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Life doesn’t end after death, and our loved ones are always with us

My mother passed away after 7 years of illness at 15:00 EET on 25 October. It is at this time that the partial eclipse occurs in Europe. Two hours before her transition I got an extremely intense wave of love for her, it was 3am PST in the middle of my night. I reciprocated my love for her so strongly that I began to feel waves of very hot and very cold temperature around my body, causing me to shiver slightly. My mother truly believed that this was her last reincarnation here. After 2-3 years of not being able to visit her and exchange our feelings in person due to the Covid story and the imposed restrictions for the unvaccinated, in September and October this year we hugged again and again and held each other's hands for a long time. I left her with a broken heart on Oct. 13 to return again on Oct 26 for the final farewell.

Mom, I wish you a smooth transition and be on your way wherever you are headed, my very lovely mother. I send you my love and immense gratitude and admiration for all the karmic cleansings and initiations during all these difficult years, and for the immense dedication of care, patience, and love to me throughout our life together.

To illustrate what a pain the last years of my mother's life were and the reason behind it all, I will share another story told by a Lightworker about his mother's death and her ascension process:

"Mom’s death left a deep, bleeding and unhealed wound in my heart. Her story is tragic and selfless at the same time.

The path she took in the last incarnation was her Via Dolorosa (from Latin, literally, sorrowful road, Jesus' route from Pilate's judgment hall to Golgotha to be crucified), self-sacrifice and the highest Spiritual feat, crowned at the end by a complete fusion with her Monad, which returned to the Absolute.

On Earth, her life wasn’t the first. Its birthplace is Capella, the brightest star in the Auriga Constellation, the sixth in luminosity in the sky and the third in brightness in the Northern Hemisphere.

She has been incarnated 58 times on our planet. Here, mom’s roots go back to Latin America, to the Aztecs. Before the last embodiment, her total karma reached a critical level – 98%. This is due to the massive human sacrifices of the Aztecs, in which she participated and conducted.

Karma accumulated also in other incarnations: for ritual murders of infants, ritual suicide, practicing black magic… The sentence that the Karma Lords handed down to her was short and severe: crimes against Life and God.

We’ve already met in one of her previous lives. It was in the distant past in Japan. It is interesting that both, my mother and I, remembered this incarnation well, and we were also repeatedly shown it in meditations. She didn’t know until the last moment that the child who was next to her was me.

In then life, mom was a black priestess. For the sake of power, she was ready for anything. She had a child whose father was an ordinary commoner. And if people found out about it, she would lose her position and, most importantly, her power.

That’s why she went for the kill. One day, at dawn, my mother got into a boat, took her newborn baby and swam to the middle of a mountain lake. This moment was shown to her all the time in meditations.

What happened next was hidden from her. And this is what happened. There, on the lake, she threw the baby into the water, thinking that he would quickly drown. But the child kept afloat. Then she started hitting him with an oar, and continued to deliver fierce blows until the babe went under water…

That child was me. In this incarnation, fate has brought us together again, as mother and son. It couldn’t have been any other way, as I now understand.

If ordinary people are embodied in such a situation, then their life together, burdened with the heaviest karma, turns into a nightmare. The son hates his mother due to unconscious karmic memory, though he himself does not understand why.

In our situation, everything was the opposite: instead of hatred, love reigned, I adored my mother very much, and she loved me. And in the end, this Love saved her.

After my mother’s death, Karma Lords informed me that her life span in this incarnation was limited to 33 years. And Love allowed them to extend it almost twice, to 61 years.

These years were given to her as a chance for Spiritual awakening, working off karma and helping other people. And she used it with maximum efficiency.

Mom devoted the first half of her life to teaching children, leading a piano class at a music school. Thus was her preparation commenced.

At that time, I was beginning to receive the telepathic messages of the Ascended Teachers and embark on the Spiritual Path. Not realizing it, my folks seriously thought about placing me in a psychiatric hospital. Their attitude is understandable: before that, I was a successful businessman, ran a bank and financial companies, and led a normal lifestyle.

Everything changed one night when I went to Istanbul for a few months on business. Before dawn, for the first time, an impulse was sent to me from the Heart of my Teacher, the Lord of Shambhala, El Moria.

The sensations on the physical plane were as if I had a heart attack – severe pain, wild arrhythmia, blood high pressure and its sharp jumps … Something kept me from contacting the local ambulance, and it turned out to be the right decision.

I managed to endure the malaise. After returning home, such seizures began to recur more often. For weeks I couldn’t even leave the house. That’s how my transmutation kicked off.

It was then that I got acquainted with books on esotericism. I immediately felt something familiar and dear in them: it was no wonder, because they had the vibrations of my Beloved Teacher, so close to my heart.

Soon, I began to hear and accept the info of the Higher Light Hierarchs. At the same time, there was a complete collapse of my business. I lost all my money and got into debt. Sometimes, I even couldn’t buy food. It was absolutely smashing and shattering my old life and the birth of a new, Spiritual one.

At the age of 25, I learned the material side of life, and by the age of 30, it was as if I had lived all my past incarnations at once, synthesizing their experience. It is true: the lower the fall, the faster the rise.

Gradually, my parents also joined me Spiritually. At some point, my mother started asking me to read to her my contacts with the Hierarchy, became interested in numerology, meditation, Tarot, runes, cosmic energy massage, and other practices. She received a Master’s degree in Reiki.

Perfected several directions, mom developed her method of treating people. She began to see the Subtle Plan and accept information from the Ascended Teachers, and read a lot of esoteric literature.

Of course, in part, it was also thanks to my contribution. I helped her in many ways on the path of Spirituality. We later recalled her words about the mental hospital with laughter, and joked that now we had to go to the looney bin with the whole family.

Even my dad started to get carried away with esotericism, and got the Reiki second degree, although at first, he looked at me and mom as crazy.

By the way, he incarnated on Earth for the first time. Before that, dad was a representative of the animal kingdom in another part of the Universe. He embodied here as an exception, according to a special decision of the Evolutionary Committee of the Galaxy. Back in the middle of the Fifth Race, it closed the channel of incarnation on our planet for Monad carriers from the ET animal, plant and mineral worlds.

The evolutionary task of my father was an attempt to pass into the Sixth Race through inner transformation. And this is in his first human life, can you imagine?

That’s how our family was changing. Everyone solved their problems, and assisted each other in everything.

Nothing seemed to portend trouble. But one day, mom had a karmic avalanche. We have never encountered such a phenomenon before – a sharp and instantaneous decrease of karma.

It had seemed to disappear, but, in fact, was dumped by her Monad to its lower manifestation bodies, including the physical. KARMA IS CONSIDERED WRITTEN OFF AT THE MOMENT OF ITS DISCHARGE FROM THE CAUSAL BODY’S CORE, the Law of Karma states. That is, a person is just getting sick, and his Monad is ALREADY karma free.

It turned out that it was programmed when mom was given more than 30 years of life. This will sound absurd, but it is true: THE KARMIC AVALANCHE AND THE SUBSEQUENT SUFFERING OF THE PHYSICAL BODY MUST BE EARNED! And mom fully deserved it, Spiritually upgrading and helping other people. In addition, at birth, she also took on self a part of the family’s karma.

Unfortunately, we received this info very late. Karma Lords deliberately kept us in the dark so that we could not interfere in events, determined by her Higher Self. On our advice, mom began to actively cleanse self from karma, personal, of family and abortion. That’s when I told her about her life episode in Japan when she killed me.

Shortly after the karmic avalanche, in her Causal Body, where karma accumulates and is stored, its volume decreased from the previous 98% to 31%, of which 9% was a voluntarily taken on self.

On the physical plane, the avalanche caused a serious illness, but not fatal. Mom resolutely refused the doctors’ help. It was reckless, but superconsciously she felt that she was doing the right thing.

My wife and I did everything to help my mother heal. We understood perfectly well that for this it was necessary to burn the karma, which her Monad dropped from its Causal Body to the mom’s physical corpus. We corrected her energy field, injected a Matrix of ideal DNA into it, and performed mental surgery operations…

As a result of joint work, my mother’s chakras began to rapidly fold and form a single Radiant Body of Light. And remarkably, this happened when her illness worsened.

Higher Light Hierarchs assured us that there was no threat to life, she would live. Her Higher Self behaved strangely, and repeated that mom was to go to the Sixth Race by direct transforming, i.e. bypassing death.

The unfolding of my mother’s Body of Light was very difficult, in parallel with the processing of karma. When the negative substance was burned, for example, by 5%, then, the Body of Light was deformed by the same 5%. All our efforts were aimed at maximum neutralization of side effects.

To better understand the process, imagine the Earth’s atmosphere, protecting our planet from meteorites. Entering it, they burn up as a result of friction in the air layers. But if the meteorite is large, then it may not have time to burn and then falls to the surface.

Falls To Surface

So is karma. As a result of involution and sinfulness during all the men’s lives, the core of their Causal Bodies first becomes cloudy and ceases to transmit Perfect Light (Spiritual Energy and Life Energy) or Monadic Light to the lower manifestation bodies without distortion. And then, it becomes overgrown with rot and mold – a karmic substance in the form of a mutated Source’s Light.

When this process reaches a critical level, a karmic avalanche occurs. Its layers or pieces are peeled off from the Causal Body’s core and dumped on the entire Causal Body (atmosphere, in our example).

If, for some reason, they do not burn in it, they pass on, and fall, first, on the Subtle Bodies, and then, on the physical corpus. In such cases, a person can be lethally injured or seriously ill.

The higher is the Spiritual vibration of a person and his Causal and Subtle Bodies, the easier, faster and in large volumes, the karmic meteorites burn in them (the physical component of an avalanche).

Realizing this, we began to pump mom with Perfect Light, actively using the energies of sacred symbols, Antahkarana and other tools. We did everything we could.

However, the amount of dropped karma was enormous. She did not have time to burn it either in her Causal, or in the Subtle, or in the physical body. The disease was progressing, although mom’s Spiritual vibration increased every day. And every day her Radiant Body of Light shone brighter and brighter.

Finally, it reached 100%. It was a victory! We began to believe that mom indeed could move into the Sixth Race the way her Higher Self had planned – by direct transforming. Then, we didn’t know that she had no more than a month and a half to live.

Here it is necessary to tell how our relationship with her Higher Self developed, because this explains a lot. We still believe that it did not just use us, but deceived us, even if did it for the mom’s best. And as a result, the Higher Self achieved what it wanted.

Pursuing the same goals, we, unfortunately, couldn’t constructively cooperate with her Higher Self. It was guided by the principle of cosmic expediency, in accordance with which the lowest, i.e. the human physical body, is an instrument for getting new experience, working off karma and keep the Soul safe, clean and sound.

We only wanted mom to stay alive. And what else could we do, because we are just men! When the closest person dies, you can understand this supreme expediency by your mind, but your heart refuses to accept it.

As it turned out later, there was no contradiction here; it was possible to satisfy the demands of all parties. Besides, mom’s Higher Self was very much exhausted. When person’s unity with the Higher Self exceeds 33%, the latter fully feels all the pain experienced by the physical body. Who has tenuous connection, the Higher Self doesn’t feel such pain.

During the illness and purification, my mother turned into a reactor for karma’s processing. Her heart pumped powerful streams of Perfect Light (reactor fuel) and focused them on the disease and the avalanche’s points.

It caused intense fever, increased pulse rate, acute heart pains. Mom did most of the work at night. She was working hard. Her physical body, greatly weakened by the disease, began to lose strength and weight fast.

We constantly pumped her up with the Life Energy. But all of it, along with hers and ours, was consumed as fuel in an anti-karmic reactor. Mom was literally melting before our eyes.

This went on for nine months. The day came when, after another severe pain spasm, all the karma, which came down as a result of the avalanche, was worked out. The karma of the current incarnation has decreased from 32% to a minimum of 12%. The karma of past lives has lowered from 41% to 23%!

In other words, during 9 months of torment, mom processed karma of her twenty five lives! It was a great achievement and feat. Without our help and the vibration of Perfect Light, this would not have been possible.

Perfect Light

I recall that at the mom’s birth, the karma of her past incarnations was 92% of the total 98%! This is a level incompatible with life. But due to the received karmic postponement, its active part was blocked, and the remainder was 41%. After the end of the deferment, 91% became active again. This led to karma’s avalanche.

But now, the avalanche has been worked out, the Causal DNA was ideal, and recovery could start. Usually, the time between the DNA correction and its effect on the physical plane takes from three to nine months. Plus, mom resumed the non-traditional methods for healing self, which brought new improvement.

And suddenly, her Higher Self dumped the remaining karma on her!!! It decided that if half of the karma of all incarnations was worked out in nine months, then, why not go for a record, and work out ALL karma of previous lives in one lifetime?!

Theoretically, this was possible, but in practice it meant the death of the mom’s physical body, because it was so weakened that simply couldn’t stand it. That is, the Higher Self went to the undisguised murder of its manifestation body for the sake of full karmic redemption!

We were in shock. Despite all our attempts, mom’s Higher Self cut off contact with us. Then, we turned directly to Karma Lords and the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs.

They had to confirm that her Higher Self set the task to work out ALL THE KARMA. Such are the realities of our Local Universe, and the supreme expediency, so hard to perceive by the Earthly mind. We still don’t understand why it was impossible to let mom recover, get stronger, and then, renew cleansing?!

Immediately, almost without interruption, the rest of the karma began to fall on her Subtle Bodies. A new struggle for life kicked off. Karma was burning very quickly, because mom’s Spiritual vibration was at the highest level. Sometimes, even we could barely stand it. Looking at her by clairvoyance, we saw a dazzling and beautiful Light!

Mom understood everything that was happening to her. Understood and accepted. She continued to love the Creator, and said that she had given herself into His hands. She demonstrated unprecedented courage, struggling with karma, illness, believing in a full recovery.

She HAD to recover and live! This was said by our Teachers, Karma Lords, and the Pleroma’s Hierachs. Her Higher Self still set the task of transition to the Sixth Race by direct transforming, without having to die. We also hoped for it.

For two months, mom actively burned the karma of all incarnations. All the Vital Energy was spent only on that. She began to sleep more, but couldn’t eat because of illness, and soon stopped getting out of bed. Her strength was running out. But she continued to treat herself with unconventional methods.

And there was a sensation. Mom has transited from an evolutionary reality into a Divine one that had never happened before to anyone! She jumped over a whole stage of intermediate development in a transit 4th dimension.

It became possible thanks to the cleansing from karma and to her heart, which began not only to transmit Perfect light, but TO GENERATE IT, like a planet that becomes a Star!

The battle with karma continued. The vibrations of the Perfect Light increased, and the physical body continued to weaken. By our Life Energy, we continued to support mom.

As a result, she could burn ALL her karma – current and past incarnations, as well as most of the ancestral karma, and form Radiant Causal Body.

Karma Lords announced that they no longer have any claims against her. They solemnly overturned the previous sentence and administered a baptism of her Radiant Bodies. The Karmic Council informed that mom comes out of the Samsara Wheel and becomes the Supreme Being, who got rid of karma as a result of inner Armageddon, purifying and transforming the core of her Causal Body.

Karma Lords

It was a complete victory! In 12 months, Mom was able to redeem the karma of all her 58 lives! It was impossible to even imagine such a thing.

On the same day, there was a new sharp improvement in her physical condition. We felt that she was on the full mend. Besides, in the Divine reality, people don’t die! Their path is Ascension! Then, I didn’t know that only two days remained until my mother’s death.

After these two days, her state of health worsened sharply. It was like a bolt from the blue. We rushed to her Higher Self for explanations, but Karma Lords took it into a ring that we could not penetrate. They explained that they were fulfilling its decision, based on free will and freedom of choice.

From that moment until mom’s death, she almost did not come to her senses, only sometimes moaned aloud. It was agony. We managed to make out only one word: heart. We realized that her heart ached unbearably.

We did everything we could again, even using the last resuscitation tool: direct connection of our hearts to hers on the Subtle Plane. As it turned out later, this extended her life for a short time. We do not know whether it was necessary or not, but we couldn’t do otherwise.

On the evening of the last day, her moans of pain became more and more terrible and heartbreaking. On the advice of the Teachers, we injected her with an anesthetic and said goodbye. Mom fell asleep. It was the last sleep in her life.

The pain was gone, she wasn’t moaning anymore. We saw how her biofield started to disintegrate, and it began to resemble a sieve. This meant that mom had no more than 12 hours to live.

We tried to somehow glue it together, but it was disintegrating before our eyes. There was some kind of crazy process on the Subtle Plane, which we still cannot understand. Remembering the words of Higher Light Hierarchs that she would not die, we thought that it was a reboot of her Causal Body’s core (heart), although our premonition wasn’t good. But to the last, we believed in a miracle.

At 4:37 a.m., we woke up to the chilling howling of dogs in our yard. How these animals feel the mortal energy, then, was a mystery to us. But it was at that moment that my mom’s heart stopped.

How so?!! Have we been deceived?! What really happened? Soon, we got answers to all the questions. Soon, but not that day. Our life also stopped that day.

But starting on the morning, we began to feel unprecedented flows of Love sent down. These vibrations couldn’t be confused with anything! It was the Love of a Mother’s Liberated Heart!

Immense Joy

It was an immense joy and exultation of the Soul filled with Light, liberation, and the end of her Earthly sufferings, as well as great sorrow and sadness because she saw how hard we felt on her passing away, how much we miss her here, on Earth.

Yes, we understood that she had enormously suffered, but accomplished a great Feat of the Spirit! And that she is well now, and we need not sorrow, on the contrary, we should rejoice for the first redeemed and thus saved human Soul.

Only after a while, we could pull ourselves together and calmly listen to our Teachers. No one was deceiving us. We received the information correctly.

According to them, the following happened. At the moment when mom worked out all the karma, her Higher Self decided to disconnect from its physical manifestation body, i.e. mom’s corpus. It motivated this by the risk of getting a new karma.

The Higher Self made a decision, and NO ONE could change it. And despite our efforts, IT WAS NOT GOING TO DO OTHERWISE. Grieving, one of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs told us what everyone has to remember, for all times and in all nations:

“If we violate the Choice Freedom of Our creations, given to them as the Highest Value, then how will we differ from the fallen Co-Creator and his Dark Hierarchs, who rebelled against the Source and enslaved man?!”

We had to agree and accept the position of my mother’s Higher Self. She had just gotten rid of karma at such a terrible price, and after all this, there was a real risk of getting new karma. For many, it’s hard to live and not earn the karma. Although, what’s so difficult about that? Just to live by the Laws of Love.

But for the Divine Man of the Sixth Race, where mom moved, even any slightest and fleeting negative emotion is already karma. We remember the formula of karma formation in the Fifth Race: any action that violates the choice and freedom of others and the violation of the Cosmic Laws. And for the Divine Man, the formula is different: any action that is not based on Love.

Being on Earth, mom would hardly be able to keep an ideal, free from karma state. That is why her Higher Self decided to destroy its physical manifestation body, the only tool with which karma can be earned and worked out. And mom passed away as a victorious hero.

Higher Self

That wasn’t all. Before her death, mom, by the decision of her Higher Self, began to process part of the karma of Souls, who left Earth, and non-incarnated Monad carriers. She pulled in self (the Causal Body’s core) a volume equal to 0.3% of the total mankind’s illiquid karma.

It was a huge layer, many times exceeding the total karma she has received in all her lives. For the last 12 hours, mom burned it in her long-suffering heart. That’s why she was in so much pain.

In the end, her heart could not stand it, or rather, it worked out all the new karma and stopped, completely exhausted. Neither the Life Energy, nor the Perfect Light was left in mom. She burned to the ground, saving Souls, hers and of other people, having gone all the way from the fall and apostasy to redemption, rebirth, and Ascension.

After the death of the physical corpus, gradually disintegrate Subtle Bodies: Etheric, Astral and Mental. It happens on the 3rd, 9th, and 40th day, respectively. After that, the Monad has only one manifestation body – the Causal one.

The karma in it is a burden that doesn’t allow the Soul to ascend and unite with the Higher Self and the Monad. It is forced to restore its Subtle and physical manifestation bodies to be born again and again on Earth.

Leaving Earth, my mother had Radiant Subtle and Causal Bodies, which DO NOT DISINTEGRATE after her death. This is the premise of human immortality!

After mom’s passing away, the preparation for her Ascension, which was to take place on the 40th day, began. All this time, we could freely communicate with her on the Subtle Plane, as if she was alive.

How the Ascension occurred?

At first, her Radiant Body joined the Radiant Causal one, forming a single whole. Then, it merged with the Higher Self. After that, they fused into the Logos and, together, entered the Monad’s core. And finally, all dissolved in the Absolute. We tracked and participated in every stage of my mother’s Ascension from different Power Places in the mountains.

Mom was the first on Earth who could do it in a blitz form. It has set a precedent for others. It was possible to put an end to this story. But for mom, a new life began.

After the complete loss of individuality, dissolving in the Absolute, my mother’s Monad, with some remnant of consciousness, began to feel increasing discomfort. So another axiom was confirmed: THE MONAD CANNOT EXIST FOR A LONG TIME WITHOUT MANIFESTATION BODIES, IT NEEDS DIFFERENTIATION, EVOLUTION, INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT AND WORK!

The non-manifested state gave my mom’s Monad an ever-increasing burden. That is why we were not surprised by her desire and decision to come back and single out new manifestation bodies.

And so it happened. The Monad reproduced the whole process, in the reverse order of ascension, when it successively pulled in itself all the manifestation bodies.

Not everything went smoothly. The first attempt ended in failure. The Earth’s incarnation field, where she wanted to enter, wasn’t ready to accept such a Monad. It’s similar to small airfields which are not adapted for large airliners. In addition, the Monad cannot unfold herself anywhere. It’s like before an airplane takes off, it needs to enter the destination into its onboard computer; otherwise, the aircraft will not fly.

At the first attempt, mom’s Monad singled out its manifestation bodies; they reached Earth and were immediately pulled back in. It resembled a man who abruptly pulls his hands away after touching hot metal. The Earth’s field turned out to be unsuitable for her.

Co-Creators offered mom to manifest herself in other highest planets, but she refused. Earth was very dear to her. Then, together with the Ascended Masters and the Pleroma’s Hierarchs, we carried out an operation in the incarnation field to help all the Light Entities embody here.

Luxor Temple

We have built a separate, local incarnation gateway on the altar in the Ascension Temple in Luxor, Egypt. It was through this Portal that my mother’s Soul manifested into our Subtle Plane. Further descent into three-dimensionality was impractical.

Staying on the Subtle Plane, mom helps people more effectively in the Great Quantum Transition. She has a completely different look now, but we easily recognize her by the vibrations that have remained the same. Sometimes, we see her former traits (usually in a dream), but this is only an image, generated by the memory of the brain.

We periodically communicate telepathically, and always feel her next to us. And the projection point of the Subtle Plan, where she lives now, is right in our apartment, in her room; there we have not changed anything. I don’t exclude that our team, together with her and Higher Light Hierarchs, will participate in joint operations.

The main lesson that we got during all these events is that life doesn’t end after death, and our loved ones are always with us. And the day is not far off when we will all meet again in a new world."

Sun Eclipse Energy

The energies of the Solar Eclipse on October 25 at 10:49 UTC at 3 degrees Scorpio intensified the transformational impact of continuously flowing quantum flows on the Earth’s field, its matter, atmosphere, Nature, molecular structure and genetics of the human body.

Sudden changes in the magnetic field, periodically lowered to a minimum level, intensify the sifting effect of quantum waves in the form of Solar tsunamis on the plasma points of human DNA and in the matter of the worlds of Nature.

What are the pros and cons of someone passing away right during the eclipse?

Sifting is not a punishment, nor is it a reward. This is only the distribution of Souls according to their’ radiated frequencies and the amount of Love energy that they have accumulated during the last incarnation.

There are no pros and cons when someone dies right around the time of the eclipse or other stelliums. These days, the energy flows are only intensifying, which gives additional acceleration to the movement of Souls through the various layers of the Subtle Plane.

Farewell, Mom!!!

Life continues...

The Time flows’ delamination continues. All timelines have ceased to be interconnected, and not depend on each other. The hour no longer corresponds to 60 minutes: they are compressing or stretching. An hour can flash by like 15 minutes, or continue for an eternity, depending on our feeling.

Not only the genome and Time are actively changing, but also the Earth’s atmosphere, its atomic and molecular composition, the movement of its layers, and of 5D plasma. Biological bodies are transformed through the fields of aura and prepare people and the worlds of Nature for new high-frequency energy.

It may seem that all these processes are very far from our daily life and their worries. But we see how, for example, the energies of the Solar Eclipse on October 25, and Solar storms superimposed on quantum flows, gave events on Earth extreme, tense, crisis dynamics. Before the Lunar Eclipse on November 8, they will be even more filled with struggle, violent and uncontrollable collisions.

If Lunar Eclipses have a greater influence on our personal psycho-emotional state, Solar Eclipses have a particularly strong impact on socio-political life, interaction between the government and the people, and interstate relations.

The latest events on Earth are a reflection of the fierce battle that is going on now on the Subtle Plane and in space between Dark and Light Forces.

The higher worlds have already been cleansed from the demonic presence, but it is still strong in denser dimensions, including Earth, from where it tries to spread its metastases to the entire Local Universe.

Light Forces from different parts of the Galaxy got permission to act by all means to save Earth and humanity, and destroy the parasitic system.

Strategy and tactics have changed. On the physical and Subtle Planes, surgical intervention on Earth has become more targeted and pinpointed. The signal to eliminate the distraught creatures is being executed everywhere.

Decision-making centers of negative forces, and military facilities, including strategic ones, are taken under strict control. Systems, threatening peace, are blocked and disabled to weaken Dark-Gray Forces.

The people turned into zombies are a separate problem. They do not know compassion, and only obediently follow orders, without thinking about the consequences. The indulgences that were previously given to some egregores are ended.

Everyone will have to answer. Finally and irrevocably, the irreconcilable will be moved to an isolated and carefully guarded enclave. There, they will have to undergo severe re-education.

The increasing interference in Earthly events is caused by the fact that Cosmic Laws do not always help to keep situations under control. At each level, unmanageable areas emerge and remain, that prevent the transition from the Third Universe to the Fourth.

The Absolutes set just such a task. Its implementation requires acting more decisively. And the key point is Earth.

This is clearly recognized on the highest levels of the Universe. The equation of Absolutes needs speedy implementation, especially when the confrontation of creative and destructive forces has reached a critical point.

The decision to localize and neutralize Dark-Gray Forces on Earth, who have turned it into their main stronghold, has been made and is being actively fulfilled. And as quickly as possible so that not to do it in the entire Local Universe.

Our transitioning is controlled. The Controllers are our Higher Selves and Co-Creators with the help of individual scanning spheres.

The speed of the transition is strictly individual for each and is determined by MANY factors. It is not slow, and not fast, but such that high frequencies do not kill us when we instantly connect to them.

The energies coming to Earth now have increased unprecedentedly. The flows are very powerful. In the nearest future, we will face very important, and many decisive lessons, both on an individual and on a global level. All our dirt will be intensively pushed out by high frequencies.

These are the strongest tests for our Spirit resilience and inner purity. The main thing at this time is not to betray self, and our Soul listens to our heart, be extremely open and honest with self. AND ARM SELF WITH PATIENCE, without stopping the inner work.

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