If we are all multidimensional cosmic beings, then where is our Home world?

If we are all multidimensional cosmic beings, then where is our home world, for each of us and our Monads?

Оn a Subtle Plane, the Monad looks like a sphere from which many multicolored threads are spread out into space. Each thread is a ray of attention, a manifestation body, an incarnation in one of the countless worlds, dimensions and timelines.

Yes, we are multidimensional, but 3D man cannot accommodate our cosmic consciousness. Therefore, we, as a Monad, divide our consciousness into aspects of attention, and one of them is the experience here on the three-dimensional Earth.

Our “home world” is located where the attention of our Monad, in this case, our 3D personality is concentrated.

As consciousness develops, it forms gravitational centers into which attention is drawn according to its vibrations.

In other words, we live where we like, or we just decided to get some experience/complete the task of our Monad, one of the aspects of which we are. And every aspect, like every child, chooses a home and occupation to their liking.

As the manifestation bodies of our Monad, we exist simultaneously in all realities and times, although there is no time for the Monad at all. Each part of it can choose those realities to which it is more predisposed and attracted vibrationally.

For example, we can incarnate into a human on Earth or a dolphin on another planet. We constantly flow from one world to another in order to know ourselves, our limitations, expand our horizons and enrich our higher aspects with experience, the connection with which is muffled by the Earth’s mental gravity, so that we get a exclusively personal, maximally pure experience.

Monad, Taoist Version

Stopping in a particular world or dimension can mean stagnation, and sometimes degradation, so the flow of Monads in the Universe is a normal process.

There is no single place (Super or Local Universe, Galaxies, Stars, Planets) that can be labeled “home” in the human understanding. There are as many of them as we want. In lot of worlds and civilizations we have concentrated more attention and gained more experience than in others (and where we really liked it). But each embodied part is WE.

We exist simultaneously in billions of variants in worlds and Universes. More precisely, there are cells of our consciousness in them, our parallel selves, and rays of attention (manifestation bodies) of our multidimensional parents – Monads.

And we can move freely between realities when we gain enough experience and restore a conscious connection between them. Not as a person in a physical 3D body, but as a multidimensional entity.

In Billions Of Variants

The worlds that are closest to the current incarnation are often called home. And our homesickness is more a longing for energies – the womb, place, space, dimension, etc.

For example, there are many Siriusians, Orions, Pleiadians and representatives of other cosmic races on Earth now. Are Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, etc. their home, i.e. motherland, the point of beginning and end of travel in Time and space?

The question is extremely difficult for someone, and the answer may be dictated by purely human emotions: “I’m a Siriusian, I’m fed up here, I want to return home, someone, please, take me back.”

But once “home”, and indeed remembering its multidimensional nature (after leaving Earth or even before, depending on the case), such a consciousness comes to understand that Sirius is only one of the buffer zones through which the ray of attention of his Monad brought him/her here to Earth.

Brought Here To Earth