How the Absolute create new, 4th, Local Universe vs Old-with Constructive and Destructive fields

Laying the foundation of a new, 4th, Local Universe, clearing and preparing space for it continues in all its 100 Constellations and on 3,840,101 inhabited planets.

This includes the Earth. There are 618 more habitable planets in the Constellation where it is located. In the new Local Universe, their number in this sector is planned to increase to 1,000, and the total number (with different forms of life) – up to 10,000,000.

The Absolute has begun one of Its most important operations – remove the duality software which It set into our Local Universe at its creation. For what purpose did It boot the installer?

The objective of any Intelligence form, from the Source and the Absolute to man is self-knowledge and self-perfection. After cognition of self, conclusions about the possibility and ways of upgrading were drawn, one starts to act. And so on up to the full excellence.

Local Universe

The Absolute (like all of us), despite all Its perfection, had limited possibilities for self-knowledge – only from within. But this way is a priori incomplete, because It needed at least an outside view, i.e. an external aspect of self- cognition.

Knowing Itself from within, the Absolute desired to know Itself from outside. And for this It created our Local Universe and Intelligence forms in it. And Its long exploring began.

If we ever evolve to the level of the Absolute and want to build our own Universe, we first have to come up with its concept. That is, to answer the question WHY do we want it? It’s like the authors of books and movie scripts: first make up the basis of the plot, determine the actors, the territory of events development, etc.

Before the construction of any Universe begins, its Systemic Matrix is created as the basis of everything. The main positions to be envisaged are how (in what hypostasis) the Absolute will be manifested in it, what forces will play their roles, and what is the goal of evolution of this project.

In our Local Universe, the Absolute is manifested in the Dipole Hypostasis – Feminine and