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Gore, the twin planet of Earth

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

(this article is selected sections from many of Lev's publications)

This post is on an unusual topic. It is about Gore, the twin planet of Earth. Its other names are Antichthon, Vulcan.

There are several reasons to get to know it better.

The Local Universe’s Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, and positive space races have chosen Gore as the center of important meetings where they discuss helping Earth in the crucial period of the Great Quantum Transition into the new 5D world.

Many Galactic Committee meetings concerning us are also held on Gore. It is there that representatives of friendly space civilizations develop programs of joint action.

The big star family wants to share with us the best that they have. It includes technology, energy resources, social and educational programs designed for life in the fifth dimension. And even space fleet, in case air traffic on Earth is suddenly disrupted by natural disasters.

Why is it at Gore that preparations are being made for these events?

There are several reasons.

Gore, unlike us, has never descended into 3D and therefore managed to maintain the energy high purity and Divine nature although in the past there were wars.

On the Subtle Plane, Gore hosted the best human souls. There they continued to develop spiritually and create, for they were mostly extraordinary creative individuals.

While on Gore, they continued to help earthlings by communicating with their Higher Selves. Many returned to Earth in physical bodies to complete what they had not had time to do in their previous lives.

What does modern official astronomy know about Gore?

Not much. It is known that the planet is constantly at the opposite point of the Earth’s orbit (at the Lagrange point L3). It moves synchronously with us, being in 1:1 orbital resonance with the Earth, maintaining an unchanged position relative our planet.

It was discovered in the 17th century. Early in the morning on January 25, 1672, Giovanni Domenico Cassini, director of the Paris Observatory, observed a then-unknown new celestial body against the background of Venus next to the Sun.

On October 23, 1740, English astronomer James Short in the same area saw the same celestial object. On May 20, 1759, it was observed by the German astronomer Andreas Mayer, in 1761 by J.L.Lagrange and Jacques Montaigne, in 1764 by Roedkier, and in 1768 by Christian Horrebow…

Wobbling around the libration point, Gore occasionally emerges from behind the solar disk and becomes visible. It is impossible to see the planet even from the Moon. To fix it, one needs to fly 15 times farther away.

The libration point is very unstable. Even a small impact can move the planet sideways. This is why Gore is usually invisible.

The planet is located diametrically opposite to us, behind the Sun, so we cannot see it. Thus, the Egyptians perpetuated the information received from the Ancient Builder Race of our Local Universe.

It is preserved not only on the walls of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings but also in the cosmogony of the Neo-Pythagorean Philolaus.

While official astronomy does not know the details about Gore, it is well studied by travelers in the Subtle Bodies.

This planet is almost a copy of Earth in astronomical, natural, racial, and socio-political characteristics. It is at the level of Earth in the second half of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th century.

Gore is 0.98 astronomical units from the Sun. That is, its orbital radius is only 2% less than the average orbital radius of the Earth.

The plane of rotation (ecliptic) around the Sun makes an angle of only 16 degrees 05 minutes with the Earth.

The mass of the planet is 7% greater than the mass of the Earth. Its maximum diameter is 1.078 the equatorial diameter of our planet.

Gore has three natural satellites. The diameter of the largest one is about 40% of the diameter of the Moon.

The composition and gas content of Gore’s atmosphere is close to ours. Oxygen content is 18.8%, nitrogen 71.8%, carbon dioxide 3.4%, water vapor 0.5%, and inert and other gases 5.5%.

The duration of the year is 202 days. The day lasts 43.36 hours.

Gore hasn’t permanent polar caps consisting of ice and snow because these areas are periodically well heated.

The air temperature at one of them is on average plus 24 degrees Celsius, at the opposite – plus 22 degrees.

There is no clear division of the poles into north or south. Their presence is conditional, and here’s why. The angle of the axis inclination (precession angle) is 37 degrees and 39 minutes and continues to increase. For comparison: on Earth, it is 23 degrees and 17 minutes.

Our precession period is 25920 years. The Gore’s is only 1442 Earth years. With such equilibrium, the surface of the planet is heated more unevenly than ours.

The direction of the precession axis and the orbital axis are practically in the same plane. Thus, the poles for 1442 years are once at the point of maximum approach to the Sun and once at the point of maximum distance from it.

It leads to huge temperature drops at the poles during this period. The maximum positive air temperatures reach plus 126 degrees Celsius, the minimum – minus 106 degrees. In the wide equatorial belt, it is equal to an average of +23 degrees C.

Seas and oceans cover 63% of the planet’s surface, compared to 70.8% on Earth. There are seven continents on the Gore. Two of them are adjacent to the Polar region.

The continents occupy about 30% of the surface, and the rest are islands and archipelagos. The average height of the land above the ocean is 587 meters (875 meters on Earth), the maximum mountain peak is 6436 meters. The average depth of Gore’s oceans is 4060 meters, the maximum is 14140 meters.

Our planets are also similar in the structure of the Earth’s crust. Tectonic processes also take place in the mountains. The crust is divided into many continental and oceanic plates, which are in motion relative to each other.

The chemical composition of the ocean waters is the same as on the Earth. The average temperature of the water surface is +23 degrees Celsius.

On Gore deserts cover about 7% of the land area, forests 64%, mountains and rocky plateaus 28%, and others 1%.

The vegetable world is different from that of Earth. There are jungles, coniferous forests, mixed forests, and grasslands on the Gore. Absent are such species as cedar, pine, sequoia, birch and poplar, and coconut palms. Of the fruit trees, there are apple, pear, and banana trees.

The animal world is almost the same as ours. There are giraffes, wolves, bears, lions, crocodiles, and even some species of dinosaurs, saurians, up to 6 meters tall.

The population is more than 1.6 billion. They live on all continents, islands, archipelagos. But on the polar continents, in the circumpolar regions, due to harsh climatic conditions – less than 1%.

In the past, the settlement of Earth and Gloria occurred simultaneously and in the same way. Like us, there are Mongoloid, Negroid, Red, and White races.

Women are about 52%, men 48%. The average life expectancy for women is 67 years, for men 58 years. The average height for women is 169 cm, for men 171 cm.

There are 19 nations on the planet. They differ in their social structure. There are capitalist and socialist systems, monarchies, parliamentary republics, tribal systems.

The population of the largest state has 155 million people, the second-largest has over 120 million, and the third has about 115 million. But the leading state, which determines the policy of the rest, has 80 million people. Its top rank is due to the advanced (for their conditions) technologies, including the military. It is ruled by the national leader.

The countries differ sharply in their level of development, as they do on Earth. There are states with advanced industry, and backward, covered with jungle, where the population is engaged in hunting, fishing, and primitive tillage.

Developed states include 8 out of 19 states. They have metallurgy, manufacturing, and other industries. The country with a mixed racial population has been the most successful.

Divine Ethics

Of these eight, one state belongs to the Redskins. Three were founded by Mongoloid peoples. Two are populated by a Negro type. The other two have a mixed type population: white and other races.

Of the 19 nations, 17 are ruled by men. In two, a strong matriarchy is established based on the laws of Divine ethics.

Weapons are at the Earth’s level during World War I. Some developed countries have conventional small arms. There are no automatic weapons.

Gunpowder had already been invented, but Gore’s Nobel had not yet been born. In the regions at the lowest levels in use the spear, bow, sling, club, etc.

There is artillery, including self-propelled but no nuclear weapons, laser, and other modern systems. But chemical weapons are already available.

In the past, there were local military conflicts and one world war. It involved eight nations, killing about 260,000 people. But at this time, states formed friendly alliances. As a result, peace and stability were established.

There is no aviation, rockets, airplanes, or airships. But balloons have already been invented. On Gore, they don’t know what are an internal combustion engine, a diesel, and a jet engine.

Only the steam engine is used everywhere. All land transportation – railroads and automobiles – is based on steam traction. There are sailing and steamboat shipping.

Thermal energy for all types of steam engines is produced by reactors based on radioactive decay. How is it that a civilization without a conventional electric generator has nuclear compact reactors?

The reactors came from technology imported from Nibiru by the Annunaki. It was a time when they, as well as the Drakos and Reptiloid races, tried to establish control over Gore.

But in a fierce space war, the Light Forces drove them from the planet, taking it under their protection. A continuation of this war was the battles between the Gore’s allied Light and Dark Forces fighting in space. It was exactly like during the Second World War on Earth.

No engines are running on coal, gas, or petroleum products. No petroleum, oil, gas, and gas condensate fields on Gore at all.

They have deposits of fossil coal. It is not used for thermal power generation, but only in the metallurgical industry.

Civilization does not know what electric power is, a generator to produce it, or a DC battery. There are no power plants, transmission lines, or energy consumers.

There is no electric lighting, electrical appliances. Only vegetable oils are used for illumination.

The Goreans use wind power, for example in the flour-milling industry, as well as water power. Dams, barrages, and watermills have been built.

Agriculture grows crops, potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables. They don’t know what cabbage, carrots, and onions are.

Livestock is raised for food and is also used as vehicles and for tilling the land. Although in developed countries, self-propelled machinery is already used in agriculture.

Narcotic plant species are growing on the Gore, but they are not poppy, cannabis, or coca. They have no such problems like drug addiction, drunkenness, or alcoholism, although wine and ethyl alcohol are produced.

Cotton is grown, but not like ours, but in the form of a cotton tree. There is also something like linen. All fabrics are of vegetable origin. The chemical industry is in its infancy.

There is no pulp or paper industry. They haven’t technology for making paper. Instead, plant leaves, parchment, cloth, metal plates (copper, lead, and other metals), clay, and wooden tablets are used.

Postal service is provided by all modes of transport and on foot.

The inhabitants of the Gore speak nine languages (dialects). None of our modern Earth languages are similar to theirs. The exception is the language of the Maya, the Aztecs, which has something in common with them.

The Goreans have no movies, much less television. Cultural life consists of plays, songs, circus performances, and sometimes shamanistic rituals.

On Gloria there were and still are pockets of civilization similar to ours – in ancient Greece, Egypt, also created with the help of alien intelligence. The architecture is similar to Earth’s.

In one of the capitals, the largest cathedral is very similar to St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. The tallest buildings in the cities do not exceed 10 floors.

The population of most major cities is less than half a million people. The largest city has about 600,000 inhabitants.

The life of society resembles that of Earth. There are kindergartens, schools, universities, medicine, and diseases.

There is no polygamy in developed countries. But in matriarchal countries there is polyandry.

In economics, financial calculations use cash equivalents. Gold is not as important there as it is here. The most valuable metal is iron.

In the spiritual realm, they have only about 40 religious movements. We have over 5,500. Monotheism is predominant. There is no polytheism.

A very interesting is comparison between the Goreans and earthlings by the level of Souls development. What is it?

Each Soul is at a certain level of development, which is determined by its accumulated experience. The planetary school allows Souls to delve deeper into the energy, the depth of knowledge.

As in any school, there are levels and sub-levels of development. Lessons on the planets are learned at SIX LEVELS. Each is divided into sixteen degrees.

Lessons are learned gradually, building on each level. Until one lesson is learned, the Soul cannot continue with the next lessons, which require a higher experience and awareness.

The earlier the Soul reaches its development, the more difficult lessons it receives which cost it more and more energy.

Without the accumulated experience of previous levels, the Soul will not be able to pass more severe tests. Each lesson makes the Soul wiser, stronger and prepares it for the next tests (lessons).

The Soul is never born only in male or female incarnations. In most cases, to make full use of the lesson, the Soul must go through it in both males and females.

Some lessons Souls prefer to learn in the male body, others in the female. But how they are learned is entirely a personal choice for each Soul.

The Soul does not always choose the easiest path, because it is not always the best for its development. Brave Souls prefer the hardest one for study deeply and to get more experience from it.

On the FIRST and SECOND LEVELS of development, the Soul learns to survive and to adapt to life on the planet. It practices to build a home, care for it, provide food, and all things related to physical existence.

Soul Learns To Adapt

Almost all of the skills that help provide the material life to keep bodies healthy, nourished, and cared for are skills that are learned mostly in the first two levels of development.

These levels also teach many lessons about life creation and how to use sexual energy in a way that does not harm them or others.

The first two levels of development introduce Souls to the physical body and its characteristics. First, they learn how not to injure it, and then how it can heal it.

At the THIRD LEVEL of development, Souls learn to communicate and master their emotions. They learn to merge their energy with the energy of other Souls, and so they become stronger together, creating a whole with even greater breadth. The biggest obstacle Souls face at this level is the ability to master their ego.

It is the greatest test of successful socialization. But at the same time, it helps a lot by nudging Souls toward what they are striving for.

Thus, the Soul evolves in many directions, driven to some degree by the ego. In addition to encountering its ego, the Soul constantly encounters the egos of others’.

At this level, the Soul learns to love and to understand with love. When the Soul learns to control its ego, it can be of great help, but as long as it does not go to extremes that have negative consequences. The lesson with the ego has much to do with the Soul’s ability to control its emotions.

Soul Learns To Love

This level also teaches lessons related to life. The Soul learns to use its life force so that it can fulfill its missions on the planet. Sometimes Souls suffer from lifelessness. It is because they lack the skill to use their energy without wasting it.

The FOURTH LEVEL of development is one of the favorites for most Souls, where they feel best in the incarnation. Examples are people who devote their lives to being poets, musicians, artists, and other creative individuals.

This level also has to do with love for people, for nature, and all living beings. To describe this level in one sentence, it is learning to live with Love.

At the FIFTH LEVEL of development, it is sometimes very difficult for Souls. If in the first four they were mainly concerned with them, in the fifth’s the Soul performs more global missions aimed at helping large social groups. It is always associated with many hardships.

This level lifts the Soul, makes it stronger, and demonstrates its ability to overcome any difficulties in its path. It teaches the Soul not to bend to the world when it truly believes in the cause it serves.

Here the Soul learns to share the knowledge it has already accumulated with other Souls. In this way, it gains experience and confidence, which will be used in the sixth level of development, when it has more global missions to accomplish.

At the SIXTH LEVEL of development, Souls learn to use their energy for higher purposes. There, Souls often act as spiritual teachers who share their experiences with others. Almost all geniuses and sages are such Souls.

As they incarnate, they lead very humble lives, not standing out from others. But these lives are usually fraught with many difficulties and trials that help the Soul grow.

Lessons learned at the sixth level of development are unbearable for lower Souls because they require a lot of energy and wisdom to be successfully overcome.

Very often Souls of the sixth level go on space missions, helping other civilizations with new knowledge and experience on their way to the Great Quantum Transition.

On Gore planet the First level Souls are 22%, Second – 31%, Third – 18%, Fourth – 17%, Fifth – 12%, and Sixth – is 263.

For comparison, on Earth: First level – 54%, Second – 42%, Third – 3%, Fourth – 1%, Fifth – less than 1%, Sixth – only 83 people.

The comparison is NOT in Earth’s favor, given that Gore is almost a hundred years behind in its general development. But its civilization is a hundred years ahead of Earth’s spiritually.

That is why the Galactic Committee has chosen Gore as one of its bridgeheads to assist Earth in the Great Quantum Transition.

Part 2 about 5D Gore is here:

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