Life doesn’t end after death, and our loved ones are always with us

My mother passed away after 7 years of illness at 15:00 EET on 25 October. It is at this time that the partial eclipse occurs in Europe. Two hours before her transition I got an extremely intense wave of love for her, it was 3am PST in the middle of my night. I reciprocated my love for her so strongly that I began to feel waves of very hot and very cold temperature around my body, causing me to shiver slightly. My mother truly believed that this was her last reincarnation here. After 2-3 years of not being able to visit her and exchange our feelings in person due to the Covid story and the imposed restrictions for the unvaccinated, in September and October this year we hugged again and again and held each other's hands for a long time. I left her with a broken heart on Oct. 13 to return again on Oct 26 for the final farewell.

Mom, I wish you a smooth transition and be on your way wherever you are headed, my very lovely mother. I send you my love and immense gratitude and admiration for all the karmic cleansings and initiations during all these difficult years, and for the immense dedication of care, patience, and love to me throughout our life together.

To illustrate what a pain the last years of my mother's life were and the reason behind it all, I will share another story told by a Lightworker about his mother's death and her ascension process:

"Mom’s death left a deep, bleeding and unhealed wound in my heart. Her story is tragic and selfless at the same time.

The path she took in the last incarnation was her Via Dolorosa (from Latin, literally, sorrowful road, Jesus' route from Pilate's judgment hall to Golgotha to be crucified), self-sacrifice and the highest Spiritual feat, crowned at the end by a complete fusion with her Monad, which returned to the Absolute.

On Earth, her life wasn’t the first. Its birthplace is Capella, the brightest star in the Auriga Constellation, the sixth in luminosity in the sky and the third in brightness in the Northern Hemisphere.

She has been incarnated 58 times on our planet. Here, mom’s roots go back to Latin America, to the Aztecs. Before the last embodiment, her total karma reached a critical level – 98%. This is due to the massive human sacrifices of the Aztecs, in which she participated and conducted.

Karma accumulated also in other incarnations: for ritual murders of infants, ritual suicide, practicing black magic… The sentence that the Karma Lords handed down to her was short and severe: crimes against Life and God.

We’ve already met in one of her previous lives. It was in the distant past in Japan. It is interesting that both, my mother and I, remembered this incarnation well, and we were also repeatedly shown it in meditations. She didn’t know until the last moment that the child who was next to her was me.

In then life, mom was a black priestess. For the sake of power, she was ready for anything. She had a child whose father was an ordinary commoner. And if peop