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How is the Universe’s Matrix programmed? What is a complete exit from the Matrix at all?

Before creating the new, 4th Local Universe, the Absolute gradually deletes all old programs from its Matrix. This does not mean that everything they produced automatically ceased to exist. It continues to stubbornly cling to life and fiercely resists.

Local Universe's Matrix

The evidence of this is another space war that affected our Galaxy, moving away to its distant borders, then approaching Earth, exacerbating military and other conflicts in different parts of the planet.

Aggressive forces are led by the Orion and Aldebaran coalitions. To protect Earth, in recent days, Galacom has built a powerful shield around it, which parries energy strikes directed at Gaia.

Many people think that the Matrix is only a 3D reality. No, 5D, 6D… and 13D are also a Matrix, only in a different, higher density.

Altogether, this is our Universe, from the very bottom, 3D, and up to the Pleroma in 13D. This is a virtual structure made by the Absolute for the cognition of Its Creations and, through them, of Itself. A complete analogy with the Source.

When leaving one level, we simply move to another density to gain a new experience for ourselves and the Absolute. It takes into account all the lessons learned from the duality in Its new, 4th project.

When Leaving One Level

Every Intelligence form-entity has a point of entry into the Universe’s Matrix. To do this, the Monad unfolds its manifestation body and places it on one of the levels. Which one, depends on the goals of the Soul. It can enter 10D or 3D.

The classical model (spiral) of evolution could be simple to complex. The Monad-Soul places its manifestation body into the lowest zone, that is, 3D, and from there, begins a gradual ascent along the Matrix to the very top, 13D. It’s like taking classes at school or courses at university.

There are other, hybrid evolutionary schemes. For example, entering the Matrix at the level of 13D, then descending into 3D and beginning a gradual ascent along the dimensions. Or, first, in 7D, then descent in 5D, from there uplift in 10D, and then entry into 3D, etc.

For example, some Soul can entered the Matrix through 3D, and all his previous lives were embodied only in third density, except for aspect exchange with entities of higher dimensions.

The other entered the Matrix after 13D, and then jumped up and down through different dimensions, like a freelance Monad. Now, he is in 3D, and from here, begins his new evolutionary cycle in Gaia’s Absolutoverse.

But many earthlings who came to our planet from high dimensions are still in a complete misunderstanding of whom they are and why they are here.

Gaia's Absolutoverse

Each level of the Matrix has its specific training and development conditions. For example, in 3D there are such programs as Karma (in the classical sense, the Law of Retribution), Maha Yuga, Death, Suffering, Pain, Good and Evil, Duality, Division, Disunity, Confrontation, Vices, etc. Who needs such an experience, is in 3D. Who needs experience, for example, of immortality – resides in 5D, etc.

Our Soul, depending on the tasks of obtaining this or that experience, chooses the appropriate level of the Matrix. Of course, planets and Galaxies are different. Everywhere has its scenery, and evolutionary environment. On 3D Earth, they are THE HEAVIEST in the entire Matrix. Why? So the Absolute decided. Who wants – goes here, who does not want – does not. It's a choice.

Once again: Karma, Suffering, and Death are nothing but 3D Matrix training programs, no more. When we complete our education plan and pass the exam, we are transferred to a higher level. So Shakespeare’s phrase “The whole world – theater, and the people in it – the actors” perfectly fits our Universe’s Matrix.

Yes, the Matrix is a virtual construct, a multilevel Hologram, a decoration, built by the Absolute. But the Intelligence forms in it are REAL. In its manifestation body, our Monad (Soul) incarnates in this multi-layered labyrinth and gains experience for self and the Absolute.

The Matrix has a Chief Programmer. There are also Codeheads on other levels. For example, 3D has its Executive Developer, acting on the instructions of the Chief Programmer. The latter, in turn, fulfills the direct will of the Absolute to create a virtual world. The levels of the Matrix differ in vibration frequencies and Choice Freedom’s allowable exposure limits.

Chief Programmer (Architect), Film "The Matrix" Version
Was there an exit from the Matrix in the previous Local Universe?

If there is an entrance, there must have been an exit.... But No, there was no way out of that Matrix.

What is a complete exit from the Matrix at all?

This is getting all the possible experience of the Universe, passing ALL the lessons and training programs, and gaining FULL CHOICE FREEDOM. That is... transformation of Intelligence forms into… the Absolute.

But the Matrix was built on the basis of the old dual Universe’s Equation or the Absolute’s Equation, that it was based on the unity and struggle of opposing forces and energies: Light and Darkness, constructive and destructive, etc.

The new Equation postulates the principle of a one-vector constructive Universe. This is a vector of Light where there is no place for Dark. That’s why they are so aggressive and reckless today.

In the old Matrix, all Intelligence forms were just a means for the Absolute to gain the experience It needed. No more.

Now, in the new, 4th Local Universe, It wants to develop Co-Creators from Monads equal to Self, in fact, ABSOLUTES.

How is the Universe’s Matrix programmed?

Its software produces two components: scenery (reality) and events’ scenario.

1. Scenery (reality)

Our 3D reality consists of three levels: SUPRASYSTEM, SYSTEM AND SUBSYSTEM, which are closely interrelated.

Three Sets of Codes

The SUPRASYSTEM plan is the highest level of Matrix programming, mathematically and graphically, a set of codes, developed by the Chief Programmer.

The SYSTEM LEVEL is the decoding of a SUPRASYSTEM program code into an image of reality, its picture. These are the outlines of continents, seas, mountains, forests, etc.

The SUBSYSTEM zone is the sphere of our life and activity in the Matrix: changes in Nature, cities, enterprises, buildings, etc. This level is not programmed in advance; it is modified as a result of the evolution of mankind, in accordance with the scenario plan.

2. The second function of the Matrix software is to generate Events.

It can be compared to a script for a movie, where each actor has his role. The actors are us, our life program, from the Higher Self and Soul. The scenario of world events is being prepared (or approved) by Screenwriter, and implemented by Principal Director.

Often the Screenwriter transfers the development of the script to different space civilizations, either as whole “series”, or individual episodes. Further, these scenarios are introduced into the Subsystem level of the Matrix and become the world events that we observe.

For a long time, Lucifer was our Master Screenwriter, and individual “series” were written by various extraterrestrial races, including the destructive ones from Orion and Aldebaran (especially during a Cosmic Night).

The general task from the Screenwriter was this: to create a horror flick here, Charlie Foxtrot, for maximum compliance with Kali Yuga and Cosmic Night. Many Gray and Dark civilizations have tried their best in this field, and we are still watching the reptilian cinema directed by them.

Screenwriters And Directors

The principles and algorithms of programming in the highest levels of the Universe’s Matrix are similar.

Now, the Absolute is rebooting the Matrix, which is adjusted to the new Equation.

What does the new version promise us?

It is fundamentally different from the old pattern. For the first time, the Absolute gives us the POSSIBILITY of a COMPLETE EXIT from the Matrix, and the achievement of Its Level by our Monad-Soul. A set of training programs is provided for this.

What does a complete exit from the Matrix mean from a technical point of view?

This is the movement of our Monad into the Eon of the Absolute in 14D, Ascension into the Absolute, and the possibility of unhindered entry into It at any time. IT’S THE ACQUISITION OF MAXIMUM CHOICE FREEDOM BY OUR SOUL in the new, 4th Local Universe.

Where is the boundary between the Matrix and Absolute’s Reality now?

It is located in the Absolutized Eon, that is, on the border of the upper sub-layers of the Pleroma in 13D and the lower Eons of the Absolute in 14D. There is also an active Exit Portal from the Matrix.

The Absolute reloads the Matrix without folding into the singularity of our Local Universe. This is a long and very complex operation, in which system failures are possible.

But the Matrix is a self-sufficient system, with loaded algorithms for self-testing and self-correction. It is the responsibility of the Chief Programmer to monitor its functioning.

Finalizing the Matrix of Accumulated Experience and individual files of some Monads (Souls) Families is a prerequisite for deleting the software of the old Matrix. We are living in such a transient state now. This is a transition not only to 4D/5D, but also to new programs of the 4th Local Universe.

Many wonder: the world around us – the Nature, the Sun, and Stars… is it a hologram of the Matrix or real-life objects?

The reality of our 3D is ALIVE. Its virtual Matrix Hologram is physically manifested. To do this, there is a mechanism for its materialization.

It builds reality from the following components: Time and Space (the space-time continuum), the totality of the energies of the Elementals and the analogue of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Periodic Table of Elements

The energy information of Time consists of chronoids (particles of Time), and Space consists of spasoids (“atoms” of space). They are inseparable from each other. This is the SYSTEM level of the Matrix.

At the SUBSYSTEM level, a set of Elementals of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air is added to the continuum of Space-Time. They are also part of the Matrix materialization mechanism.

The level below is the Elements that make up the physical world that we perceive.

Thus, Time-Space, Elementals and Elements manifest, materialize our segment of the 3D Matrix. In this sense, the world around us is REAL.

One of the Absolute’s plans is to form a hybrid reality at first: that is, to combine part of the upper levels of the Matrix (Pleroma) with the lower Eons of the Absolute (non-Matrix Absolute Reality). Such a field is already being created in the continuum of the Absolutized Eon 13D/14D.

For such an Eon, an appropriate Intelligence form is needed, which can be our Absolutized Monad. It should be able to enter the Absolutized Eon in 14D, or allocate its ascendant manifestation body there (if it is in a lower dimension).

So we all have a lot to work on.

Rebooting the Matrix of the Local Universe also includes the removal of software, downloaded in it by negative forces at the System and Subsystem level.

Many of us have very hard endured the powerful, concentrated energies that Co-Creators, through the Full Moon’s Portal on September 10, 2022, sent to Earth to transform it and earthlings.

Since the Summer Solstice on June 21, the energy vibrations on the planet have changed significantly. Their freqs increased dramatically, and now that background is no longer decreasing.

All withstand it differently. But there are similar things.

What is happening now on the Subtle Plane?

Each quantum wave brings new understandings, and new meanings; every illusion is laid bare; the truth comes out from all the cracks. Sometimes it’s painful, but it’s always constructive for the future. Now many people feel it as an established puzzle, when the last missing key piece fell into place.

Key Piece

We open up new abilities of the mental center, if we have a request and interest in this. If not, then we may just get sick and dizzy, see flashes of light behind closed eyelids, feel pressure in the back of the head, in the temples and ringing in the ears, loss of vision and hearing, joint pain and congestion in the lungs, etc.

The opening and activation of the brain center occur at night and in the early morning between sleep and waking. It can feel like supreme insight, as if our whole life is laid out like a solitaire with a deep understanding of each card.

Early waking up, and shortening sleep time may initially feel like insomnia. But then some people find that 3-4 hours of sleep is normal, and the whole next day there is no drowsiness or flabbiness.

Brain activity is high at all times of the day, does not decrease in the evening. We feel like we’re on an exam. The level of attention and awareness is just off the scale, and there is no fatigue at all.

No Fatigue at all

At first, it scares some of us, then it worries us, but now we are trying to get used to it and live. But how to live many still don’t quite understand. They feel like a robot from a computer game.

Often it starts like this. Decreased sleep is only one of the symptoms. We think that it’s insomnia, we take sleeping pills (strong), but there is no sleep in either eye, the pills do not work. We don’t sleep much, but that’s enough for us.

We feel constant vibrations in the body. It is especially felt in the hands and feet (tingling, heat, movement of energy). There is a subtle ringing in the head periodically. Previously, we heard it in critical situations with a threat to life, with the rise of adrenaline. Now we are constantly on such adrenaline.

This activates the areas of our brain that can receive the signal of higher Light rays. This is how Divinity knocks on our personal life.

Metabolism has increased. We can lose several kilograms in a week. The appetite has completely changed. We began not to tolerate some products, up to nausea. “I want it, I don’t want it and I can’t” have grown to huge proportions.

Long-standing problems that we stubbornly ignored are increasingly surfacing, and require immediate study and termination. The negativity is rushing with terrible force, but it does not cause the same emotions; only the cold awareness and decision-making, and not snot and sentimentality.

There are no emotions. There is no attachment and no fear. There is Love, and responsibility, but no DRAMA at all. We feel as if, instead of slow Internet, 4G with rainbow illumination was turned on for us. It seems to be super cool, but somehow strange and not everything is clear yet on how to use it.

Rainbow Illumination

It seems that all this is about to end and a “normal” life will begin. But it doesn’t come. This does not prevent us from being what we should become.

Those who did not rise in this freqs’ wave will definitely rise in the next one. Every month such rises occur against the background of the key stelliums.

It used to be smoother, not so intense. And the new format was not so distinct. The transition to 4D/5D is not massive, but diffuse, strictly individual. Everyone uplifts in stages.

Many of us have been following the path of Spirituality for a long time, but do not experience even a hint of superpowers. Does it mean that we are hopeless? Or, no matter what, do we need to continue working on ourselves?

When the need for unity with the Source is not weaken, but increases with each step, such questions usually do not arise. But if our goal is to acquire magical abilities, then we do not need to turn to the Source for this, but to the System.

It gives them to us to exploit and tempt later, and we will succumb to its provocations or we will resist. A vivid example is the temptations of Jesus in the desert.

Temptations Of Jesus (Gustave Doré)

Spiritual ability is the ability to love without conditions, prohibitions, and restrictions. The state of Love is as natural for the owner of this spiritual ability and as inherent as the inherent fragrance of a flower.

Clairvoyance, clairaudience, all kinds of channeling with “Higher Powers” – these are “gifts” from the System. It can give a lot to the one it chose, calling itself by various sonorous names and easily responding to them: Jesus, Buddha, Karma Lord, a member of the White/Dark Brotherhood, the Supreme Intelligence, the Absolute, the Heavenly Father…

The information field of the Matrix can reproduce any visual and auditory image to impress the imagination of its “happy” chosen one, with whom it decided to play “in contact”.

Does this mean that the so-called “channelings” are contacts with the phantoms of the System?

For the most part, it is. Such interaction with the System threatens the channeller with loss of time, loss of his vital energy, loss of a chance to gain Life.


Such a person feeds an illusion. A huge number of hungry entities inhabited on the Subtle Plane of the System are ready to have dinner with such a deceived contactee in exchange for another message from certain “Forces of Light”, which, thanks to their intelligence, costs nothing to concoct any “revelation” on any “spiritual” topic so that the most advanced ego will not doubt its authenticity.

The words are all correct and transmitted smoothly and positively. How not to make mistakes is an arch-difficult and incredibly simple problem at the same time.

How to feel the falsity? A lie? A pretense? How do we distinguish real art from fake art? A talented work from a mediocre one? The original from the copy? An artificial flower from the real one? A wax doll from a living person?

Only the Living will feel the Living, and the Real – the Real. And for the sleepers, this surrogate of “spirituality” seems quite edible.

The ability to distinguish Truth from falsehood is an important capability that we have lost, taking the dead for the Living, the illusory for the genuine…

But learning to distinguish is very easy – we just have to raise our vibrations. And then we will once again make sure that the System is able to contact us only in the low-frequency range. At high, it is buggy.

On the Full Moon of September 10, Earth took another step in its transformation. With each cosmic event, the density of the planet is gaining more and more Source’s energies.

More Energies

As noted above, for several days before, during and after the Full Moon, many of us felt uncomfortable. But each of us is given as much opportunity to help ourselves and those around us – as much as we can absorb and put into work through ourselves.

We do not need to hurry, try to gain more energy than our body can accept and emit. It is important to comfortably get the quantum waves pouring from above, pass them into self and transmit them to others through our physical body, through our energy. This is how we help us to accept the Light and dissolve low-frequency energies around us.

Our Souls came to Earth at this time and in this incarnation to help the arrival of a new life on the planet. Sacred help, the Primordial Light of the Source, comes to each of us.


All constructions, patterns and programs, which parasitic forces loaded in us, are erased and reset to zero. Duality is leaving the Earth plane forever. We begin to free ourselves from the states of puppet hood, helplessness, dependence and vulnerability forcefully imposed on us.

Erased And Rest To Zero

At one time, many of us had implants, power blocks and other malicious devices inserted, which reduced our ability to receive and conduct the Light into ourselves, to work with the energies of the Source.

We can feel the release from this software in different ways. These may be symptoms of malaise or stress that we are used to living with all our lives.

Now, under the impact of incoming high-frequency streams, we have to learn all over again what we could, what we possessed. As a newborn child learns to slowly explore the world, and learns to walk – so many of us will gradually begin to join and learn a completely new 4D/5D reality.

To not shock us, the Veil will fall and dissipate very slowly, like the season's change, smoothly and consistently. Just as slowly, we will observe and get used to what will gradually open up to us.

This year there will be new energy events that we will need to get used to as consistently. Preparation for them continues non-stop 24/7. Our physical bodies are being renewed. The composition of the blood, lymph, and bone tissue are changing. The percentage of microflora content will be different.

Our energy is upgrading. It becomes more and more saturated with Light and becomes iridescent transparent, dissolving all the old, established colors of the chakras.

Colors Of The Chakras

Therefore, it is important to take care of self, and try to be less active if Solar or Lunar Eclipses, Full Moons, or the Sun's storms are approaching.

Earth is entering a new turning point in its history. All that we observe in nature – climate anomalies, a sharp change in the weather during the day, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and much more – is getting rid of accumulated negativity, and adjustment to higher frequencies of space.

The same process goes on inside each of us. For some, it is smooth and less noticeable, and for some, it is stormy and hard.

This intensive cleaning from 3D programs is forecasted until November 2022, and after and until December 21, a “month of silence” is expected. At this time, all our structures, plans, fields, and spaces will be calibrated according to the energies of the 4th dimension. We will have to observe, be aware of, and be amenable to this process.

The purge will be more at energy levels, rearranging our fields, bodies, and planes. The result will be noticed randomly. Events, reactions, emotions, and thoughts will not be the same as before in familiar situations.

After December, a “communication check” is possible. Our sensitivity in interaction with the new space will be tested. By spring, a new test mode of the 4th density will begin for us.

The peculiarity of this period is our interaction with space, when any movement, even physical, will be noticeably reflected on us and in the world around us. We will try in practice to live in 4D.


Awaken your Multidimensionality



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