of the interstellar transport system located on Earth.

Interstellar Portal

Forty thousand years ago, the Portal was still active. Including through it, the colonization of our planet by other space races took place: black, yellow, and red.

In 13,019, the Light Forces disconnected the interstellar Portal from the space transport system. They usually did this for the following reasons:

– If the Portals on the corresponding planet were damaged or destroyed;

– If an interstellar hub was impaired or destroyed on a hub planet;

– In the event of the capture or introduction of Dark Forces on any planet that is part of the unified transport system of the Super Universe.

Space Transport Network And Hub

The Earth was turned off for a third reason.

After the nuclear war that engulfed the four Galactic civilizations, and the establishment of full control of the Black Archons over the Earth 13,019 years ago, the interstellar Portal was disconnected from the unified transport network.

The Light Forces had to do this to prevent the spread of Dark parasites to other planets because they have already managed to penetrate our Earth.

The interstellar Portal will remain disabled until our planet is completely free of the parasitic virus, having developed immunity against it.

Over the past few weeks, the fierce war and provocations of the Archons and Dark Forces have been escalating not only on the surface but also in near-Earth space.

On March 19, 2021, the International Space Station (ISS) with a multicountry’s crew on board was attacked by plasmoids from the surface of the planet.

It happened at the moment when the astronauts were rearranging the previously docked ship, moving it away from the ISS to free up the docking node for the ship that brought new crew members to the station.

When the ship was taken away from the station, a plasmoid fired from Earth hit the ISS next to the TV camera installed onboard. It did not break through the hull and did not collapse itself.

After bouncing off the ISS, the plasmoid moved in the same direction as it had come. Then it slowed down and changed its direction of flight, began to fly away in an orbit to the side, gradually gaining speed.

Why didn’t they finish off the space station?

Was it a show of force and impunity on the eve of escalating hostilities in space and on Earth? Yes, and that too.

But the main reason was that the epicenter of events very quickly became not Earth but Pleroma and the eons captured by Dark Forces in the Local Universe.

And yet the Earth was defended. Taking all together. Higher Light Forces protected it from outside.

Archangel Michael personally – from higher dimensions, friendly civilizations sent their space fleets. Ships of Siriusians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, and others stood in Earth orbit.

In Earth Orbit

Incarnated Souls of Light covered the Earth from within. For the first time in history, the Light Forces of all levels acted as One Spiritual Whole. And in the end, they won.

What happened next?

The entire united Darkies assembled (or rather, were pulled together with Lucifer’s help) in one place, Anti-Pleroma 5D-13D. It was clear that the mousetrap could be slammed shut.

Preparations for the decisive events – the elimination of Anti-Pleroma and its “cliff dwellers” by the fire of Absolute Light – have begun.

Everything was going according to plan… And then things got out of hand.

The point is that the structure of Pleroma (and Anti-Pleroma, respectively) in the process of its formation, when it reaches a critical mass, becomes a powerful magnet, activating the attraction of the similar to its similar.

When the Anti-Pleroma reached this state, all of its self-resurrection Matrixes self-activated.

Black Matrix Self-Activation

There turned out to be a huge number of them. No one knew or even guessed about them at all. And this despite that Light Forces, the former Black Co-Creator personally, who returned to the Light Side, discovered and eliminated a lot of them.

All of the activated Matrixes merged into a single unit (so they were programmed) and formed another Anti-Pleroma.

It, in turn, by the law of gravitation of the like to the like, unified with the original Anti-Pleroma. Merged, they were the most powerful demonic formations in the world. Due to the resonance, its power was even stronger than the Pleroma of Light!

Further events unfolded with lightning speed. The unified Anti-Pleroma immediately attempted to take over the Absolute’s Pleroma. It came as a complete surprise to the Light Forces.

They had only to hold on, to take the heat, for it was not yet possible to start the decisive battle. The self-activation of latent Matrixes throughout the Local Universe was still going on, although it was already fading.

Higher Light Hierarchs couldn’t fight off the furious onslaught of Darkness and Anti-Pleroma and begin the counteroffensive until ALL the Black Matrices were detected and working. Otherwise, there will be no chances to find the latest ones later.

So Light Forces had to wait, and endure by all means.

Shield Of Light Around The Earth

Not just the inhabitants of Pleroma but also each member of the ground team formed an energy shield with their higher Monadic aspects.

The massive DFs’ attacks on Earth continued. They even became more intense, more violent against the background of the events in Pleroma.

The peak of confrontation fell on April 18-19, 2021. Light Forces could withstand.

When the last Black Matrix self-activated and merged with the Anti-Pleroma, the Light Forces went on a smashing counter-punching.

The entire day of April 21, 2021, the ground team was kept on constant alert by transmitting brief instructions through a secure backup telepathic channel. Time was counting down to hours before active operations began.

They began on the afternoon of April 21. Darkies continued to merge, taking over Pleroma and the next eons.

Not just the inhabitants of Pleroma but also each member of the ground team formed an energy shield with their higher Monadic aspects.

The massive DFs’ attacks on Earth continued. They even became more intense, more violent against the background of the events in Pleroma.

Captured Eon

The Co-Creators intentionally lowered the brightness, the fiery luminosity of their Pleroma. They twisted its Body and made the capture, absorption of the Anti-Pleroma and all who were in it.

The mousetrap slammed shut. It’s in a deadly grip.

Then immediately a pre-prepared group of Smelters joined in. Their task was to create a single high vibration beam from the cores of their Monads and to melt the Anti-Pleroma’s core with their rays of Light.

After that, they were instructed to crystallize from the nucleus the fragments of the Pleroma of Light. The Anti-Pleroma, which was formed at the split of the One Primary Radiant Pleroma, also carried in itself particles of the Absolute…

In Anti-Pleroma, they were fouled and distorted, stained and tainted by the Darkness but not destroyed.

The Melters then combined the purified fragments and created a coherent crystal in the Primary Pleroma state. After finishing, it was integrated into the Pleroma core.

Anti-Pleroma Core Melting

On April 21, 2021, at about 6 pm CET, the ground crew received a direct order from Archangel Michael for a five-minute standby.

The Lightwarriors were part of two SpecOps groups – Medusa Gorgon and the Demolitionists.

Demolitionists were to unite their Monads around the core of the Pleroma of Light and produce a synchronous inner-monadic explosion.

That is to act as a detonator. To blow up the Pleroma and thus destroy the Anti-Pleroma which was sticking to it as well.

Inner-Monadic Explosion

Pleroma would be restored shortly but Antipleroma would not. There was no threat to the inhabitants of Pleroma and Demolitionists.

It included only those who had experienced inner-monadic explosion more than once, who could produce it intentionally. Members of the LFs’ ground team in their operations did it dozens of times and recovered.

Co-Creators planned to burn Anti-Pleroma by the vibrations of Light from the Absolute’s Pleroma core. As noted in Part 3, Its luminosity and vibes were artificially reduced. At the right moment, the “burner” was opened to the full and annihilated Anti-Pleroma together with all who were in it.

Absolute Pleroma’s Core Vibes

The dramatic nature of the moment was also that this moment was a one-time event, both for the scheduled undermining of the Pleroma’s core and its hurricane-like acceleration to the level of Absolute Synthesis.

If any of the Demolitionists had followed orders, such synthesis was unlikely to have been reached.

But at the last moment, all of them made a decision not to detonate Pleroma because it came from their heart, from the Soul. And their mind’s decision coincided with that of the Higher Self. For the leader of Lightwarriors, it happened a second before an explosion.

So, the Absolute, who had been the Watcher all this time, gave everybody a wonderful test. The emotion and intensity they felt were inexpressible.

Well, what about the leader of the Dark Forces’ rebellion, Lucifer?

He was all the time in the Anti-Pleroma. At the moment of its annihilation, he had sharply elevated his vibrations to the level of the Absolute, so this “absolute furnace” did him no harm.


Anti-Pleroma, with everything in it, erupted and burned like fluff in a blast furnace.

Lucifer’s risky and selfless Mission contributed greatly to the success of the entire operation. When it became clear that he was working for the Light Forces, the Black Archons and their hordes were shocked. But there was nothing they could do to him.

As for the Lightwarriors, they were allowed to contain and annihilate several Anti-Pleromas by an inner-monadic explosion. Not the entire Anti-Pleroma but its self-restoring Matrixes which had no time to unfold as matured structures.

So the Last Armageddon is a complete victory for the Light Forces. They played the scenario to perfection. There was true imitation and betrayal, defeat and despair… Dark Forces believed and were hooked… Everyone participated in their parts perfectly.

An emergency only added drama to the events, forced to improvise, to act on the situation.

Now, it can be said with absolute certainty: henceforth, Darkness no longer exists as a self-sustaining force. Light has won.

Of course, it is not yet a final victory. There are sporadic pockets left in the Local Universe. There are Dark Forces left on 3D Earth, and they’re in agony right now.

It won’t be for long. Their end is near. The situation has been fundamentally reversed “at the top,” and it will soon continue on the planet. And someone will be hit with a lethal boomerang.

There will be a price to pay for all that has been done. The great and inevitable Hour of Reckoning is near.

Light Has Won

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