Innovative Infrastructure on Earth

On December 21, 2020, an expanded session of the new Galactic Committee was held. It considered a petition for the admission of the Earth’s Logos – to the Logos Council and Humanity – to the Civilizations’ Council as members of the Galacom.

The main events now continue in near-Earth space. Divided into several groups, space fleets of Pleiadians, Arcturians, Siriusians, and other friendly cosmic races retransmit and redistribute on and around the surface of our planet powerful quantum’s radiations from the Source. They come through the center of the Milky Way.

Galacom has built a huge infrastructure of platforms, Portals, stations, routers to control quantum flows on the Subtle Plane and near-Earth space. Spaceships also participate in it.

Each quantum wave in this stream carries a specific program, differing from others by light frequencies and code names.

What are these waves? What are their programs? What does the infrastructure look like in general?

Closer to Earth are three platforms and nine Portals.

The first platform, relaying quantum energy codenamed GRISPO, blue-azure in color, cleanses and changes space dimensions.

The second transmits programs to increase plant plasma and assess human intelligence. Another program consists of quantum energy ERMIGO, brown with a yellow tint, which recycles negative emissions from Earth.

The third platform broadcasts programs to change the concentration of plant plasma and rearrange the human DNA. The purification from the negativity of the near-Earth space and the formation of a new environment is performed by the violet energy of GRASIMO.

From the same platform FARMS energy, bright blue, loads it into the collective consciousness of humanity the new programs of intellectual and spiritual development. FAMIGO, dark gray energy, affects magnetic fields and forms the selection of earthlings by the level of consciousness.

Galacom created a huge network of quantum beams in near-Earth space, containing programs for the transformation of the planet and Man.

Red Life-Giving Energy

By the red energy, a new information field is formed with a single center of communication through control points – citadels.

SFARGO, lemon-colored energy, cleanses the planet of outdated intelligence and helps people adapt to the new high-frequency environment.

GLEGES, dark lilac-colored energy, cleans the near-Earth space of toxic and harmful impurities.

BLISCORE, white-blue energy, enhances people’s mental abilities.

The System includes also nine Portals. Passing through them, quantum streams are separated into light waves and rays of different frequencies, colors, and shades. All of them are also loaded with specific programs.

First Portal:

FERMO, the scarlet energy, forms the Matrices of the 4D/5D/6D information fields and the new collective consciousness.


FIRSCO, the energy of the blue spectrum, purifies, stabilizes, and directs people’s mental energy and development.


GRASIMO, purple energy, synthesizes plasma, neutralizes side effects, and removes false and obsolete knowledge.

BLAKE, light brown (light beige) energy, transforms particles of Earth’s vapors to red life-giving energy.

Second Portal:

ERKADO, orange-golden energy, forms temporary transient programs.

GLEMAR, a synthesis of light violet with dark lilac energy, creates new structures and cleanses energy-information flows.



GLASSO, brown energy, collects the remnants of knowledge from previous stages of civilization.

GRICADO, dark blue energy, forms new life support structures for the planet.

Third Portal:

CHERGO, a light brown (or beige) energy, accumulates the evaporation of Earth particles.

GRISPO, blue-azure energy, cleanses and changes space dimensions.

SFAS Energy


SFAS, yellow energy helps adapt to new quantum waves.

BLICADO, blue energy with a violet tint, filtrates intelligence energy.

Fourth Portal:

ARTREM, dark green energy, contains programs of sound processing of space. By affecting matter with sound vibrations, this energy causes it to emit frequencies that form into clots of people’s distortions of temporal space and their negative radiations. The clots are then destroyed.

ERGINO, bright green energy, stimulates the awakening and development of the life forces of matter. It accelerates the oscillatory movements of magnetic fields, aligns the energy of the Earth, and shapes the climate and the operation of the Matrix Hologram.


GLAMO, dark brown planetary energy emitted by the natural worlds.

BARO, burgundy-colored energy, forms new types of plasma formations in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Fifth Portal:

SFAS and BLICADO energies (see Third Portal above).

MIRO Energy


MIRO, crimson and golden energy. Headed into the upper atmosphere to collect, purify, and sort plasma. Disrupts energy barriers of Archons, opens Portals to parallel worlds. In small doses beneficial to plant growth, stimulates natural selection in the animal world.

BLISCO, blue with a silvery shade of energy, programs the development of humanity’s intellect.

Six Portal:

KAROS, dark purple energy, compacts particles and clears space for new formations

GRICADO, dark blue energy, forms new life support systems for the planet.


ERLAGO, red-pink energy, creates a new Earth information field.

GLASIR, light lilac energy, accumulates free l-gamma intelligent particles throughout the planet.

Seventh Portal:

GLASSO, brown energy, collects knowledge from previous civilizations.

GLAS Energy

GLAS, the lilac-brown energy, synthesizes the knowledge of the past Earth’s civilizations.


SFAS (see Third Portal).

FERMAGO, yellow-pink (light orange) energy, cleanses the hologram of the planet, saturates it with new DNA codes for the development of intelligence, Love, and the desire to create. Manages reincarnations on Earth.

Eighth Portal:

BARO, Bordeaux-colored energy, manifests new kinds of plasma formations in the atmosphere.

GRICADO, dark blue energy, forms Earth’s life support structures.


GASIG, dark brown energy, destroys the Archons’ energy structures and prepares the platform for new ones created by the Light Forces.

BLICGOR, gray-blue energy, controls the magnetic interaction of the air layers.

Ninth Portal:

GLASSO, brown energy, collects the remnants of the knowledge of previous civilizations.

FUARO, dark yellow and brown energy, promotes the birth of new matter.



GRASIS, purple and cream energy, removes the remnants of the Archons’ programs and transmits new ones for the development of the Earth and human consciousness.

MYROSSA, the cherry or dark red energy, processes and cleanses the upper atmosphere.

This is a list of just some of the quantum energies that Galacom and its fleets from various constellations are now saturating Earth and humanity with.

An important piece of infrastructure is the transducer-repeater installed on the Moon.

It receives quantum flows, stabilizes, and changes their spectra according to the programs of the new Earth’s Matrix and the hologram.

With this transducer, 3D energies are centrally altered to 5D. At moments of spectrum change, there are bursts of radiation affecting matter.

On the Subtle Plane, our 4-dimensional space is divided into four layers. A stream of plasma energy of mixed colors is directed to each of them, which are coming then to the accumulation bowls, and create a pulsation of matter.

Layers saturated with green, crimson, red, and pink energies regulate the cyclic opening of Portals.

4D Layers

Layers filled with dark blue, dark green, dark azure, and azure energy transform people’s Subtle and physical bodies.

Galacom loads a large number of 5D and 6D programs into the transient Four-dimensional reality. From January, and in February, synchronization and alignment of the single information field of all three dimensions are carried out.

To better understand the work of Galacom and the friendly cosmic races, it is important to explain its principle.

All work is aimed at rebuilding and raising the vibrations of humanity, by removing low vibes energies from Earth, rewriting development programs by the Plans of the Source, and both Absolutes of our Local Universe.

We must realize that our consciousness is also changing, forming “from below,” from the surface of the Earth, a new perception and a new reality on the planet (revolutions are always initially made in the mind). But first Galacom changes its quantum basis, and only then it will fully manifest in our world.

So waiting for aliens to come and save us is sheer nonsense. Where is the work of our Soul? How will our consciousness change? Does Source need immature Souls? By solving problems, making free choices, and gaining life experiences, our Souls are evolving, and to continue it into 5D and beyond.

Help from the Subtle Plane always comes. The Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchs are carefully monitoring the situation.

Taking into account the most urgent Gaia’s needs, Galacom makes adjustments to the event sequence in the planet’s hologram as it progresses. Destructive distortions created in it by the Archons are corrected after each energetic cleaning of the Earth’s field.

Space ships of friendly races regularly collect and remove low-frequency energy plasma from the planet. Purification is carried out through the opened ozone layer.

Human Negative Energy

Unfortunately, humanity has accumulated negativity in enormous amounts and is constantly replenishing it. If not for this, we would have moved to another level of development long ago.

Light Forces constantly reminds us, “Don’t give the energy of your emotions and thoughts to feed the low-vibrational entities in human bodies. They have nowhere else to take it. Don’t be a coward. Stop living in dejection, whining, disbelief, and ignorance. You are free on your planet, and free will is sacred. It is how the Source created you. Believe in your strength, and feel at last the power of your Spirit.”

Waves of quantum energy coming from the Helios Galaxy are changing not only our bodies but also our minds. We are called to accept all changes with an open mind. We will no longer live as we did before, as the Source programs have already been loaded in the planet’s hologram, which means that their execution date has been set.

In February, the Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee continued to actively saturate the planet and people with a large spectrum of quantum radiations through the infrastructure created on the Subtle Plane in near-Earth space.

Each wave group and infrastructure elements broadcast programs to solve problems in specific areas. Which ones?

Quantum Level

As of mid-February 2021, the three-dimensional Matrix is 50% clear of Black Archon programs.

For the transition from 3D to 4D/5D/6D, GRISPO’s blue-azure energy accelerates clearing and changing the dimensionality of space. The radiant system is increased, the opening of Portals by sound frequencies continues.

CAROS, dark purple, condenses particles and makes room for new formations. The distribution of the fields of energy flowing 4-dimensional space into 6D is rayed into the upper atmosphere.

ERMA’s red energy waves capture the necessary properties from each ray of the planet’s crystal system and thus keep the entire system in equilibrium. Entering the one-dimensional world, the energy flow passes through the 4D into the 6D.

The 4D structure is already formed. It was done using GLAMO, dark brown energy that accumulates the plasma emitted by the natural worlds.


The Subtle-Energy Crystal 6D is formed by ERKADO, orange-gold energy. It is used to load temporary programs of various purposes into the Crystal.

BIGS, ash-gray energy, changes the overall state of space and can cause Portals to open to the inner worlds of the planet.

New Matrix Hologram

The structure of the initial Hologram is created by a sphere of GLEMAR energy, light violet with a lilac hue. It also filters new energy-information flows coming into the Hologram.

CARBIUS, pinkish-lilac, compacts the l-gamma particles of Intelligence energy with which the structures of the Hologram are saturated.

FERIS, yellow and red, upload new programs to the Hologram.

GLASSO, brown energy, collects the remnants of knowledge from previous stages of civilization.



Brought in from the Local Universe and the Milky Way, the KEGIFOR energy, light emerald color, changes the properties of matter. The field structures of the two-dimensional world are used as a tool for this purpose.

FUARO, dark yellow energy, promotes the birth of new matter.

Connected to all 144,000 pyramids of the planet, the dark orange energy LECAS enhances the work of programs to form new matter.

Habitat And Life Support System

A clot of Universal energy is formed to connect Earth with other planets of different potentials. The clot is framed by GLEGES energy, a dark lilac color. It also cleanses the near-Earth space from negative impurities. It stabilizes the work of the planet’s Core, the connecting channels of the Earth’s crust.

The cream-colored spheres of FERUS energy change planetary development programs and materialize them from the Subtle Plane to the physical one.

FEASK, green energy, stabilizes all Intelligence plasma processes.

GRICADO, the dark blue energy, creates a new life support system for the planet. The interconnected worlds of nature begin to accumulate energy for the new life support. The planet’s aqueous environment promotes the removal of chyrons, particles of Evil.

GRISAGO energy, the color of the sea wave, forms a Thin-Material Crystal that will adapt the Earth’s life support system during the transition to the 5D.


FEARIS, a dark salmon, governs the Intelligence strata.

The violet energy of GRASIMO synthesizes plasma, neutralizes side effects, and removes outdated and false knowledge.

MYROSSA, cherry-colored, cleanses the upper atmosphere through emissions in geopathogenic zones.

LOBE energy, golden, loads time programs, and the planet’s signaling system regulate the removal of spent and negative energy.

Planetary Info-Field

A positively charged, right-handed spiral of ERLAGO, red-pink, and BAROUR, dark red, form a new information field of the Earth.

GLAS, lilac-brown, synthesizes the remnants of the knowledge of the passing stages of the Fifth Civilization.

FARMS Energy


The quantum energy BLISCORI, white and blue, develops people’s mental abilities and contains the entire spectrum of energies necessary for it.

FARMS, bright blue energy, guide mental development through new programs that raise consciousness.

PHEARO, a gentle green color, stimulates new thought patterns. It duplicates plasma energy when opening Portals for a new consciousness, bringing in new energies.

A high energy bunch is formed in the Local Universe with an amplified transformative program controlled and directed by FERMAGO energy, yellow and pink. It cleanses the Hologram, saturates it with a new human DNA code to develop intelligence, love, and the desire to create.

With the help of sound vibrations in the Local Universe, a blob of energy is formed that is attracted to Earth by the vibrations of SFIRO, bright yellow energy of Intelligence.

It eliminates the side effects of elevated blood pressure, both coronary and planetary. In some people, it can cause bowel atony, insomnia, nervous exhaustion, and tension.

Bone decompaction occurs at the molecular level, hence the pain in the body. Many people experience strain on various parts of the spine.

ERMAGO energy, light green with a bright blue hue and a dash of crimson, affects the human brain and its energy fields.

The change in thinking will occur gradually. The brain block will be activated, which will begin to emit new radiant energy of l-gamma particles of high intelligence into the surrounding space. This will completely change the way one feels and sees the world around.

GALUS, blue-violet, produces a gauging of the built-up mental plasma, determines the strength of resistance to external influence in the molecules of all protein organisms, as well as the strength of resistance to the wave impulses sent by the rays.


GREEMO, pink-red, with blue sparks. The energy of Love and the work of the heart chakra, strengthens the reproductive function of the body. Expands one’s consciousness and ability to see and hear things that until then could not see and hear…

All these energies are the backbone of the project, which is now being implemented by the Co-Creators, Galacom, and Light Forces’ ground teams. It is being held for the first time in the entire Super Universe.

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