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Implants, Sensors Chips

Attention: This topic is very SENSITIVE!!! It may create unpleasant sensations.

Please do not use it as a conspiracy or randomly share the information below.

If you have reached the maturity to realize that everything that happened here on Earth, the era of Duality and 3D Earth, no longer exists, then this information will be received as a form of curiosity, purely informative.

If you are still under the strong influence of your own shadows, please read no further.... or if you choose to continue reading, please use it as a WAKE UP CALL.... and RISE YOUR VIBRATIONS, NOW!


I will begin with these words and end with the same:

All implants, are designed ONLY for 3D environments and ONLY for people with vibrations in this range. They do not work on other frequencies and are automatically destroyed.

No attempts and efforts to save 3D System and retain power will help.

The Game is OVER!

Many men have been carrying implants, sensors, chips and other Subtle and material nano-devices since birth. For others, they are implanted during their lifetime. Where did they come from, and who puts them?

Some of the implanters belong to the space races, which are currently removed from Earth, as they have brought great harm to earthlings. Often the damage is irreparable, and because of this, these civilizations are forever denied access to our planet.

Some civilizations have retained connections and interaction with their representatives, incarnated here, – Light, Dark and Gray beings. Some implants are installed at the moment of birth in physical corpus. Through these devices, they keep in touch with their cosmic homeland, from where the Soul came to our planet.

A lot of people are plugged-in by a 3D System, its public and private structures. By their implants, the State runs feelings, thoughts, and behavior of its subjects.

In some cases, the impact can be positive. I narrated in my previous post quantum spheres that Co-Creators have set for each person. They operate in the range from 0.8 Hz to 821 Hz. By it, each Soul is actively filling with new energies, as much as they can get, the gene structure and consciousness are changing.


Sensors installed by friendly Light races help earthlings to develop, gaining knowledge and new information at the level of consciousness and subconsciousness. The implants activate Souls’ positive experience gained in previous incarnations.

Unfortunately, throughout the Third, Fourth and current Fifth Races, the Dark and Gray civilizations have been chipping Earthlings for other purposes – to enslave, manipulate and exploit them on the physical and Subtle Plane.

Until now, their implants activate only negative experiences in the most perverted and aggressive manifestations. The older is the Soul, the more chips in man. Many have 10-15 plug-ins of different shapes. Sometimes their number reaches fifty!

Today, according to various estimates, 45% of earthlings are implanted, 55% – without chips. Of the ET Souls, only 25% have sensors, 75% do not. Which and where the devices are being installed?

Implants Sensors Chips – 1. PLATE

This is a tetrahedral implant of rectangular shape 3 X 4 cm, of metallic silver color. It is installing inside the cranium at the level of the subcortex of the brain. During a long stay, the plate darkens to black.


Plate's Placement

No X-ray can spot it. These plates control human behavior by energy impulses. As a rule, they are put in the military personnel. The higher is the rank, the stronger the impact exerted. This is done in different ways:

– Neuro-linguistic programming, the influence of voice on the subconscious. It may happen during classes, seminars, trainings, and especially while listening to audio materials;

– Vibration effect. In barracks and units during sleep, zombie signals of different frequencies are broadcast through ordinary communication horns and receivers. Sensitive people can perceive them very painfully, for example, experience headaches, insomnia, constant fatigue, loss of appetite.

Implants Sensors Chips – 2. ROUND PLATE

This is a disk with a diameter from 0.5 cm to 2 cm. Most often it is installed in the second and third cervical vertebra, in the intervertebral discs.

Round Plates

Round Plates' Placement

When this plate is active, a person may have a feeling that the neck is hardening, it is difficult to turn his head because of stiffness in this place.

It is caused by the disk’s work when it receives sent impulses.

They affect a person’s behavior and mindset, and in the most destructive manifestation: belligerence, aggressiveness, a thirst to kill.

Side effects may be in the form of headaches and nausea without vomiting.

Implants Sensors Chips – 3. BALL

It looks like a silver-colored pellet, with a diameter from 1 cm to 2.5 cm. They are implanted, as a rule, in the area of the Sahasrara (crown), the spine – between the shoulder blades, and the sacrum, below the spine, where the pelvis begins.

These pellets are placed not in a physical body, but in its field around at a distance of 0.5 cm. Their side-effect can manifest itself in the form of headaches, attacks of sciatica and osteoporosis; can cause pain between the shoulder blades, when it is difficult to turn and move; in the crown of the head, darkening in the eyes, memory loss, and noise in the ears. But consciousness is not lost.


A device in the Sahasrara area causes a state of gratuitous panic and terror. A person behaves very violently, sowing blue funk around him. It seems to him that he is in mortal danger; he rushes, screams, cries for help.

The ball creates a strong negative field around itself, with a radius of 10 m. Everyone who got into this field, also starts to panic, not knowing why, even though they don’t have this chip.

A pellet between the shoulder blades turns on the fear of death in a person. This is accompanied by symptoms of alleged allergies, suffocation, and spasm of the respiratory system. It seems to people around that he is dying before their eyes. They are trying to help and their energy immediately taken away by possessors.

A chip in the sacrum temporarily immobilizes a person by pain similar to sciatica. It is difficult for the victim to move, bend and turn. He thinks he lifted too heavy, caught a cold, or over trained.

For some period, a person becomes inactive. But the pellet is active and creates a toxic field around it. In it, the victim feels completely isolated and thereby reinforces the negativity. No one comes to help, because they subconsciously feel danger.

This further exacerbates the feeling of hopelessness and loneliness, unwillingness to live. But suicides are not committed just like that. They are triggered by the pellets.

Implants Sensors Chips – 4. TADPOLES

This is a conventional name for implants in the shape of torsion spiral formations that look like leeches. They are just as mobile, dig in, with the same wriggling thin tail of dark blue metallic color.


Tadpoles' Placement

Implants Sensors Chips Part 1

These sensors are placed anywhere: in the area of the heart, liver, lungs and other internal organs. What are they doing?

They trigger a spontaneous, unexpected inflammatory process of a particular organ, and then a long-term chronic disease. A person is fixated only on his health, completely immersed in pain and fear, that he may die, turns off from the life of society. His energy of despair and depression goes to feed the parasites.

Implants Sensors Chips – 5. WORM

This ribbon formation is white in size from 1.5 to 3 cm, sometimes larger. It is not flat, but spherical and is placed subcutaneously. They manifest themselves in the form of boils, pimples and tumors in any part of the body, where several implants are installed.

Worm's Manifestation

The device emits the impulses of fear and the desire to do something very urgent.

What exactly is not transmitted. But if a person doesn’t understand and does not do what is expected of him, then he begins to itch literally to the blood in the place where the chip is installed.

Implants Sensors Chips – 6. STICKS

These are stick-shaped devices, the size of a match, split lengthwise into two parts, of green fluorescent color. They are placed in blood vessels. As the blood moves, the implants saturate it with information that spreads throughout the body.

Sticks’ Placement

Having reached a certain info-concentration, the blood begins to emit linear radiation. It is usually synchronized with energies of military events, riots and other mass unrest.

A person receives info about them from the mass media, automatically tunes on it, and begins to send similar radiation in the form of invisible laser beams of green light into these events’ space by this chip in his blood.

In the place, where it is concentrated, conflicts escalate even more, up to revolutions. When several chips are installed, they alternately send fast and intense radiation in many directions.

Implants Sensors Chips – 7. POPPY SEEDS

Usually this is a mesh of implants, the size of a poppy seed, which is placed in the field of a person’s head, about 10 cm from the nape. They affect the eyes and their radiation.

Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds

When the chips are activated, the radiation power increases dramatically. It is enough for a person to look at something, think, and it happens. For example, he sees a beautiful girl and thinks, “Yes, she’s pretty, but everything inside is rotten.” And she gets sick quickly, her internal organs begin to fester.

This is the program embedded in the poppy seeds’ plug-in, the ideal remote murder weapon.

The implant wearer often has side effects in the form of dust-like deposits in the joints of the arms and legs, green, black and yellow mucus in the brain, or gray fog in the field of vision.

Implants Sensors Chips – 8. CLOUD

This energy device looks like a cloud, which can be cumulus or cirrus, of a shrilly yellow-green color. It is not visualized, and very difficult detectable.

The cloud is placed in the biofield (aura) of a person at different levels – etheric, astral or mental to influence the Soul. The implant is not attached to any part of the body, but constantly moves along it.


This plug-in turns a person into a monster, filled with aggression, cruelty, a sense of impunity and self-sufficiency.

An ideal living war instrument, that is not afraid of anything, can perform any actions, and in the most critical situation knows what to do.

The System was developing them for the New World Order, and about ten years ago began mass implantation of these chips. Their carriers can often be seen in hot spots and combat areas in different countries.

9. Flat Spiral

A snail-like spiral of green or black color, folded from the center counterclockwise, has a diameter of 1.5-2 cm and is able to move inside the body. It is usually embedded in the feet, inner palms, axillary and inguinal cavities, and between the fingers.

Flat Spiral

Flat Spiral’s Placement

When it implanted, a man does not feel it in any way. At the physical level, the spiral does not manifest itself, but actively affects the emotional and mental state of the victim.

It emits impulses of evil, the desire to harm another or others, any living creature on Earth, and at the same time, a person experiences joy and rush. The implant forces constantly invent new evil schemes and techniques, and until a person gets what he has planned, he cannot calm down, and feels bad. As a rule, these are not murderers, but sophisticated sadists.

10. Crystal

This is a pyramid-shaped tetrahedron with two vertices, absolutely transparent and invisible. It is implanted in the bio-field above the head at a distance of 10-12 cm.


Crystal's Placement

The device creates blocks, stereotypes and an inferiority complex in a person. He begins to think that nothing depends on him, everything has already been decided and is being done from above, and he is a small fry who can do nothing, but is obliged and must unquestioningly carry out any orders, instructions and commands.

11. Needle

The metal plug-in is similar to a needle without an eyelet and has a size of 4-5 cm. It is installed in front of the spine, without touching it, either along or across, and sometimes, in the stomach area, above the diaphragm.

This chip forms a consciousness of superiority over others, aggressive intransigence to someone else’s opinion or reputation, the belief that everyone around is wrong, absolutely ignorant, and only he knows better and is ready to argue with foaming mouth and suppress the will of any objector.


Needle's Placement

The System quickly promotes such a person up the career ladder and in power, allowing him to walk over corpses and turn others into obsequious and uncomplaining slaves.

Needles are also widely used in magical rites – the evil eye, spoilage, love spell and other influences. In these cases, they are installed all over the body, not just near the spine.

Many dictators and authoritarian leaders are implanted with this chip. But recently they have been introduced more widely, regardless of gender and age, but not before the age of 16. Although now this rule is often violated and even children are chipped.

12. Cube

This device is in the form of a cube, with faces from 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm, consists of a dense energy substance of ivory color, and is implanted in the neck or in the auricle.

It transmutes the information that a person gets through ears and eyes. He hears one thing, but sees reality in completely different way, a sort of a curved mirror. It provokes such side effects as deterioration of vision and hearing, nightmares, depression, unwillingness to live.


Cube's Placement

Often this chip is complemented by other Subtle implant in the form of glasses, or hats and helmets. On top of the latters is a beacon antenna to receive impulses. From the back of the base of the device, there are many wires that stretch along the spine and are connected to each vertebra. The helmet generates trogglehumpers, and blocks hearing and vision.

Such devices are usually put by Grays and special services. They choose victims mainly among people with a strong Soul, who came to the planet to help earthlings in Transition and carrying important information.

It is useless to remove such plug-ins, because new, more powerful ones are immediately put in their place. Therefore, Light Forces simply reprogram them so, that the controllers see only what they expect, and not what actually happened.

The same is done not only with cubic microphones in the ears, but also with plug-ins in the form of a inserts, mesh, needles with threads or lenses that are placed in the eye area.

13. Polyhedron

This implant has the shape of a polyhedron of silver or platinum color, with a diameter of 1-1.5 cm. It is installed in the area of the throat chakra, sometimes in the thyroid gland.


Polyhedron's Placement

The chip affects the oratorical and vocal abilities of a person, and through it to capture the attention and subdue huge audiences, zombify and simultaneously suck out enormous amounts of vital energy from them.

But strong vibrations of the device quickly wear out its carrier. His personality and perception are bifurcated, misanthropy, schizophrenia or depersonalization develop, in which a person feels as if his body, environment and mental activity have changed so much that they seem unreal, remote, almost mechanic.

Such plug-ins are not always malicious. If they emit blue, purple and gold colors’ radiation, it means that the chip acts for the benefit of the carrier, enhances its high vibrations, and broadcasts positive programs to large masses of people.

14. Clove Seed

This device is similar to a clove seed, has the same size and color, red or dark red. It is implanted into the lymphatic system.

When the chip is activated, information enters the organs of internal secretion through the lymph, which turns the victim into an idiot, a vegetable. In a milder version, it makes a person stupid, fixated only on himself and his appearance, blocking awakening.

Clove Seed

15. Hedgehog

This Subtle plug-in, light green in color, size from 1 cm to 4 cm, looks like a sea hedgehog. It is implanted in the human bio-field at a distance of 5-7 cm from the body.



Like a Cloud chip, it is constantly moving. When trying to spot the device, it immediately hides in another place.

The implant launches the basest programs and aspirations in a person. Their most frequent manifestation is sophisticated intrigue. A man begins to enjoy setting up psychological networks, inciting some against others, forcing victims to lose faith in themselves, and not see the meaning in life. This is part of the general policy of the 3D System of “divide and rule” at the lowest, everyday level.

16. Fluffy

Like a hedgehog, this Subtle chip is also rounded, spherical, but fluffy, like a soft toy, pink-pearl color. It also constantly migrates along the body.

Its radiation increases the attractiveness of a person, makes him/her attractive to others and at the same time turns into a vampire, which, like a pump, actively siphons out the Life Energy from admirers.


Fluffy's Placement

Chip carriers quickly lose or initially lack empathy for others, are extremely selfish and heartless. Like all vampires, they take great pleasure in the popularity, adoration and love of the audience, and in their personal life – the suffering of a person in love with them, the opportunity to torture and manipulate the victim.

There are a lot of such implanted ones in the film industry, show business, advertising, beauty contests, as well as in sports, mass media, the world of politics and social life. The 3D System not only milks them, but through them loads into the consciousness and subconscious of society zombie programs of behavior and worldview that maintain the status quo.

17. Ball Chain

This implant looks like a chain of strung balls of platinum color. It usually consists of 4-5 links. It is installed in the human bone tissue.

Ball Chain

Ball Chain

The purpose of the chip is to transmute DNA and blood, and through them, – the physical body of the person, qualitatively changing it in the parameters necessary for the 3D System. And always, it’s extremely negative for its victims and their consciousness.

18. Scaphandre

Such a Subtle construct is often put by Big Pharma and secret services. This kind of exo-skeleton consists of several parts.

A casque similar to a bicycle helmet is mounted on the head, and has a lot of sensors. It is attached to the nape by a kind of socket, resembling a similar one from the movie Matrix.

From the first outlet along the back there is a tube to the second smaller one, which is attached to the spine in the area of the projection of the throat, then, the tube to the spine, where a third outlet, a large one, is installed in the area of the heart center.


Then, the wires go down and exit at an angle through the aura (field structures) to the outside, where they are attached to a large Subtle plate with holes, which projects its own cocoon around the human aura. From the plate there are wires with suction cups to the medical egregore.

On the left arm from the place of implanting there are red tubes along the forearm and further: one through the neck to the head, the second – to the heart, and a thinner one below to the lower back approximately, a red controller box is fixed there. On the right hand, a mini catheter (a duplicate of the system) stuck out of the vein.

A small Portal is installed on the throat’s area. Through it, energy is simultaneously pumped out and black liquid or black smoke pumped into the bronchi and lungs, loading mental and behavioral programs, which are needed to the med egregore, special services and pharmaceutical giants.

19. Cage

This is a small multilevel Subtle structure that links to throat, respiratory tract, nose, center of the forehead (6th chakra), crown (7th chakra), and is attached to the back of the neck.

The cage rewires the entire immune, nervous, respiratory and bone systems, brain and DNA, changes consciousness, reactions and the mechanism of cells in the human body.

This device starts the processes and course of diseases. When a virus enters the man’s body, the immune system does not destroy or absorb foreign cells. They are strengthened, and healthy ones are blocked until decomposition and decay.


Such a module is usually installed in an inactive state. It automatically turns on when the Soul wakes up in a person, aware of his multidimensionality, when he/she is trying to connect with Higher Self. The energy radiated in so doing falls into the blocking center and the cage begins to work.

The victim loses the ability to be in a natural theta state, cannot meditate or pray for self-healing and recovery, perceive and understand the necessary information.

This is not a complete list of plug-ins that the 3D System uses. There are hundreds of them, of different designs and purposes. But their general feature set is the same – to bury earthlings alive forever in three-dimensionality, to suck out vital power as much as possible and make them obedient, as it has been for the last 13 thousand years.


All implants, are designed ONLY for 3D environments and ONLY for people with vibrations in this range. They do not work on other frequencies and are automatically destroyed.

All these devices operate in the range from 0.1 Hz to 7.8 Hz and are installed, as a rule, in those who emit the same low frequencies. Namely:

woe – from 0.1 to 2 Hz;

fear – from 0.2 to 2.2 Hz;

resentment – from 0.6 to 3.3 Hz;

rage-0.5 Hz;

perturbation – from 0.6 to 1.9 Hz;

pride – 0.8 Hz;

irritation – from 0.9 to 3.8 Hz;

irascibility-0.9 Hz;

anger-1.4 Hz;

disdain, contempt-1.5 Hz;

superiority-1.9 Hz;

megalomania – 3.1 Hz, and etc.

But after September 21, 2022, humanity has already entered the 4D, formed by 73%. Its volume and frequencies are rapidly increasing, and will soon reach a stable level of 100% and 100 Hz and higher. No implants can stand it; they will short out and burn.

From the Lowest Vibes To The Highest

And it is very important for us to emit the same vibrations ourselves, so that any chips of the parasitic 3D System are destroyed, to survive in the new energy space and continue our Transition to 5D, where our planet is already entered.

Today is the hardest time for waking up. The world’s cauldron is boiling, and germs and bacilli of evil are boiling out in it. The disease of the planet should fully manifest and worsen, the abscesses swell, break through, and the pus is removed.

Now, we are observing the bestial grin of this monster, which looks like the grimaces of a madman. Indeed, the 3D System reaches madness in its frenzy to hold on and survive at any cost, sacrificing 9/10 of humanity.

But no attempts and efforts to save 3D System and retain power will help.

The Game is OVER for all this madness.

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30 thg 11, 2022

Can you tell me whether the Toplet Bombs that Cobra refers to are one of these type of implants? Or is this something different? I must observe that for my own experience Ive experienced some of these symptoms throughout my life in the various "physical" stuff. Also, when it comes to our Alpha, Beta, Theta etc brain waves that allow us to meditate in various states of consciousness the freq ranges are of similar values from your list but Ive found that Binaural Beat freqs allow for a more balanced brain and even have positive effects manifesting as, better mental clarity, focus etc.

30 thg 11, 2022
Phản hồi lại

Dear stokesm5,

I really don't know what Cobra refers to Toplet Bombs.

I know we are not specialist in Physics science, but there is a difference between Resonance Frequency - as a Shuman Resonance or the frequencies I mentioned in my blog and... Alpha, Beta, Theta etc brain waves.

I found on Google:

Resonant frequency is the oscillation of a system at its natural or unforced resonance. Resonance occurs when a system is able to store and easily transfer energy between different storage modes, such as Kinetic energy or Potential energy as you would find with a simple pendulum.

Alpha, Beta, Theta etc brain waves have usually been described in terms of frequency bands: Gamma greater than 30(Hz) BETA (13-30Hz),…

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