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How the Absolute create new, 4th, Local Universe vs Old-with Constructive and Destructive fields

Laying the foundation of a new, 4th, Local Universe, clearing and preparing space for it continues in all its 100 Constellations and on 3,840,101 inhabited planets.

This includes the Earth. There are 618 more habitable planets in the Constellation where it is located. In the new Local Universe, their number in this sector is planned to increase to 1,000, and the total number (with different forms of life) – up to 10,000,000.

The Absolute has begun one of Its most important operations – remove the duality software which It set into our Local Universe at its creation. For what purpose did It boot the installer?

The objective of any Intelligence form, from the Source and the Absolute to man is self-knowledge and self-perfection. After cognition of self, conclusions about the possibility and ways of upgrading were drawn, one starts to act. And so on up to the full excellence.

Local Universe

The Absolute (like all of us), despite all Its perfection, had limited possibilities for self-knowledge – only from within. But this way is a priori incomplete, because It needed at least an outside view, i.e. an external aspect of self- cognition.

Knowing Itself from within, the Absolute desired to know Itself from outside. And for this It created our Local Universe and Intelligence forms in it. And Its long exploring began.

If we ever evolve to the level of the Absolute and want to build our own Universe, we first have to come up with its concept. That is, to answer the question WHY do we want it? It’s like the authors of books and movie scripts: first make up the basis of the plot, determine the actors, the territory of events development, etc.

Before the construction of any Universe begins, its Systemic Matrix is created as the basis of everything. The main positions to be envisaged are how (in what hypostasis) the Absolute will be manifested in it, what forces will play their roles, and what is the goal of evolution of this project.

In our Local Universe, the Absolute is manifested in the Dipole Hypostasis – Feminine and Masculine Foundations. They are opposite in signs, and due to the difference of polar potentials energy of development arises.

Feminine And Masculine Foundations

At the same time, they are in dipole synthesis, which also provides the generation of the Primary Life Energy. That means that the main basis of our Universe is the systemic duality of the Primary Foundations of the Absolute.

This is Its initial symmetrical dipole fractal. And then begins unfolding, realization of Feminine and Masculine Foundations in all dimensions and spaces.

According to this scenario, It was building our Universe, Its’ the third one. The Absolute, which then wasn’t a dipole and was a carrier only of the Feminine Energy, singled it out, and then the Masculine Foundation materialized out of it. But the primary and dominant in our Universe was the Feminine one.

Next, the two Foundations created the dipole of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs. Further down the hierarchical ladder, they gave life to two pairs of Co-Creators. But as an aside from the general scenario, one of them was not a dipole. Each of its members was the bearer of only male energy – Christ and his elder brother, who later betrayed the Absolute and the Source and moved to the Dark Side.

The Absolute programmed this Creation error in advance as part of Its 3rd Universe’s evolution plan. Duality began precisely with the betrayal and karma of the second Co-Creator who began to build His Anti-Pleroma, Anti-Universe and its Dark civilizations, while Christ was building His Light Eons.


Both followed the Cosmic Law of Free Will and Choice Freedom, and thus fulfilled the Absolute’s plan, namely the DIVISION into constructive and destructive vector fields, which It had originally introduced into the Matrix of our Local Universe.

And then began its evolution, confrontation, the struggle between Light and Darkness. The Absolute observed all this, drew conclusions, knowing Itself through Destructive and Constructive. Both got the equal power.

The lower is the manifestation of these vectors, the stronger the programmed antagonism between them. It is fiercest in our 3D.

But there is another manifestation of duality, from which we all want to escape, – mental, which has become the basis of our three-dimensional consciousness and thinking. We stubbornly divide everything into good and bad, white and black, positive and negative.

We perceive reality in the image of extreme polarities, not realizing that this is an artificial paradigm. For the Source and the Absolute, everything is one, so we need to move to multi-dimensional thinking and perception of Truth, which is based on Wholeness.

In addition to Constructive and Destructive fields in the Universe, as OBJECTS of the main acting forces, the Absolute has uploaded into the Matrix special software – Error Codes.

Christ Elder Brother (Artistic Version)

The aim was to maximally complicate the development scenarios and diversify possibilities.

The Absolute’s Error Codes served as time-action mines, placed under the rails of evolution.

When triggered, the clockwork landmines derailed one of the non-core branches of the constructive or destructive fields.

Thus, the Absolute laid clusters with destructive Codes into the constructive vector of development, and clusters with constructive Codes into the destructive vector.

For each direction of evolution these Codes are alien, akin to viruses.

Clusters were in a latent, dormant state, but at the right time they were activated. The most vivid examples of such Codes’ action, in the constructive vector, are Lucifer, Kali, Lilith, Cain, Judah, and, in the destructive one, – Sabaoth (one of the sons of Yaltabaoth, now known as El Moriah). All of this has added to the Absolute (and each of us) a new, priceless experience.

But there were also situations that fundamentally changed the balance of power in the Universe, unexpected for the Absolute. It was a deed of World Mother Sophia. From Her union with the Black Co-Creator appeared Yaltabaoth. In his eons Light mixed with Darkness, destructive with constructive, at first in equal proportion, and then in favor of Darks.

The Gray Eons, of which we are a part, were not the Absolute’s Error Code, not a planned event, and, as a program, weren’t loaded into our Local Universe Matrix. But as it happened, the Absolute decided to keep everything, but without making the new software as a Constant. Of course, Grays gave It a tremendous experience, unavailable in dual format (constructive vs. destructive), even with Its Error Codes.

Yaltabaoth And Lilith

The great experiment continued. Each civilization has its Load Parity Coefficient, i.e. the ratio of constructive and destructive program in it.

The most obvious analogy is Man. If in his Personal Logos Matrix there is:

  • more Feminine Foundation, a woman is born,

  • if Masculine, then – a man

  • if 50% to 50% – hermaphrodite.

The ideal proportion is 66.5% to 33.5% in favor of the predominant trait. That is, in everything there is a part of everything, which is not insignificant.

Similarly, there are civilizations with the Ratio of 100% to 0% in favor of the destructive (irreconcilable), and there are civilizations with the same ratio in favor of the constructive (also irreconcilable).

In the main mass there is a mix, a hybrid, and a floating Coefficient. For example, one cosmic race may have a Ratio of 70% to 30% in favor of negative, while another may have 80% to 20% in favor of positive. And so on to infinity.

During the Cosmic Night, on Earth, the ratio laid down was about 80% to 20% in favor of the deterioration. With the onset of the Cosmic Day the Coefficient already shifts to the constructive side.

Similarly, the Higher Self programs the Personal Logos Matrixes that determine our character and behavior during incarnation. This is done for the purpose of more effective execution of the embodiment scenario. Wars, fights, quarrels, swearing, etc. – are examples of our daily destructive behavior, whereas peace, Love, cooperation, prayer, meditation, etc. – are examples of the constructive one.

It would have gone on like that, but everything changed when the Absolute finally shut down the 3rd Universe and completely overturned the Destructive Primary Field. Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs together with their ground team have been doing this work for a long time.

It gained the richest experience to build a new, 4th Local Universe of Light for further constructive evolution.

This is the preamble to the new operation, or rather several ops that are described below.

At the first stage, the Absolute did everything by Itself, and did not involve anyone. In the process of work, the help was needed at the second stage, and the Hierarchs invited the ground team to participate in it.

At the appointed time, Lightwarriors rode out to one of the sacred Power Place in the mountains, where the Temple of Absolute is situated. The weather that day was overcast, a fog turned thicker. It was difficult to find the Temple, though it is the most easily accessible. They get lost, but soon found the right way.

The op’s aim was to help the Absolute remove the destructive field as well as the Error Codes from the Universe’s constructive field.

Technically, it happened as follows. First, a group of Higher Light Hierarchs collectively ascended into the Absolute. They were the Guardians of Its Primary Energies, and kept the Error Codes’ batches in their Monads.

With the help of Hierarchs and Lightwarriers, the Codes no longer needed by the Absolute were pulled, pieced together, and via the Gaia’s Absolutoverse (3D-13D) removed from the Local Universe.

Gaia's Absolutoverse

The next day the operation of creating the Absolute’s Living Crystal was carried out. The weather this time was clear and sunny. Lightwarriors watched the work from another Power Place, where the Temple of the Shambhala Crown is located.

Clairvoyantly, they saw how all Hierarchs came together, furled into a circle and united their Hearts, forming a Crystal. Then in its center the Absolute placed Its Aspect. After that, the Absolutized Light Synthesis was self-activated in the nucleus of the Crystal.

Thus, a New Universe’s Crystal of the Asolute’s Hierarchy, or Its Living Crystal, was made. On the Subtle Plane, this is the second Absolute-like Sun in our Local Universe. The first was born earlier, as a result of the fusion of the two upper sub-layers of Pleroma and Absolute. The top of Gaia’s Absolutoverse is in it.

After the Absolute pulled in Self the Destructive Primary Field, suddenly its disproportion with the Constructive one was revealed.

Initially they were loaded into the Local Universe’s Matrix equally, 50% to 50%. Then it was changed to 80% to 20%. Accordingly, at full convolution of the destructive field, the ratio should have become as 0% to 100%.

But in fact, the destructive field coefficient turned out to be close to, but greater than, zero. Even with such a volume in the 4th Universe Matrix, its existence was impossible.

The Absolute had two possible solutions. One was to fold our entire Local Universe into a singularity, and to unfold after a reboot. But that would mean the end of everything that exists in it, including the loss of invaluable accumulated and future experience and know-how.

Into Singularity

The second way is the convolution Constructive Primary Field as well, correction of the error in the Matrix and unfolding with preservation of the Universe, Intelligence forms and accumulated experience.

The Absolute chose the second option, but decided to make the task more difficult. It wanted that Hierarchs themselves to find the cause of disproportion. And for this, to solve the so-called Universe’s State Equation, or the Absolute’s Equation. Very simplified, it’s a mathematical expression of our Universe, which is the basis of its Matrix and its Codes.

Earlier, the Supreme Intelligence Forms considered the Absolute’s Equation unsolvable. And now the Absolute has instructed them to do just that.

In this situation, Hierarchs had to cancel or indefinitely postpone all their programs and projects. Almost three days in Earth time they fought over the solution of the Absolute’s Equation and searching for the causes of the system disproportion.

On the Subtle Plan, the ground group head went out to them several times a day and saw the same picture: a group of Hierarchs bent over some holographic drawing, with lots of symbols, numbers, dots, lines, etc. They only had time to say, “Sorry, guy, can’t talk to you right now. We are in a hurry.”

A few days later, the Hierarchs could find the cause of the disproportionality by solving the Absolute’s Equation. They gave the result to the Absolute. There was no official reaction from It, but the logic of Its actions afterwards showed that the Higher Light Hierarchy had done what was thought to be impossible.

Only the constructive vector of development remained in the Local Universe. In this sense, the transformation of the Light Hierarchy into the Absolutized one is not just a rebranding, a name change. It is a change of its conceptual essence, role and significance in the evolution of the future 4th Universe. It’s the only dominant Power now, acting in the Name of the Absolute and being the conductor of Its Will.

On that base, the Absolute began the profound structuring and radical transfiguration of Its Hierarchy, the One Collective Force and Intelligence that it trusts and relies upon.

The Absolute started actively intervene in the affairs of our Universe. First of all, it’s a mobilization of Primary Masculine and Feminine Foundations.

The op’s objective is to collect, to concatenate the dispersed (scattered throughout the Universe) their aspects and to accumulate them into dipole of the original carriers, Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, which are now 100% copies of the Absolute. The goal is to do the same to Feminine and Masculine Foundations.

To Concatenate The Aspects

At the same time, the Absolute finalizes the Matrix of the Accumulated Experience. That is, to input into it all the experience of the Universe from the beginning to the present.

Everything that happens in it, starting from today, is recoded in a new Transition’s Matrix.

This led to an avalanche-like growth of entropy in the Local Universe, which is not surprising. It’s all logical. If we start repairing our house, we first remove everything old, floors and wallpaper, dismantle plumbing, etc.

It causes an abrupt, temporary and inevitable chaos. But when we finish repairs, everything becomes much better than it was before, entropy reduction too.

A similar situation is now in our Local Universe, including Earth. We need to get through this, remaining calm, friendly, patient, and persistent.

The matrix level known as 3D, where the main feeling is of a hostile world where you are fighting for your survival at every moment and the feeling of insecurity almost never leaves you.

At the next stage, the soul begins to realize that the thoughts and emotions/ feelings it experiences are energy structures and, radiating outward, return like a boomerang to it. This is the stage of awakening and turning the caterpillar into a pupa. In this transformation, which is the 4D level, the prevailing feeling is of a certain clarity and transparency of the mist that envelops the lower level. Here, however, the dualism is felt especially painfully, because this clarity leads to a strong sensitivity, as if you have been standing in the dark for a long time and now you have come out into the light.

The natural reaction here is to fight and defend against everything dark, wrong and harmful, which is the desire of the soul to anchor itself in the light polarity, not understanding that it is impossible to experience it without its opposite – the dark, since they are the same energy , but with the opposite sign. And the universe is always striving for balance, trying to equalize the energy, placing us in correspondingly opposite circumstances. Here everything that is denied with full force begins to manifest itself to BE SEEN and cease to appear. Such is the Game. Since we are All, anything that is not accepted and rejected cuts off parts of ourselves and leads to internal contradiction, which is mainly expressed in the suppression and condemnation of the rejected parts that are manifested, but already “outside”.

All circumstances on the outside are a reflection, and when we throw ourselves headlong into healing without feeling it as our life’s mission, but to help OTHERS before balancing Self, for me, this is largely brushing the mirror instead of ourselves.

Argorians Update 08 September 2022

On the 8th, 2022, at 7:58 AM CET, from the Siriusians’ tracking station at 23D on the Moon, the current monitoring data of Earth and earthlings came.

Earth has entered a stream of high-density quantum Intelligence particles. The rocking of the planet is gaining momentum. Events on a planet are accelerating.

The changes will cause a shift in the magnetic field polarities, with further inversion. The exact date has not yet been determined. Everything will depend on the Earth’s energy complex, the state of which is monitored online.

Ultrasonic converters of 3D matter to 5D are turned on at full power. Planetary equipment is prepared to test higher-power loads during the reception of the energies of the Oryx star, in the Gerios Galaxy, where 5D Earth is transported to a new vibrational orbit.

Gerios Galaxy Energie

3D planet adapts to autonomous self-regulation in the new incoming quantum flows.

The plateau of the Giza pyramids works for the reception of five-dimensional and the remove of three-dimensional energies in an enhanced mode, as well as the anomalous zones, therefore it is undesirable to be in such places.

The main flows, distributed by the Giza pyramid complex, consist of red-brown URBAH energy (transforms matter); red-golden ERFAGO (changes the timbres of UV waves); purple GRASIMO (synthesizes 5D plasma and cleanses the Earth’s info field).


The planet’s rotation axis begins to expand the inbuilt conducting energies’ channel, increasing its carrying capacity. Periodically, operation is interrupted for switching to a higher frequency range.

The loads on man’s body are increasing. It is overflowing with energy, which can cause organs’ malfunctions.

The physical and Subtle Bodies are transformed under the Earth’s new parameters. They are downloaded in 4D/5D Transition programs, and how they will be assimilated depends on each individually.

All processes are synchronized. Dense 3D matter changes and it is sometimes very painful. The cells of the body have accumulated a lot of distortions and negative depositions, which exacerbates chronic diseases.

Vascular Depositions

Argorians are constantly removing old info-energy from men’s cells. The body can react with an increase or decrease in temperature, spasms and tremor.

The removal of low-frequency energy from the cells and their filling immediately with new, high-frequency energy is constantly going on. Hence the feeling of the movement of energy flows and pulsations in different parts of the body.

New cosmic waves are coming to Earth, carrying the Golden Standard Codes. Under the impact of the program on transmutation soft, the molecular composition of cells, DNA and RNA changes.

A separate block of the brain at full capacity takes the incoming Intelligence energy (l-gamma particles). All systems and organs adapt to live in new, 4D/5D environment.

L-Gamma Particles

Co-Creators transform matter at the quantum level, preparing Earth in all parameters for a new dimension. The planet reacts by intensified cataclysms, tectonics, various anomalies, and constant emissions of inner energies. They cause soil collapses and sinkholes, as the passage of powerful flows changes the molecular composition of the soil and its subsidence occurs.

Earth would react smoother if people were kinder and radiated more positive energy. Huge volumes of generated negativity have a destructive effect on the planet, which is forced to defend itself by the growth of cataclysms. It’s getting bad for everyone. Conscious men should understand these processes and try to keep calm internally, for the benefit of everyone.

The current civilization lives on the crust layer of Earth. But there are also intra-planetary worlds with unique inhabitants of the fourth dimension. They are more developed in consciousness and constantly monitor the state of the planet and events on the surface.

Inner Earth

Today, the subcortical layer (Inner Earth/ Agartha) has been put in order. All hostile and parasitic races were expelled from the planet. Also removed are those who will not be able to live in the fifth and sixth dimensions. Argorians are carefully monitoring this. Unfortunately, the parasites still rest on the surface in human bodies, and a Subtle Plane – in the different parts of the Local Universe, and near Earth – on its astral and etheric planes.

The Nature is also changing according to its own laws, being rebuilt under advanced parameters. New species of plants and animals beget. Those, which do not correspond to the changing habitat, will disappear.

The current energy environment contributes to this. Everything is built and changed according to the Co-Creators’ Plan. The New World has already settled on the Subtle Plane, and has gained a foothold over the territory of a number of countries, from where the future Sixth Race will emerge.

Tune in to the vibrations of the New World. It will give confidence and fill everyone with forces that consist of crystal clear vibrations of the Source’s Thought Forms.

And As Addition To This Info

In the Schumann Resonance spectrograms published by DNI, green and other colors are increasingly more than blue. It means that Earth is quickly raising its vibrations. Synchronous strong discharges are approaching.

SR on 4-6 September 2022

The causes will again be strong flares and coronal holes of the Sun. The cleansing energy of everyone and everything is coming non-stop. It is important to clear mind from negativity, not to permit it to master thoughts and emotions. Better, switch more to the positive, and help each other in any way.

Earth moved to the upper part of the Solaris, which regulates the energy exchange between 6D, 5D and 4D.Two large black bands in the SR spectrogram mean the jump of the planet to new vibes’ stages. It’s time to climb them with Gaia.

16 timelines are already active and make selections over the Souls, which emit matchable vibes.



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