Fogs, Chemtrails and Nano-bots... Clean with water and.... DO NOT Consent that you are a "Victim"

We live in a very turbulent time. Please, this is my personal appeal to everyone, DO NOT Consent that you are a "victim". We are very powerful Creators and we create through our thoughts and feelings. No matter what event unfolds around us, we have our final decision and choice of my life experience. Be aware and watch closely what thoughts and feelings are your own and take responsibility as the Creator of what "meets" your life.

The information below is given only as a recommendation to those who understand what is happening and please let's remain healthy in heart, mind and soul and do NOT Consent that you are a "victim".


In the last couple of weeks, residents of many cities have begun to experience a strange allergy which has never happened before. The main symptoms are:

– Swelling of the mucous membrane, sore throat;

– Hard to breathe;

– Swollen red eyes (sometimes feels like a mask on the whole face);

– Itching on the face and gums, sometimes rash;

Symptoms often disappear when leaving the city.


Also, on the eve of the eclipse corridor (on April 30- May 1, 2022), attacks in dreams, on the Subtle Plane, and on the physical plane – in the form of negative events became more frequent.

To the surprise of many, the media sharply reduced publications under hype headlines from the series “the pandemic is expected to grow, deaths are predicted to increase” and massively switched the public’s attention to China and Ukraine, the scoops on hunger, gas, oil, etc.

And not a word about the strange allergy, as well as about the unusual fog that hung in the air these days and weeks, appearing out of nowhere. Fog usually occurs in cities. It can be of different colors, but often there is a yellowish-green shade with a smell of burning / metal / mold / chemicals.

When checking on the Subtle Plane, in the fog are seen the substances and entities, the origin and traces of which lead to Black Archons and their Dragos-Reptilian Hierarchy.


The devil’s zoo is constantly replenished, and they behave the same everywhere: to suck out more human energy to fuel the States’ egregores, and then, use the same energy to suppress the will and consciousness of people.

The substance of the fog is close to chemtrails, but it is not chemical, but energy, Portal, allowing to direct and distribute the zoo into space and the masses.

Each country has its degree of vulnerability, and depends on the predation of the local egregore, but distribution technologies have a single pattern.

Basically, the implementation goes into the nervous system and brain to drown out and disrupt the natural processes in the organism.

The rest depends on what entry points or weaknesses a person has.

Often, physiological symptoms may not appear at all. Psychological effects are more interesting to Darkis because it allow pumping out more energy, and bringing more chaos.

They suck consciousness down into a quagmire of apathy, depression, irritability, anger, pettiness, hopelessness, desire to divide into “us” and “them”. This is often accompanied by insomnia, cravings for alcohol, drugs and other stimulants.

Suddenly there is dislike and hatred for certain people, organizations or ideas, to which yesterday the attitude was neutral or friendly.

"Us" And "Them"

Erupts a suspicion, the search for the guilty, the desire to be rude, to incriminate, and to prove a case to a stupid opponent. Or, on the contrary, a strong wish to be proud, shout slogans in support, go to demonstrations, hang flags, ribbons and magic symbols in prominent places.

And, of course, fears. They are the ones the Darks work for the most. If a person has even the smallest fear, it makes itself felt in proportions incommensurable with the situation. Fear suppresses the glow of the Soul, and the darkness in the Soul is fertile ground for any plug-ins and possessors.

Shining Aura

The entities overflowing the fog do not distinguish between their victims, but primarily attack Lightwarriors and Lightworkers, who attract them by the aura shining. This is how one of them describes it (the narrative in the first person).

The fog hung around me, and with my Subtle vision I saw black clots flying in it. Hungry and angry, as if the Cerberus had been taken off the leash, and they rushed after the prey. Glowing men are special titbits for them.

Suddenly they enveloped me in a whirlwind, and I used all my strength to hold the defense and the core. It was like a war, an assault.

The Curators explained that, firstly, it was a new loading of the next dose of poison – live metal nano-bots to capture the central nervous system according to the program built into them. Secondly, the suppression of luminosity and conduction of high vibrations – Love and creativity, and put in a software “keep your head down, otherwise it will be bad.”