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Increase in general tensions - December 6-8 - Be very careful

Intense and more frequent information will come this month due to increased dynamics in Space and on Earth.


Information about this event began to arrive about a month ago. It concerned the date of December 3, 2022. Several weeks before, intensive prep was conducted in near-terrestrial and Earth’s space. On the physical and Subtle Plane, it manifested in the form of Light Pillars, Aurora Borealis in areas much lower than northern latitudes, plasma jets, weather anomalies, increasing tectonic activity. Many of us have felt severe ailments and unusual sensations.

Plasma Jets

And so, on the night of December 3 to 4, a powerful tsunami of Dark Energy poured onto Earth from the higher dimensions. Its super concentrated waves, unlike the dark 3D energy, brought very powerful vibrations. They, like ram, dramatically accelerated the clearing of space for the 5D Earth and the awakened part of humanity. This is the Primary substance from which the five-dimensional matter emitting Light is being actively formed.

The tsunami’s peak lasted two days and filled the whole Earth with a new, 5th dimension energy. This caused a sharp increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on the eve, during and after the Dark Energy tide.


In just one day on December 6, 2022, more than a thousand earthquakes occurred. Of these, one reached magnitude (M) 6.2; seven – M5+; forty-four – M4+; one hundred and two – M3+; two hundred and three hundred M2+; and six hundred and forty-one with a magnitude less than 2.0. The strongest – M6.2 was observed in the Indian Ocean, 283 km South of Jember, a regency of East Java province, Indonesia.

Volcanic eruptions

Volcanic eruptions have intensified almost simultaneously in different parts of the world – Stromboli in southern Italy, Mauna Loa in Hawaii, Semeru on Java Island in Indonesia, Shiveluch in Kamchatka in Russia. Millions of tons of ash, released into the atmosphere, threaten chaos in the global air transportation system at the start of the New Year’s travel season.

On the Tyrrhenian coast, waves one and a half meters high created a serious threat to the surrounding areas of Sicily. The tsunami was caused by a giant lava flows, ejected during the explosion from the Stromboli crater.

An equally dangerous situation has arisen for 200 thousand residents of Hawaii. For the first time in almost 40 years, a powerful eruption of Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano in the world, has begun. Rescue services warned people that they have a maximum of two days to evacuate, since then lava flows can block roads and ash – cover with a thick layer everything around in a radius of tens of kilometers.

Eruption Of Mauna Loa

In Indonesia, part of the province of East Java is covered with ash. The volcano Semeru threw out a column 15 kilometers in height. More than two thousand residents fled their homes in panic. Rescuers use every opportunity to take people out.

Shiveluch is also among the largest and very explosive volcanoes in the world. Its age is about 70 thousand years, and now, it has accumulated enormous volumes of energy. The dome of the volcano has swollen and at any moment the most serious eruption in history may occur.

The increase in activity in the Pacific region is not accidental: most of the explosive points here are part of the Ring of Fire. Its activity is caused by the accumulation in the cortical layer of not only high-frequency Dark Energy, but also the red energy ERMA.

Ring Of Fire
The effect of these energies on Earth and people

ERMA forms the 5D energy field of Earth, its new Matrix, matter, highly developed life forms. It increases the tension of the outer shell of the planet, producing an interchange of energies during the splitting of 3D cell nuclei, plasma compaction with new consciousness and Intelligence. Ready-made plasma with the knowledge brought in, with a wave shift, rebuilds our gene structures.

Both energies, due to their highest density, form a stable power cocoon, which will continue to squeeze out from the Earth’s space and earthlings even more intensively everything old, obsolete, false, and negative. All this will be crushed, crumble, float to the surface and destroyed by Light.

The peculiarity of the Dark Energy flows was that they came to Earth through people, whose dimensionality, perception and consciousness are sufficiently upgraded, and whose purity, as conductors, allows such powerful radiations to pass through themselves.

In the space of these Spiritually developed people, there was an increased electricity field, since the speeds of the waves and their tension were exceptionally high. Now, these potentials of the 5th dimension are already available to many who can interact with them.

All these events were also impacted by the energy of the stellium on December 6-8: the transit Sun forms an exact opposition to Mars, which on December 8 is activated by the vibes of the Full Moon. This aspect increases the overall tension, including our physical condition.

Full Moon

Acute seasonal diseases have reached a peak, but the activity of immunity is high. Therefore, there will be many sudden temperature spikes, which shows, that our body is struggling, stimulates the production of its interferon. There is no need to interfere in the work of the Mars’ energies, forcibly (pharmacologically) reduce their cleansing, transformational effects.

If we are careless, there may be injuries. Since the opposition of the energies of the planets occurs on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, even minor falls can lead to fractures of the arms and legs (hip neck). Head or face injuries are also possible.

Be very careful. Pain syndromes could worsen. Severe bleeding is possible, as a Full Moon occurs at the same time. Special care is needed with everything these days. Do not exceed the speed limit on the roads.

For business life, the days are also not the most successful, since a lot of our efforts will be wasted due to the energies of retrograde Mars. We should not force events, excessively achieve some goal. If there is an obstacle, it is better to stop now, wait it out. The worst companion of such situations is our irritation.

The confrontation hurts our feelings, provokes anger. Do not engage in confrontation with anyone. We won’t change anything, but the result could be disastrous. It will be especially difficult to contain our negative feelings on December 8. Impulsivity, inattention, and anxiety are greatly enhanced. So it’s better to pass these days and weeks until the end of the year, doing quiet things, without risks and tension.


And let me share some additional information that you may find interesting to keep you going through these difficult days.... and to find Joy in spite of everything...

Q. What is the REAL TRUTH about Earth being an experimental planet taken over by the Archons and why was Gaia not protected by the Co-Creators?

A. THE TRUTH is that in all the boundlessness of the Greater Cosmos, in which there are 700 thousand Local Universes and 7 trillion inhabited planets, our Monad (Soul) consciously and purposefully chose this particular planet, run by Grays and Darks, and this experimental Local Universe.

The TRUTH is that our Monad was not looking for a sort of the Caribbean luxury resort, but an extremely tough, toxic and killing test-site to prove itself, gain experience and knowledge in its Earthly Mission Impossible.

THE TRUTH is that Co-Creators protect neither the test-sites nor the manifestation body of OUR Monad (this is ONLY ITS manifestation body), that is, us, but protect the Source’s Spark in our Soul. Our choices in our manifestation bodies don't need protection, because of the Free Will law.

THE TRUTH is that the Source does not need lifelong professional vacationers in some ideal Paradise, but reliable fighters and workers who can work IN ANY, EVEN THE MOST EXTREME PART of Its Universe, bringing It new experience and knowledge of Self.


Q. Did Anunnaki/Enki create human slaves – homo sapience-sapience mixing own genes with ape like homo erectus?

A. The first, ideal man was born in the Pleroma by Christ and his dipole. The man was named Pigeradamon (or Adamon). On this basis, 144,000 people born in the Pleroma appeared, forming the 1st Monad’s Stream (Family).

Homo sapiens was created by Yaltabaoth much later. At various stages, 26 major and about a thousand other space races contributed their genes to it.

Q. Who created Adam and Eve?

A. Yaltabaoth created Adam, in the form of an androgyne, using elements of the DNA structure, in the image and likeness of Pigeradamon.

The creation turned out to be stillborn. To revive him, with the consent of the Pleroma, Sophia and the five Light Archons put in Adam the Source’s Spark and connected him to the Tree of Life.

This did not suit Black Co-Creator and Yaltabaoth, who lowered Adam to their level by reconnecting him to the Tree of Death. Trying (without success) to extract a Spark from Adam, they divided him, an androgyne, into male and female halves. The latter became known as Eve.

Both halves retained a Spark. In order to get it, Yaltabaoth seduced Eve, but did not take possession of the Spark, because knowing about his plans, the Pleroma’s Hierarchs evacuated the Spark from Eve.

So the first four groups of people appeared on Earth: those born from Eve and Yaltabaoth; from Adam and Eve; from Pigeradamon; and those born in Pleroma.

The first two groups were 66.6%, and the last two – 33.3% of earthlings.

Q. What was original DNA of humans?

A. In the first group, the number of active DNA strands was reduced to two; the second group retained 144 physical helices and 144 wave helices.

Q. Where any advanced humans with 12 DNA strand or higher called angelic human beings?

A. The last group dwells in the Pleroma and the eons, created by Christ.

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