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Increase seismicity-In the last 30 days, 5,497 earthquakes occurred

On 6 April 2022, at 08:21 AM CET, Siriusians’ Lunar Base transmitted a new Earth monitoring report. Below is a summary of its contents:

At about 06:00 UTC on April 3, 2022, a large plasma clot was ejected on the Sun ( it came from the area between the groups of spots No. 2978, No. 2981 and No. 2979).

At the moment of ejection, it breaks the magnetic coronal fields, but after that they reunite, releasing a lot of energy. This cleansing quantum release will reach Earth on April 6-7.

Cosmic flows directed to the planet from the Center of the Galaxy through the Sun will continue to increase seismicity.

In the last 30 days, 5,497 earthquakes occurred. Of these, 3,874 had magnitude (M) 3+; 1,443 – M4+; 164 – M5+; 14 – M6+; 2 – M7+.

Blisco energy

In Earth’s airspace, energy fields are actively formed from prominences carrying light blue and silver BLISKO energy.

With its help, Argorians load into the 5D Hologram the codes for the materialization of vital energy and programs for the development of human intelligence. BLISKO stimulates creativity, develops talents and the ability to express in words the sensations of the body, emotions and thoughts of the man’s Spirit.


The platform of red-gray energy ERLIBO has been built through which sound pulses of magnetic media of matter are steered. It is enclosed in the energy fields of red energy ERMA that forms the 5D Matrix, its power structures and matter.

The fields are limited by a two-layer space of pink with yellow patches of GAMO energy. It is used to create multidimensional structures.

The first layer of this space consists of red energy GREMO. It expands a person’s consciousness and capabilities to see and hear what he could not see and hear earlier. GREMO also affects the time spin (turnover) of plasmoids’ radiation.

In the second layer, ready-made 4D/5D plasma accumulates, consisting of a light yellow SFARGO energy (cleanses matter from outdated intelligence and promotes adaptation in space with new wave pulses), and of blue BLISKO. The platform begins the formation of a new five-dimensional space on Earth.

In the south-west of the Kola Peninsula (Russia), there is a danger of a tectonic split. To prevent it and stabilize the space, Argorians will move magma to the northwest along the 8th parallel.

Kola Peninsula on the Map

It is important to pay attention to all hazardous industries located in areas of unstable tectonics.

The analytical group of Argorians’ space fleet provides constant and necessary adjustments to seismicity.

On the plateau of the Giza pyramids, the westward shift of the black energy RIR continues.

It creates energy walls separating 3D from 4D/5D.

The cut-off three-dimensional energy is conserved, and then transferred to the space modules of Argorians’ squadron for removal from the planet.

3D Cutting Off

The development of a new civilization is proceeding at its own pace, according to the Co-Creators’ programs and the Golden Standard Code. They continue to build the energy fractal of the new, 5D world.

The programs of earthlings’ Transition to 4D/5D depend on the general program of Earth’s Ascension. Everything should go synchronously. Lagging leads to an increase in transforming loads on the man’s body.

Golden Standard Code

An open, clean mind allows people to go through all the stages of Transition as painlessly as possible. Track your reactions; find blocking programs of the mind, become aware of them, transfer your Intelligence to higher radiation frequencies.

In the north of the Ural Ridge (Russia), a mechanism for correcting space is installed, that stabilizes the Earth’s crust.

Ural Ridge on the Map

These alien mechanism was placed by Argorians’ squadron after the formation of the Eurasian Plate.

This info is disclosed for the first time, to understand and value their work, and level of 25D’s race responsibility.

You are still at the first stage of prep and are taking exams for the Transition to the second stage of the development of the fifth-dimensional Intelligence.

Your rights and responsibilities will become greater, and everything that you ask Co-Creators is given to you strictly by your strength.

We call your attention to our advice because the world will change dramatically, and your knowledge and understanding of the current processes is still in its infancy.

Turn the Dial Up To 11
This time the separation and total destruction of Earth will not happen, Earth will be saved. Antiparticles (or anti-matter) Earth does not exist anymore. Earth is returning to host position for the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions.


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