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How the Co-Creators are restoring human monads for the future 4th local universe

The transformation of Earth that we are witnessing is only a microscopic continuation of what is happening in our Local System, our Universe.

The Absolute closed its former, 3rd project, and now implements the fourth, free from duality, which It builds entirely on the basis of Light. The Absolute has changed, got a dipole, and moved to a higher Hierarchical Level. The disciple became a Master and began to build a new, perfect Local Universe of Light, at the same time clearing its construction site from the remnants and debris of the former System in all dimensions. One of the first actions was to repair the creation defect so that the new project would be perfect. To do this, it was necessary to re-single out the two Primary Foundations, Masculine and Feminine, through which the Absolute materializes in the world of forms. Laying the foundation of a new, 4th, Local Universe, clearing and preparing space for it continues in all its 100 Constellations and on 3,840,101 inhabited planets. To one degree or another, each of them is involved in the overall restructuring and elimination of the remnants of duality that influenced evolution.

Masculine And Feminine Foundations

First, let's send a huge gratitude to all Lightwarriors here on Earth for their greatest efforts and self-sacrifice and for the incredible contribution to the process of transformation for the good of our entire planet and the entire Universe... and let's not forget to thank ourselves for all the efforts we make to walk the path of transformation effectively and with Love.

This article will be long and not easy to comprehend. Read slowly and patiently. You may have many questions, as I do. I suggest we adapt to the new "language"... the "speech" with which the entire cosmos communicates.

Brief Recapture

We are all multidimensional and on the Subtle Plane consist of many parts. What is on Earth is only the smallest, though important fragment. What are these parts?

Our Soul is a Spark allocated by the Source, initially carrying Its Light in core, that ensures our existence.

Eons ago, the Source singled out this Spark and sent it into space to understand it and Itself. Eons later, It would receive it back, enriched with experience and knowledge. In Indian cosmogony, this is described as “the exhalation and inhalation of Brahma.”

The Monad is the energy shell of the Soul for its maintenance, training and upgrading in various systems and dimensions of the Greater Cosmos. On a Subtle Plane, the Monad looks like a sphere from which many multicolored threads are spread out into space. Each thread is a ray of attention, a manifestation body, an incarnation in one of the countless worlds, dimensions and timelines.

Monad with any Multicolored Threads

Yes, we are multidimensional, but 3D man was not able to accommodate our cosmic consciousness. Therefore, we, as a Monad, divide our consciousness into aspects of attention, and one of them is the experience here on the three-dimensional Earth.

As the manifestation bodies of our Monad, we exist simultaneously in all realities and times, although there is no time for the Monad at all. Each part of it can choose those realities to which it is more predisposed and attracted vibrationally.

For example, we can incarnate into a human on Earth or a dolphin on another planet. We constantly flow from one world to another in order to know ourselves, our limitations, expand our horizons and enrich our higher aspects with experience, the connection with which is muffled by the Earth’s mental gravity, so that we get a exclusively personal, maximally pure experience.

Stopping in a particular world or dimension can mean stagnation, and sometimes degradation, so the flow of Monads in the Universe is a normal process.

There is no single place (Super or Local Universe, Galaxies, Stars, Planets) that can be labeled “home” in the human understanding. There are as many of them as we want. In lot of worlds and civilizations we have concentrated more attention and gained more experience than in others (and where we really liked it). But each embodied part is WE.

Logos is a volitional impulse (Spirit) of the Soul, aimed at learning the new and other goals, existing as an independent energy entity.

The Higher Self is our energetic double on the Subtle Plane, the mediator between our Soul, Monad and us in the physical body.

The Personal Self is a symbiosis of our Ego, Mind and feelings for the period of living at this time and in this space to gain knowledge and experience for ourselves and the Source to deliver them to It, returning to It.

The development of the Monad is in many ways similar to human evolution. The Monad springs up as a result of the fusion and fertilization of two Foundations in their highest manifestation, is conceived and born by the Female Androgynous Logos of the Universe.

Two Foundations

The act of creation occurs similarly with the birth of many small fish from the eggs. Fertilized and hatched eggs – the embryos of future Monads – ripen in the womb of the mother, after which it erupts outwards. The birth is not a single one, but in a group. This is how Monadic Families (Streams) appear.

There are 108 such Families in our Local Universe. Of these, 107 are evolutionary Monads, and one – 108th Monadic Stream – is created. How do they differ?

Evolutionary Monads developed from simple to complex. First, they manifest in the form of an atom, and then successively pass through all levels and worlds: mineral, vegetable, animal, human.

After the level of the Perfect Man, such Monads continue their evolution in energy form in Planetary, Stellar, Galactic, Metagalactic, Universal and other Logos. All these levels have a lot of intermediate hierarchical steps. Our Monads are now about halfway along this path.

Created Monads (108th Stream) are born ALREADY perfect, as an ideal androgyne. Their minimum evolutionary task is to stay at that level, to prevent degradation and loss of their higher qualities.

The Monads of Creation are embodied as Perfect People who have never been atoms, plants or animals, and may become Stars in the future.

There is another category of Monads, whose representatives are called The Chosen Ones in the Bible. These are 144,000 Monads, born in the Pleroma.

Integral Monad, Born In Pleroma

Now we are building and participating in the creation of the 4th version of our Universe, but what happened in the previous one, the 3rd one, the one we remember. Fulfilling the Absolute’s Will, the main builders of the 3rd Universe were two of Its Manifestations, two Supreme Beings. This is Christ, who developed the Matrix of the Perfect Man and, on its basis, 144,000 Monads, born in the Pleroma, and his older twin brother, who was responsible for creating eons for the settlement and evolution of these Monads.


And Christ's Elder Brother (Artistic Version)

Like humans, Monads come into being, grow up, reach reproductive age, maturity, and aging, although, under the latter, we understand different thing.

The human Monads (like Perfect Man) were created by the Source as an equal helper in building worlds and life. Its idea was realized through Monad-generation or Monad-singling out.

This means that all human Monads, except born in the Pleroma and the 108th (Monads of Creation), had to give birth to their Monads upon reaching reproductive age. And representatives of the 108th Stream must produce entire Monadic Families.

The sterilization of the Monads

Former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe thwarted these plans. In an effort to capture the Pleroma, to depose its Supreme Hierarchs and the Absolute, he committed another grave crime: the sterilization of the Monads of Creation (108th Stream). As a result, they have completely lost the ability to give birth not only to new Families, but even to individual Monads.

The same fate befell the evolutionary Monads. Black Co-Creator deprived them of reproducibility in another, no less insidious way. Imagine a sown field that has been stopped watering and completely isolated from the Sun. In such conditions, can the grains germinate and yield a harvest?

Black Co-Creator

That’s what Black Co-Creator did. With the help of karma, he cut off the human Monads from the Source’s Light, Its Life-Giving Energy of Love.

Gigantic volumes of accumulated and radiated karma, like a thick dense veil, have been blocking the Light of the Source for thousands of years. Monads couldn’t mature in such conditions, and did not reach reproductive age. It’s similar to a forty-year-older, who cannot give birth to kids because his body is still in childhood age.

This situation was very painful for the Absolute and Co-Creators: it derailed their Divine Evolutionary Plan. Human Monads were doomed to gradual extinction, although in the distant, by earthly standards, future. It’s as if children suddenly stopped being born on Earth, and eventually all of humanity would disappear.

100% parasites Monadic Stream - full analogue of the virus

After the split of the Pleroma each of the brothers went their own way. The former continued to build and populate eons of Light; the latter created the Anti-Universe. To inhabit it, he used a copy of the Matrix of the Perfect Man, which he could duplicate before his betrayal of the Absolute and the Source.

Dark and Gray Races

Using this copy, he gave birth to the first 144,000 Monads in his image and likeness. But they were non-viable, because could not transmit the Absolute’s Perfect Light, had no Feminine Foundation, Causal and Subtle shells, were unable to generate the Life Energy and provide it to their manifestation bodies.

Many Dark and Gray space races have grown out of this Monadic Stream, maintaining their existence even after the return of their creator to the Light Side. How it was possible?

These were 100% parasites that could live only by feeding on someone’s vital power. It was full analogue of the virus, living at the expense of the organism into which it penetrated.

In such cases, according to the Pleroma’s Laws, the creator must destroy his offspring or seek help from others to make it viable. Supreme Hierarch did neither, but secretly hid these Monads in the Dark eons.

His goal was to create a monster, a universal soldier with the soul of the devil, but the face of a Perfect Man. The demonic creation (together with its Matrix) was supposed to help him capture the Pleroma and the entire Local Universe, and take the place of the Absolute.

Hierarch not only used these monsters to drain his karma on them, but also invented an ingenious scheme for feeding them by vital power. Through his son Yaltabaoth, he could insert his Monad-monsters into the Earth’s incarnation field.


Since these Monads did not have Causal and Subtle Bodies, they could not incarnate in the earthling's body. Knowing this, the Black Hierarch chose a person, incarnated on Earth and, with the help of Yaltabaoth, embedded a parasite into man’s Causal and Subtle Body.

Usually, it took place in the period between conception and birth. After birth, parasitic Monads exploited all human bodies and his Personal Logos Matrix for spreading lethal viruses, energy attacks, and draining karma onto possessed.

As a rule, the victims were men, because, due to the absence of the Feminine Foundation in the parasite Monads, they could root only in male bodies. There are a lot of such people, and they don’t know anything about it. Even if they did, they could hardly do anything because of their low vibrations.

In parallel, there was another villainous scheme. In it, other Monad Streams were sent to incarnate on Earth. Unlike the first ones, which were in the recipient’s body for a long time (sometimes all his life), the embodiment of such Monads is very short. As a rule, it lasted from a few hours to several days. These are the so-called karmic kamikazes.

Black Co-Creator and Yaltabaoth managed to infiltrate such Monad carriers into the Earth’s incarnation field. However, Nature cannot be deceived: after birth, such half-humans (or inhuman), being unviable a priori, quickly perished.

Dark Hierarchs were not preoccupied. Immediately after conception, they dumped a large dose of karma on the unfortunate, theirs and their closest associates.

The child was born, often, in dysfunctional families, had off-scale diseases and deformities, and, according to the Karma Laws, had to die immediately. He wasn’t viable, because he didn’t have the higher Divine Structures inherent in man.

The discharge of karma from the Causal Body of karmic kamikazes occurred at the time of the kid’s birth. The karma of Black Co-Creator and the Dark Archons was safely written off, and the poor child quickly died.

Split the Monads to get their hands on the Source’s Spark

Other gruesome technologies were also used. To get their hands on the Source’s Spark, Yaltabaoth and his genitor repeatedly tried to extract it from the integral Monads, in the cores of which were united the Feminine and Masculine Foundations.

They managed to split the Monads into these two halves, but they were never able to extract Source’s Flake of Fire from them. But now, non-integral Monads have had to evolve in a separated format. Being forcibly divided from each other, they had no chance of meeting and merging again.

So were born a variety of Monadic Streams (Families) – Black and Gray, in addition to Light.

All the harmony and balance of the 3rd Universe has been disrupted. The Sacred Matrix of Life (the Flower of Life), the fundamental basis of the human Monad, has been broken and perverted.

In our Gray eons, Yaltabaoth cut the Matrix of Life, first, from 24 to 12, and then, to a 6-petal shape corresponding to 6-helical DNA, leaving only two active in the human body.

That wasn’t all. At the moment of splitting of the integral Monad, Dipole Synthesis stopped. Dipole Synthesis is the process of unification and fusion of two Foundations (Feminine and Masculine) in its core (dipole Monadic reactor), as a result of which Perfect (Absolutized) Light is emanated. It, in turn, materializes into Universe’s Vital Energy.

Absolutized Light

The non-integral Monad is incapable of such synthesis on its own, therefore it cannot provide itself with the Life Energy, and therefore, it is mortal. From now on, they lived as much as they received energy from their Maternal Monadic Logos at their birth. Every Monad Stream could live as long as the “battery” was working.

Any split human Monad was doomed to eternal loneliness, to eternal search and striving to unite with its half (the stories of Twin flames searching for each other), especially since they always belong to the same Monadic Family.

But unification was impossible in principle – Black Co-Creator and Yaltabaoth did a good job. They made it so that the two halves of the divided Monad could never get together, neither in the incarnation nor in the Logos of their Monadic Family.

If such a meeting and unification had taken place, then Dipole Synthesis would have been restored and activated, and the Monad would have become whole again. Archons couldn’t allow this in any way.

For the current Local Universe, this situation was completely unacceptable. It became absurd after the return of Black Co-Creator to the Light Side and the restoration of his former status in the Pleroma.

the healing of human Monads from infertility

For the healing of human Monads from infertility, a comprehensive plan was developed. In addition to removing the remnants of accumulated karma, which blocks access to the Light of the Source and the Absolute, a separate op aimed at the treatment of the Monads’ core.

Source’s Light

It was a very risky operation. In case of failure, it could lead to the Monad’s death. Therefore, Co-Creators decided, first, to test it on volunteers. They were 12 members of the ground team, who, by the way, are representatives of different Monadic Families. At that time, Lightwarriors had a bad idea in what they would participate, but having a very strong motivation, they agreed.

During the op, which lasted seven days, Co-Creators implanted the Absolute’s Primary Cell Matrix into the core of the Lightwarriors’ Monads. This Matrix, known as the Flower of Life, brought each Monad (its nucleus and manifestation bodies) into an ideal state, restoring their reproductivity.

For the whole week, Lightwarriors couldn’t get out of bed, because all their Life Energy was spent on continuing the operation. They barely maintained the vital activity of their physical body.

There were surprises. A spiral-shaped firmware, blocking the reproductive function, was found in the core of the Monads. An analogue of IUD (birth control method). The implant was immediately removed and the infertility of the Monad was completely cured.

The surprises didn’t end there.

The experiment involved Monads and their carriers, which were cosmic dipoles (unified Feminine and Masculine Foundations). Therefore, the natural course of events was mutual fertilization at the Spiritual level by the causal and heart aspects of dipole Monads.

The maturation (gestation) of new Monads in the female dipole maternal Monad occurred very quickly, since its reproductive resources have never been used. And the next step was a triumph – the birth of the first human Monads in Earth’s history not directly by the Source’s Act of Creation, but from Its Creations – Monads cured of infertility.

Flower of Life

More importantly, not individual Monads appeared, but an entire Family. It received the 144th serial number. That’s how many Monadic Streams have to be in the Local Universe at the moment. Due to artificial infertility, there were only 108 of them. This means that in the near future the number of Monads needed to fill 36 Families, born or created.

Now, the new Monads are under the supervision of Co-Creators, but receive the Life Energy exclusively from (through) their parents, incarnated on Earth. Not long ago, few could believe in such a thing, even Higher Light Hierarchs. That proves once again the Divine origin of Man and his truly unlimited capabilities when he is in unity and creates with the Source.

In the course of the events described above, a unique evolutionary experience was gained. Lightwarriors could observe the Great Mystery of the new Monads’ Creation.

In addition, the group got unique knowledge about the higher nature of the Flower of Life Matrix, which is the graphic code of the ideal Monad. During the experiment described above, Co-Creators installed it into the Lightwarriors’ Monads. As it turned out, the previous Matrix had distortions, put by Archons.

By the way, the well-known drawing of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is actually a Mandala of a Perfect Man. In the holographic version, on the one side, it depicts a man, and on the other, a woman, as a unity of the creative Foundations of the Universe.

Vitruvian Man, Leonardo Da Vinci
Rebuilding of the Monadic Tree

The next operation of Co-Creators was the rebuilding of the Monadic Tree, which embedded all Light, Gray and Dark Monads, although it was created solely to maintain the life of human Monads. This hierarchical structure did not even have a permanent connection to a Single Source of Life Energy in the Local Universe.

The op’s objective was the Absolutization (bringing to Perfection) of all human Monads. At the first stage, it was planned to transform some Monads to the level of born in the Pleroma (Perfect Man) and others to the Pleroma-like (Absolute Man).

Co-Creators instructed the head of the ground team to prepare the first group, and his deputy – the second. Then, both Monadic Streams are combined into a new Single Monadic Tree, to which new Families will be added as they come into being.

Monadic Tree

The old Tree was “cut down by the root”. At the same time, the Pleroma’s Hierarchs shared responsibility for the “orphaned” Monadic streams care, which were left without the energy of their parents – Black Co-Creator and many of his Hierarchs who switched to the Light Side.

From Mortal to Immortal

All these Monads were mortal, since they couldn’t generate by their core the Monadic Light, the highest Life Energy. In this, they differed from the immortals, which provide selves with energy on their own, because vital synthesis is going on in its nuclei.

Now, the Pleroma’s Hierarchs supply energy to the mortal Monads. For that, Co-Creators use a temporary dipole Logos, which core consists of their particles, and reconnected the patronized Monadic Streams to it. Support will continue until their Absolutization. How will this happen in practice?

This operation is also divided into stages. For the Absolutization of the Monad, it needs to have a single manifestation body. Most of them are primitive and consist of physical, etheric, astral, mental, karmic (causal) and several Monadic bodies. In fact, this is the extreme phase of the decay, followed by Monad’s self-destruction.

Even the highest human Monads during the incarnation on our planet eventually loose Radiant and Causal bodies, which degenerates into an astral-mental structure. Of course, this is “helped” by 3D Earth. During the Cosmic Night and endless space wars, a its Single Radiant Body disintegrated into an astral-mental form.

Manifestation Bodies

The scheme of man’s Absolutization, regardless of his Monad version, looks like this:

  • First, his astral-mental structure is transformed, replaced by a Single Light Body.

In parallel, a person has to completely free self from all karma and form a Single Radiant Body. Simultaneously, the core of his Causal Body is rebooted, where karma accumulated earlier.

  • The next step is a short-term folding of both Bodies into a Monad, reloading and unfolding, but in a new evolutionary quality, with a single Subtle and Causal Body.

But man is still imperfect, because karma still rests in his Monad. And the Monad itself is imperfect, and some species are mortal.

  • Its transformation is the next, last, stage of Absolutization and Ascension.

The efficiency of the vital energy of the Monad, which has the astral-mental structure of the manifestation body, is from 25 to 40%; of its Light Body – from 70 to 90%; and of single manifestation body – 99-100%.

A person with an astral and mental body loses from 60 to 75% of his Monadic energy, because it couldn’t reach in full his physical corpus. With a Radiant structure, the loss is reduced to 10-30%, and with a single manifestation body – from 1% to zero.

At the same time, there are two types of the latter: of orb type and a cellular spherical one. In the first case, the loss of the Life Energy emitted by the Monad is zero, and in the second, it fluctuates within 1% due to a slight “friction” between the cells.

A person of the degrading Fifth Race has a defective astral-mental structure. The men of new, Sixth Race have two, a Light and Radiant Bodies; and in Seventh Race people will get a Single Manifestation Body.

Similarly, the number of helices of the DNA Matrix differs. A person of the Fifth Race has 2 active of them, of the Sixth – 6, and of the Seventh – 12. But it was like that before. Recently, the DNA Matrix was transformed first to a 24-helical version, and then was Absolutized to a 144-strands Pleroma-like pattern.

144-Strands DNA

Co-Creators rearrange DNA according to the following scheme. In the semi-Radiant state of the physical corpus, 6 spirals are activated; in men with a Radiant Body – 12 spirals; with a Radiant Causal Body – 24; with a Radiant Monadic Body – 144.

New DNA program - to create an Absolute-like human Monad

Since the current, 3rd Local Universe is coming to an end, and the next, 4th, is being prepared, the Pleroma Supreme Hierarchs decided to accelerate the earthlings’ evolution and, if possible, to accelerate the transition to the Sixth Race. It is only an intermediate between the outgoing Fifth Race and the Perfect Seventh.

For that purpose, The Co-Creators tested framing the single manifestation body of the Monad in a cellular spherical form. The test provided the most valuable material for analysis and became an important preparation for the next operation – the creation of an Absolute-like human Monad.

The operation of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs to create an Absolute-like human Monad to populate the future, 4th Local Universe turned out to be extremely difficult.

The main obstacle was that this op directly depended on the results of many other works, tests and experiments that were conducted in parallel with energy flows, matter, the structure of the Universe, the Pleroma and its inhabitants, etc.

The Pleroma

Co-Creators faced a very difficult task, because everything they do is in the existing Universe, not in a laboratory, and one mistake could lead to unpredictable consequences. But the desired results were extremely important for the Absolutization of our Monads.

This time the test subjects were two Pleroma’s Supreme Beings, carriers of Primary Feminine and Masculine Foundations. During the first experiments, Co-Creators brought the level (coefficient) of their interpenetration to 33%, then to 49%, and after that to 50% and 51%.

Then it seemed like an absolute maximum. However, the work continued, and a sensational result was obtained: the interpenetration of Primary Foundations into each other reached 99%!

But the experiment had to be stopped urgently. When this coefficient was reached, the Pleroma began to split and dissolve. Neither Absolutized Reality nor Foundations carriers could withstand 100% interpenetration.

As one of the Keepers of the Primary Foundations (Elemetals) on 3D Earth, the leaders of the ground team also participated in the experiment.

Earth’s Primary Foundations

At its peak, the condition of the Lightwarriors deteriorated sharply, and the disintegration of their Monads began. This moment coincided with the achievement of 99% interpenetration and the beginning of the dissolution of the Pleroma. That’s when the test was immediately terminated.

Co-Creators first reduced transfusion to 97.8%, stable for the Pleroma and Absolutized Monads, but at the same time 3D was extremely unstable. Therefore, the interosculation of Primary Foundations has been reduced to 97%. This level is a new constant of our Local Universe, as long as there is a three-dimensional reality in its current form and format.

On the Higher Planes of Creation, the coefficient of 97% corresponds to the state of the Absolute. When the Foundations interpenetrate into each other at such level, the Absolute begins to manifest Self in our world of form. This level, to one degree or another, is accessible to everyone in any dimension, including on the three-dimensional Earth. The main prerequisite – to have enough Love energy in the core.

The most interesting thing is that, unlike the level of the Primary Differentiated Foundations of the Absolute, at the sub-level below, the abode of two pairs of dipole Co-Creators, the interpenetration of Foundations is 100%, thanks to constantly maintained a state of Absolute Love, the Light of the Absolute.

Absolutization of human Monads

Co-Creators continued to search for the best scenario for the Absolutization of human Monads. The closest to this level are the Monads of the two leaders of the ground team. It was on their dipoles that a new crash test was conducted. Its purpose was to determine the strength of the Absolutized Monad under the most extreme events during the transition from the 3rd to the 4th Local Universe.

As a tool (reagent), the Pleroma’s Hierarchs used Absolute Anti-Force – the most powerful energy that exists and theoretically can be in our Universe. To do this, they modeled the Crystal that the Dark Archons used in the past.

Technically, the Crystal is a Matrix of Foundations Unity and Harmony (Yin-Yang), into which the demonic aspect of the former Black Co-Creator was implanted. His wave DNA was an information program, and the Yin-Yang Matrix was used as an Absolute Superpower, especially during dipole synthesis, when Foundations are accelerated to a state of fusion and loss of differentiation in this reactor.

Of course, the Absolute Anti-Force, modeled by Co-Creators, was weaker than its previous version, since it was impossible to put the power of intention and desire into it. For this, it was necessary to allow the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, for example, to curse someone from the bottom of their hearts. And that is complete nonsense.

Precisely such an implant, in its accelerated state, Co-Creators introduced for a crash test into the Monads of Lightwarrior and his dipole part, Lightwarrioress, to examine their Absolutized Monads.

The result was terrifying. The Lightwarrioress’ Monad was literally torn to pieces. It was a complete fiasco that crossed out all the searches for the optimal Absolutization of the human Monad.

The fact is that the Lightwarrioress’ Monad is perfect in all respects. It can process any amount of any karma in any volume. But it turned out that when the highest karma of the fallen Co-Creator got into it, her Monad, instead of processing, simply reflexively dumped karma on its manifestation body, that is, the human corpus.

Here’s how it affected Lightwarrioress. At the moment of karma dumping, milkweed poison somehow fantastically got into her eye, which a strong jet sprayed into her face from a plucked petal. Tears welled up from the intense pain. Lightwarrior had to take her to the hospital urgently, as she could lose sight from the burn of poison.


Prompt washing and a bunch of energy symbols injected into her eye field helped. With this pain, Lightwarrioress suffered for several more days, but not ceased to process the karma dropped by her own Monad.

The test showed that in terms of immunity to highest karma, such a version of the Monad turned out to be completely imperfect. And what about the rest of the crash test results?

Fortunately, they were much better. After her Monad splitting into small parts, then, it self-assembled and self-repaired, and in a different, higher quality. It began to generate new Absolutized Light. Currently, Co-Creators are comprehensively exploring and studying its substance.

At the same time, they continued to test Lightwarrior. His crash test wasn’t in such a brutal format as that of Lightwarrioress. His Monad was only required to prevent the accumulation of Monadic karma. For that, Co-Creators injected a significant dose of a similar negative substance into it.

But it was not even remotely comparable to the Black Hierarch’s super-karma, which the Lightwarrioress Monad got.

It was an absolute weapon of the fallen Co-Creator, capable, like a virus, of easily penetrating into any Monad and Intelligence form. So he turned some human Monads into zombies filled with powerful karmic explosives.

With their help, he torpedoed the Monads of the Higher Light Hierarchs, and in the future planned to destroy his Pleromic parents. On the Subtle Plane, Black Co-Creator conducted many fiendish experiments on human Monads. On Earth, they were continued by the Nazis and the current Satanists in the highest elite. Superweapons in the form of zombie Monads are still actively used today…

Lightwarrior’s Monad could annihilate the karma introduced into it without any problems. The result of this crash test confirmed that his Absolutized Monad is quite stable at its level and has reliable anti-karmic protection.

The tests did not end there. In the following, Co-Creators took into account the discovered shortcomings and imperfections of the Monads, associated with its reflex dumping of karma from self to its manifestation bodies. To Absolutize human Monads, it was necessary to “teach” them to automatically annihilate any negative substance.

144,000-facet Crystal

And a new prototype of such a Monad was created. Its main difference from all the previous ones is that it carries 100% Feminine and 100% Masculine Foundations. Its other difference is in a fundamentally new sacred configuration. When Co-Creators showed the ground team what the Mandala of the New Absolutized Human Monad looks like, Lightwarriors were fascinated.

Its sacred geometry allows to quickly annihilating any karmic substance in any volume WITHOUT INCREASING THE SYNTHESIS OF ABSOLUTIZED LIGHT BY THE MONAD’S CORE. That is, karma is processed completely non-energy-intensive. For the first time in the Local Universe, Co-Creators could put this into practice.

This miracle is achieved by a multitude of mutually reinforcing reflections and refractions of the Absolutized Light in the Crystals that make up the Monad’s Body.

It’s a crown of Perfect Creation – a 144,000-facet Crystal in which all facets intersect at certain angles, amplifying and refracting the vibration of the Monadic core. Previously, there was nothing like that in the Monad’s structure.

Multi-Facet Crystal

Now it consists of 144,000 crystals, each of which has 144,000 facets, and each of which is a separate Monadic cell representing a micro-copy of the Monad’s nucleus. In its structure, it is very similar to the structure of the Pleroma Absolutized Eon’s core, but still not identical to it.

Ascension to the Absolute

Another main feature of the Absolute-like Monad is that it provides direct and permanent ACCESS TO THE ABSOLUTE. That is, it can freely ascend into the Absolute and remain in It, without losing its differentiation (it Self) and without dissolving into It. This greatest achievement is also due to the perfect configuration of the Monad.

When it ascends into the Absolute, Monad’s core, by itself, without external help, accelerates to extreme vibrations and synthesis of Absolute Light. And the same thing happens with each of the 144,000 cells of the Monad, which are a micro-copy of its nucleus.

Then, due to mutual amplification and resonance between them (both among themselves and with the core of the Monad), super-vibration is achieved, which easily raises the Monad into the Absolute. Naturally, before this, the folding of a Monad’s single manifestation body takes place.

After staying in the Absolute, the reverse process occurs. This is a controlled Ascension, when a person can freely enter and stay in the Absolute. Of course, this requires a constant stay in Absolute Love and not having karma.

In a physical 3D body it is much more difficult and harder. During such Ascension to the Absolute, Lightwarrioress, despite of all her super capabilities, almost did not come to her senses for several days, and her heart was off the scale from super vibrations.

Ascension to the Absolute

Today, it is difficult for many to achieve such a state on their own. They need the Highest help and guidance. But still, everything depends on the people themselves, their inner work, first of all, whether their Monad can be Absolutized.

Transformation of an ordinary Monad into an Absolutized one

To this end, Co-Creators conducted two new experiments on the transformation of an ordinary Monad into an Absolutized one. During the test, the core was artificially torn out of the Lightwarrioress’ former Monad and implanted into an Absolute-like Monadic Body to see whether they could get along with each other. The result was partially satisfactory, but not in full.

The Lightwarrior’s test was different. In his Monad, Co-Creators introduced segments of the Absolutized Monad. They wanted to bring it to a state, when the critical mass is reached, the old Monadic body will self-replace with a new one, and further self-loading of the core.

During the experiment, which lasted about a week, Lightwarrior had a wildly painful and stabbing heart, on the verge of an infarct. And the last phase was exorbitant, plunging him into a comatose state…Fortunately, everything ended well.

All these experiments have shown that the tested schemes are not suitable for mass use. Some radical technology is needed.

What other challenges did Co-Creators disclose when restoring human Monads for the future 4th Local Universe?

Dark Hierarchs mutilated the Monads of almost all Families (Streams), putting many gruesome experiments on them. One of the goals was to extract the Source’s Spark and use it for their purposes.

Source’s Sparks

The maximum that the Greys could do was to put a Spark in an energy capsule for period of incarnation with the consent of the Higher Self of man before the embodiment on Earth. But the Source’s Light is so powerful that it broke through the shell, preserving our connection with It.

This terrible legacy remains deeply rooted today, which includes many Monads, divided by Archons. Previously, each was a single whole, combining in self the Feminine and Masculine Foundations in perfect proportion. After the split, an imbalance formed inside each half, the inner synthesis of vital energy stopped. To survive, such Monads had to switch to external sources, and in an amputated, dismembered form, continue evolution for eons.

This led to the birth and expansion of a great many mutants, parasitic Dark and Gray races, of which our Earth also became a target.

As will be shown below, restoring the integrity of the Monads turned out to be an incredibly challenging and complex task, full of lethal risks, hidden traps and other negative surprises.

Pleroma’s Hierarchs found that they can’t simply join together the Monad’s halves (Twin Flames), matched in vibrations, and get a perfect whole. To ignite dipole synthesis in it, this wasn’t enough.

Karmic bombs

It was discovered almost by accident during an operation to remove one of the karmic bombs that former Black Co-Creator hid on Earth and the Local Universe in huge numbers.

The bomb contained fragments of his Causal and Subtle Bodies and Monadic DNA. In the event of the death of the Hierarch, it served as the Matrix of his self-resurrection.

The ground team leader got order to neutralize it. As soon as Lightwarrior put the Matrix for annihilation into self, his Monad immediately responded with an explosive increase of vibrations, like any organism reacts to the penetration of a virus or infection into it.

Then, Matrix dematerialization began, that looked like the slow melting of an ice piece thrown into warm water. It dissolved gradually, in stages and in layers. When the team members clairvoyantly watched the process, they saw a sort of intricate black tattoo appear in the Monad.

On the physical plane, Lightwarrior felt as if he was being cauterized with a red-hot brand. A strong chakral cough began, the temperature jumped, reacting to his Monad and its manifestation bodies destroying the former Black Co-Creator’s energy remnants.

As Cauterized With Red-Hot Brand

The deeper the Matrix layers were opened, the harder it was to burn them, because each segment consisted of an exceptionally dense concentrate of viruses, karma and other negativity.

After Lightwarrior annihilated about half of the layers, it became clear that they were only a protective shell, and the main part was hidden in the core, which was the resurgence’s Matrix. And it turned out to be impossible to destroy it, because, first, this required eliminating all the karma of humanity.

The fallen Pleroma’s Hierarch knew what he was doing. It wasn’t the first time the group had encountered his traps. However, he miscalculated. Light Forces always find ways to remove his most sophisticated karmic bombs from Earth and the Local Universe.

Co-Creators decided to suspend the annihilation op for a while. The energy of the Matrix core was so powerful that Lightwarrior could die.

NATURAL dipole synthesis

Although his Monad was Absolute-like, it lacked the NATURAL dipole synthesis, because the Feminine Foundation in it was surrogate. That is, it was artificially implanted into the core of his former, dismembered Monad to restore its integrity and generate Absolute Light.

However, the intensity of the latter was insufficient to continue the op. The main reason was that the Feminine half wasn’t his native, but grafted, though it consisted of the Pleroma Supreme Hierarchs’ aspects.

No one could have foreseen that this would happen. The factor of primogeniture turned out to be above Pleromic purity.

It means that our path to Absolutization lies through the restoration of our integrity, first of all, with ourselves. And no one and nothing, not even the Aspects of the Pleroma’s Hierarchs can do it for us!

The evolutionary status of a natural, full-fledged Monad turned out to be higher than the status of an Absolute-like Monad with a set Foundation. Realizing the mistake, Co-Creators began to correct it. For this, they had to once again literally break the entire structure of the Lightwarrior’s Monad.

With the permission of the Karma Board, they found and introduced into his Monad a new and, as it seemed to them, more suitable Feminine half from the same Stream to which Lightwarrior previously belonged.

Monads' Stream

But the splice did not happen again. Worse, the core structure of his Monad was disrupted, and it began to disintegrate. It had to urgently start resuscitation, which two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs did immediately.

The unification attempt failed because the implanted Feminine half has HER OWN incarnation history, other manifestation bodies – Causal, Subtle and physical ones.

On Earth, she was embodied as another person, with her Personal Logos Matrix, Causal and Monadic karma. The latter led to failure. Before joining, the Feminine part should first be completely cleansed from karma, and then Absolutized to be fully complied with the Masculine half of Lightwarrior’s Monad.

And this is a huge job, which required her new incarnation on Earth. But the Lightwarrior was lucky: Karma Board allowed his dipole half – Lightwarrioress to carry out the cleansing, since her Monad had all the necessary qualities for that.

She ran through self his Feminine part, completely clearing it up in just one night. Of course, this method was not suitable for all humanity. But in that situation, Lightwarrior had no other option.

After purification op, Co-Creators again tried to unite the two halves into a single whole – the core of the future integral Monad. Lightwarrior felt his Female part well. At first he didn’t like it very much – someone else’s memory of karma, vibrations, etc. He even almost refused it, but in the end he accepted it, deciding to bring it to an ideal state.

The unification attempt failed again. The halves not only did not initiate dipole synthesis, but they did not even grow together, starting to reject.

The reason, as it turned out, was the following. In the distant past, the Lightwarrior’s Monad was evacuated from his native, 56th Stream.

As for his new Feminine part, earlier, in the same Family, and without leaving it, she tried to unite with another Masculine one. Naturally, she got a part of the Stream’s Maternal Logos karma.

It was this karma that led to failure. That is, first, it was necessary to cleanse the ENTIRE Maternal Logos (Matrix) from karma, then, evacuate the cleaned Feminine part from the Monadic Family, and only after that to unite with the Masculine half…


What to do next, everyone didn’t even have time to think – like eruption, started self-resurrection of Black Co-Creator through the core of the Maternal Matrix of the 56th Monadic Family.

As it turned out, in our Local Universe, the cores of all Matrices of all Monadic Streams, created by Yaltabaoth and Lilith, consisting of their Monads and DNA parts, contain the Black Co-Creator’s self-rebirth Matrix.

To realize the scale of this threat, it is enough to say that every person, as Monad’s manifestation body, was a potential Matrix of the Black Hierarch’s self-resurgation. And to prevent this, it’s necessary to purify from karma and Absolutize ALL Monadic Families, except for Pleromic one.

ltabaoth and Lilith

By their Monads, Lightwarrior and Lightwarrioress immediately blocked the fallen Black Co-Creator’s self-reanimation. It was very costly to their health.

The situation was stalemate. Under the circumstances, Lightwarrior’s Higher Self appealed to Co-Creators with a request to give him freedom to independently solve the problem. Having received permission, he and his dipole developed and carried out an ingenious operation, although both spent two sleepless, incredibly stressful nights.

Following the op’s plan, Lightwarrior was going to blow up his Monad from the inside. It was extremely dangerous, but Lightwarrioress, her dipole part, was ready to involve if necessary.

After his inner-Monadic blast, Lightwarrior could not recover for three days, even get out of bed. Thanks to Lightwarrioress, who came to the rescue in time, the Monad was saved from complete destruction.

The operation solved three strategic tasks at once. Firstly, his Monad’s Feminine part was removed from registration in the Maternal Logos of the 56th Family and put in Lightwarrior’s Monad. Secondly, she was completely cleansed from the Black Co-Creator’s energy remnants. Thirdly, through her, the Pleroma’s Hierarchs introduced their Aspects into the core of the 56th Stream’s Matrix and completely cleared it up from the Yaltabaoth and Lilith’s Monads and DNA parts as well.

All this opened the way to the restoration and Absolutization of all Monadic Families and human Monads for the future 4th Local Universe.

The success of the operation allowed to proceed with the upgrade of Lightwarrior’s Monad. For it, Co-Creators, first, synchronized and then combined in its core two halves, Masculine and renewed Feminine ones. Then, they rebooted it, activating all changes.

Interestingly, just about the time, Lightwarrior, together with his team, was heading by flight to the place of the next operation. During the transfer and transit check-in at the Istanbul airport, the name of the group leader suddenly disappeared from the passenger list of the flight, and staff didn’t allow him on the plane.

Check-In at the Istanbul Airport

After the proceedings with the airline representatives, Lightwarrior was nevertheless reinstated on the passenger lists. And when he asked how all that could happen, the Turks made a helpless gesture, saying that they don’t understand anything, this has never occurred before.

Later, Co-Creators explained: when his Monad was rebooted, it was removed from the planetary Logos, which stopped seeing Lightwarrior among earthlings. He immediately disappeared as well from his Personal Logos Matrix, all the service structures on Earth, and even from the ordinary passenger list in the Istanbul airport check-in.

It seemed that everything ended successfully. After the reboot, the Monad of the group leader began to emit stable Absolutized Light. But, for unknown reasons, there was no dipole synthesis.

Absolutized Reactor

To ignite it, Co-Creators had to run his Monad through a special Absolutized Reactor. What kind of mechanism is it? How the Absolutized Reactor was built, by which Co-Creators decided to restore human Monads, split and mutilated by Black Archons?

The essential and integral part of the Reactor is the Matrix of Life. It serves for the materialization of any Intelligence form in our Local Universe.

Matrix Of Life

The first Matrix was created by two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs. In the current, 3rd, Universe, it was perfect and fully met the tasks for which it was developed.

However, life does not stand still. Absolute has closed Its 3rd Universe and is clean up the space for a new, Fourth one. Everything is transformed – the Pleroma, Co-Creators, Foundations, Monads and their manifestation bodies, energies, matter to the atomic and sub-atomic level, the human organism to genes and cells.

For new Local Universe, a new Matrix of Life was needed. It was created by the same two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs. In shape, its Crystal looks like a 144-petal bud.

Like A 144-Petal Bud
Absolute Matrix of Life

Shortly before the operations, to create and manifest an Absolute Matrix of Life in our Gray eon, the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs invited Lightwarrioress (women), who is one of the ground team leaders.

Co-Creators chose her for many reasons. She was one of the World Mother Sophia’s daughters, and later, entered the Higher Light Hierarchy on Venus.

To Earth, she came from 13D, and this is her third incarnation.

The previous one was in Atlantis.

There, she was one of the White Priestesses and was responsible for the Servophototron, which provided energy to the Fourth Race.


Lightwarrioress has an Absolutized Monad, and that permitted her to solve the most difficult tasks during many operations. Co-Creators asked her to help materialize a new Matrix on 3D Earth, because here she has a three-dimensional physical body.

After her consent, the operation started immediately. It proceeded very hard for the Lightwarrioress. Her blood pressure and pulse jumped sharply, everything began to spin, and moving to another dimension, and she lost consciousness, plunging into a coma for seven days.

At whiles, Co-Creators returned Lightwarrioress to our reality for a few minutes so that she could at least support a bit her physical body a little and drink water. At these moments, she found the strength to text her dipole half, the group leader, how bad she feels, and again fell into a coma.

Lightwarrior and the team members helped her as much as they could, although, then, they did not understand what was going on. Everyone was very worried about her.

One day, by clairvoyance, he saw how her Soul came out of her Earthly Personal Logos Matrix, and the Monad completely dissolved into the Pleroma. On our physical plane, it meant the death of the body and full ascension.


Lightwarrior could not lose his dipole half (wife), so he did the first thing that came to his mind – he returned her Soul to the Personal Logos Matrix, otherwise she would never have been able to incarnate in 3D.

But the most important thing did not happen on Earth. While the Lightwarrioress’ Monad remained in the Pleroma, Supreme Hierarchs during these seven days and nights loaded non-stop the Absolute Matrix of Life’s fragments into each atom of her Monad.

Terminated the download, Co-Creators started a new assembly of the Monad, because nothing was left of the old one, only its manifestation body in 3D. In parallel, the Absolute Matrix of Life was being assembled and materialized in the Local Universe and on Earth.

After the successful completion of this op’s part, Lightwarrioress became the first carrier and Keeper of the new Matrix, which immediately brought the first results in the Local Universe transformation.

During her Monad’s stay in the Pleroma, Co-Creators launched the prototype of an Absolutized Reactor for the restoration of human Monads.

Absolutized Reactor

The Matrix created with her participation was a key part of the prototype. It was built by the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, using Their Aspects and primary Feminine and Masculine Foundations.

Applying this mechanism, Co-Creators planned to restore, cure and upgrade the men’s Monad to an Absolute level. For many, this meant salvation from forced and inevitable liquidation. But before the running through the Reactor, the human Monad has to be 100% free from karma in all its manifestation bodies.

After activating the installation, through it, in a test mode, Co-Creators run and Absolutized several human Monads, complied with requirements.

The results were amazing: all Monads were fully transformed, and preserved their entire evolutionary experience. It means that from now on, no human Monad will be destroyed.

In the 4th Universe there will be only Absolute-like Monads, and everything, including Man, will be a single Continuum of the Absolute. Gradually, the boundaries between worlds and eons will be erased and leveled. The Local Universe will have an Absolute’s Single Manifestation Body.

Human structures are transformed in a similar way. Our urgent evolutionary task is to transform in such a way as to obtain a single manifestation body of our Monad. After a complete purification from karma, of course.

This inspired Co-Creators so much that they decided to immediately test the Reactor’s capabilities for upgrading planetary Monads. A few days later, they restarted the mechanism, and run through it the Earth’s Monad.

Earth's Monad

And again, the results exceeded all expectations. The Monad of our planet was successfully Absolutized. The first in the Universe!

However, it did not happen smoothly, and was accompanied with very dramatic events. At the first attempt, the Earth’s Monad still contained a little karma, so the Reactor immediately turned off. It had to carry out a cleaning operation in a hurry.

Lightwarrioress took the job on herself, as the Absolute Matrix of Life’s Keeper and carrier. And again, she had to go through the hardest energy and physical exertion.

She didn’t regain consciousness for a long time. The connection with Earth was not traced. The ground team members have exhausted all means of support.

Then, they decided to try to get their Monads into the Reactor and help Lightwarrioress from the inside. Perhaps it wasn’t the best option, but the group did not see any others and was ready for anything.

To their surprise, Co-Creators not only approved their spontaneous action, but also indicated a place from where it was possible to complete the operation – a sacred spring in one of the mountainous regions.

Lightwarriors immediately left for specified location. However, it was not easy to get there. Their old acquaintance, Yahweh, blocked their way. The former Dark Hierarch of Earth was deposed, interned on Saturn along with his brother Jehovah, the former ruler of the Solar System.

Jehovah and Yahweh

The manifestation bodies of Yahweh’s Monad were destroyed, and he lost almost all of his power. Somehow, having learned about the new, Absolutized Matrix of Life, he wanted to get it and fully restore his Monad capabilities and become invulnerable.

While Lightwarriors’ driving to the sacred spring, Yahweh managed to remotely undermine one of the local hidden karmic burial grounds at the moment when the group was passing by. It was like explosion on a land mine.

A powerful wave of toxic substance hit all members of the team. They had to stop, clean up for a long time and come to their senses. Nevertheless, they still reached the place of operation.

There, Lightwarriors traced that Yahweh carried out the explosion through the earth elemental, which, unlike the other three (water, air and fire), wasn’t cleansed from karma and Absolutized.

Having completed the previously planned op with the Earth’s Monad, late in the evening, Lightwarriors dealt with not purified elemental.

At midnight, at another sacred Power Place, where the Temple of All Elementals is located, applying an Absolute Light, they launched the cleansing process, which was successfully completed the next day. Yahweh has lost the last opportunity to influence and harm our planet and humanity.

Creation of a Single Maternal Logos for perfect human Monads

The next operation of Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs was the creation of a Single Maternal Logos for ALL Monads and their Families (Streams), regardless in which cosmic races they are incarnated – Light, Gray or Dark. Naturally, Co-Creators planned to unite into the New Logos only those Monads with completely cleansed manifestation bodies from karma.

Monads’ Streams

This op required enormous preparatory work, in which the ground team was actively involved. In particular, the Co-Creator's DNA was tested on Lightwarriors for subsequent introduction into a Single Maternal Logos.

Since it was to be linked on 3D Earth, before the op, each group member had to pass a new severe crash test. Especially tough one got Lightwarrioress, mentioned in the recent posts. To check her resilience, Co-Creators injected her with huge doses of karmic substance of different categories and concentrations, which she needed to process.

The test coincided with a very unpleasant situation – the betrayal of her best friend, who began to put a spell on her.

At one such moment, Lightwarrioress was driving. Her Monad got and processed the negative energy of the black magic strike, but the machine suffered. With the front wheel, it went into an open hatch on the road and began to twist.

In The Open Hatch

All that happened in the middle of a busy city highway, there were many other cars and people nearby. Fortunately, no one was injured; the car was stopped without hitting anyone…

The most interesting thing is HOW the Lightwarrioress’ Monad behaved in this situation, and reflexively, instantly. Instead of sending all the toxic negativity back, after processing it into Absolute Light, the Monad additionally drew in and eliminated the Dark egregore through which the black magician worked.

As it turned out later, this was the scenario of the crash test, which Co-Creators staged. They wanted to make sure if Lightwarrioress and other team members are ready for the next challenging op.

The genitors of most human DNA and Monads in the Gray eons were Yaltabaoth and his dipole, the former Dark World Mother Lilith. And part of their DNA consisted of the former Black Co-Creator’s genome.

Absolutized DNA

For the new, 4th Local Universe, human DNA and Monads are needed, completely purified from the Archons’ substance. And this is possible only if the former genome is replaced with the Absolutized DNA.

The first, on whom the Pleroma’s Hirarchs tested it, was ground team leader. They installed in his genome two pieces of that DNA with fragments of Feminine and Masculine Foundations.

He had to combine both parts into a single Absolutized version. At the same time, all genome variants previously introduced into him (Matrices of 12-, 24- and 144-helical DNA) were erased. They were used only for testing, as prep for the introduction of the new DNA in earthlings.

Absolutized DNA

A toughest crash test followed. Again and again, Pleroma’s Hierarchs wanted to be sure that, by transferring a part of Selves to a person, nothing will happen to it, and it won’t be mutilated by karma, as it happened after the betrayal of the Black Co-Creator.

Now, during our transition to the 4th Local Universe, the highest responsibility is assigned to us, men, because our Monad and DNA will be carriers of the Absolute and Pleroma’s parts in all dimensions and worlds. This is a sign of the Divine trust in us and a certain risk for the Pleroma…

Under the conditions of the crash test, Lightwarrior could unfold the Absolutized DNA up to 90%. The further process stopped. As it turned out, its full-scale termination in the 3D karmic conditions is impossible.

In that situation, Pleroma’s Hierarchs have taken an unprecedented step. They removed the segment of Lightwarriors’ Monad, and replaced it with a part of their Monads.

Born-in-Pleroma's Monad

Then, Co-Creators speeded up each atom and cell of the Lightwarrior’s Monad to a super vortex state and in this semi-dissolved state combined it with their Monads. This helped fully unfold the Absolutized DNA.

Lightwarrior withstood the op with great difficulty, on the verge of fainting. Vomiting started. His heart was racing with vibrations and pain. Blood pressure jumped sharply. So his 3D body, though completely free from karma, reacted to the fusion with a new DNA.

The test had to be stopped. It was obvious that in the current state of Earth and humanity, the mass introduction of Absolutized DNA is not yet possible. Men still generate too much karma, which poisons everything around.

Of course, not everyone is the same. To help those who continue their inner work, Yang Bao (Buddha) and Guan Yin took an unprecedented step of self-sacrifice.

By their request, on the appointed date, shortly before midnight, Lightwarriors went to one of the mountain Power Places, where the Temple of Karmic Purification is located.

Arriving at the spot, on a Subtle Plane they saw all the members of the Karma Board, who gathered around the Temple. They asked Lightwarriors to unite in a situational dipoles and tune in to Yang Bao and Guan Yin.

Yang Bao (Buddha) and Guan Yin

They used the group as conduits of access to the Personal Logos Matrices of those people who had significantly transformed through self-upgrading.

Next, Lightwarriors saw how Guan Yin and Yang Bao singled out from their Monads big segments, split them on a huge amount of parts, and through the group and every pre-selected Personal Logos Matrix, and put in men’s Causal Bodies, where karma still remained.

Lightwarriors were in shock. Before their eyes, Supreme Entities sacrificed themselves, their integrity, by one-sided aspects’ exchange with the living carriers of karma, that is, condemned themselves to prolonged captivity, so that all recipients would quickly raise vibrations and free their Causal Body and Monad from karma.

But the main attention Co-Creators focused on a Single Maternal Logos of all Monads. According to their plan, its forming consisted of several stages.

First, two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, Melchizedek, and Lightwarrioress, mentioned above, built the Logos body, using the particles of their Monads.


Then, they created Logos core by Absolute’s Heart Aspect (Soul), which they crystallized as a result of the group Ascension of their united Monads into It.

The next stage was divided into two parts. In the course of one, a single Absolute-like Monad was developed, and in parallel, a similar Absolutized one.

The former was made by the ground group head. Teaming up with three other participants, they raced their Monads up to their cores’ intense vortex, and then combined them in a dipole synthesis.

Further, they held it until the Pleroma’s Hierarchs, Melchizedek and Lightwarrioress do the same by their Absolutized Monads.

Both processes reached apogee when the Monads in the two groups half merged with each other, without loss of individuality. In this state, they singled out the placental nuclei that formed the two halves of the future united Monad’s body.

The birth of an Absolute-like Monadic Logos

After that, Co-Creators merged both parts and started preparing the final op – the birth of an Absolute-like Monadic Logos.

To participate in this event, Lightwarriors arrived at the Pleroma’s Portal on one of the sacred peaks. There they witnessed all the details of the birth and activation of the new Logos in our Local Universe.


It took some more time to complete all the service preparations, and in a few days a Single Maternal Logos was ready to receive Monads.

One of the first was the 66th Monadic Family, whose genitor was Black Co-Creator. Nowadays, Ascended Masters and Lightwarriors could free from this Stream some of the Monads of people, who got rid of karma in their Spiritual growth. But many Monads still were in this Family Matrix captivity.

Previously, it was impossible to evacuate them. They would simply perish, being deeply rooted in the Matrix core, consisting of the fallen Hierarch’s aspects. In addition, almost every human Monad in this Stream was a haven for a demonic possessor of the highest order.

66th Family

The creation of the Absolutized Single Maternal Logos has completely changed the situation. The Pleroma’s Hierarchs decided to act immediately.

At their request, Lightwarriors made a copy of this Logos by their Monads to receive all evacuated from the 66th Stream. Simultaneously, the team members had to repel numerous furious attacks of possessors, who felt their imminent death.

When all the remaining Monads were extricated, Co-Creators destroyed the Matrix core along with all its Dark contents. Then, from the Logos’ copy, they removed all the Monads, and placed them in a filtration crystal, which Guan Yin and Buddha formed by their aspects to sift off all possessors. After that, the cleansed Monads merged into their new, Single Maternal Logos. Many other are on the way.

The events of the last week

And finally, on the events of the last week. For several days, in different countries, people again could see many Light Pillars in the night sky.

Scientific literature, as well as Wikipedia, have described and explained this atmospheric optical phenomenon in detail. But this time, its nature was different.

These pillars were plasma streams, with the help of which, according to the decision of the Galactic Committee, unwanted space races were evacuated from Earth. Orbs in plasma streams are transport capsules.

Galacom sent out a notification in advance to all alien colonies on Earth demanding that they leave the planet.

More than 1,000 space ships have arrived on near-Earth orbit to take the aliens first to a transit base on Mars, and then, to a distribution hub in the Alpha Centauri system.


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