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Do you feel deep growing desire to move away from the Game? We are all multidimensional

We are all multidimensional and on the Subtle Plane consist of many parts. What is on Earth is only the smallest, though important fragment. What are these parts?

Our Soul is a Spark allocated by the Source, initially carrying Its Light in core, that ensures our existence.

Eons ago, the Source singled out this Spark and sent it into space to understand it and Itself. Eons later, It would receive it back, enriched with experience and knowledge. In Indian cosmogony, this is described as “the exhalation and inhalation of Brahma” or I chose to call it also "The Breath of the Source".

The Monad is the energy shell of the Soul for its maintenance, training and upgrading in various systems and dimensions of the Greater Cosmos.

Logos is a volitional impulse (Spirit) of the Soul, aimed at learning the new and other goals, existing as an independent energy entity.

The Higher Self is our energetic double on the Subtle Plane, the mediator between our Soul, Monad and us in the physical body.

The Personal Self is a symbiosis of our Ego, Mind and feelings for the period of living at this time and in this place to gain knowledge and experience for ourselves and the Source to deliver them to It, returning to It.

The boundless ocean of all seven Super Universes is filled with innumerable streams of Source’s Sparks and all their derivatives, which also form their complex, hierarchical structures and flows.


On the Subtle Plane, our Monads are seen as huge energy clots, resembling jellyfish-like creatures with threads and tentacles. These are Logos and their sub-Logos that permeate the dimensions, leaving their manifestation bodies in many, including on 3D Earth.

One of these manifestation bodies of the Logos-Monad-Soul “vertical” (multiverse) is you and me.

Through us, with the help of a tentacle-thread, our Logos, Monad, and Soul here and now absorb all the experience of feelings, thoughts and actions in this 3D environment, one of the most toxic in the entire Local Universe.


This supreme trinity does everything not to pick up a poisonous Drakos-Reptilian infection from us, exerting a lot of effort so that we ourselves do not radiate and accumulate it, killing ourselves and everything around us on Earth and in space.

If we persistently continue to do this according to our free will and choice freedom, we are simply shot off from of our multidimensional body, like a spent rocket stage, leaving us to rot and die from our own infection.

The Monad’s threads penetrate not only the lower dimensions, but part stretches upwards, to the larger collective Souls-Logos – of planets, Stars, Constellations, Galaxies, Local Universes…and so on, up to the very Primary Logos – of the Source.

This is the essence of our upgrading, from small to large. And, on the contrary, from macro to micro, that explains the appearance on Earth of Souls whose manifestation bodies were once the Stars, Constellations and even Galaxies.

Monads Coming To Earth

Meditating or praying, we link by our multidimensional vertical (multiverse) to our Soul-Monad, and, further, to the Source. When we pray, the Source listens to us; when meditate, we listen to It.

To gain a new experience, our Monad, with the help of its tentacle-threads, embodies us in one of two ways: synchronous incarnation or singular incarnation.

In the first case, it is a lot of incarnations at the same time, a fast cycle, in many dimensions, places and timelines at once. At the level of Monads, Time is not linear, but spherical, where the past, present and future are at the same point.

A singular incarnation is just one incarnation, a slow cycle. In this case, the Monad-Souls begin to gather experience gradually, singling with the help of Logos the bodies of manifestation in elementals, then, in plants, after that in animals, and finally in man.

To gain experience at the human level, 70-80 incarnations are usually enough, with intervals between them from several Earthly days, decades or centuries. But no more than 2 thousand years, otherwise the acquired experience is lost. Entities that have arrived on Earth with a higher mission incarnate here hundreds of times. One of the leaders of the LFs’ the ground team has been embodied more than 500 times.

Simultaneous incarnations allow collect experience faster. This requires a certain maturity of the Soul-Monad, because not each can withstand the processing of so many embodiments at the same time.

In such cases, many threads-incarnations are scattered in time but are present in parallel in all layers of the past, present and future. This spherical Time is similar to a spiral roll or a reel of tape.

Spherical Time Spiral

With a synchronous cycle, the Monad launches many Logos tentacles into all sectors of the rolled-up Time coil at once, scans and absorbs all the contents of spiral in one go.

This is much more difficult, but it gives a very quick result. Sort of a player, in which instead of one reader there are several thousand laser beams that can read the entire disk in a few seconds.

Not all Monads are ready to this. Only experienced, brave and have already tried a sequential singular reading once.

Those of us who incarnate in a synchronous cycle usually do not remember our other embodiments. Their task is to get as diverse an experience as possible, balancing between polarities.

For some, the experience of incarnations will be low (rough vibrations, prevalence of negativity, service only to self); for others, it will be high (Spiritual vibrations, positive orientation, service to others).

Whatever life path we choose, it is important to trust our Soul. It knows exactly what kind of experience we came for this time on this planet.

Singular Embodiment

No matter what incarnation we are, and no matter what our path is, we will still eventually return to the realization of ourselves as the Supreme Soul, as the multidimensional Light Being, the Spark of the Source.

Synchronous Incarnations

Synchronous incarnations of the Soul, as noted above, usually, occurred in different epochs. The last incarnation that completes the cycle is not necessarily in 3D. For example, one of the basic (collecting rough experience) embodiments may be here and now, and the final one – somewhere in Ancient Greece or Babylon.

But information from one incarnation is instantly transmitted to the others, through the Soul-Monad. Therefore, now, when you read this text, all the embodiments of your Soul, wherever they are, receive (at least unconsciously) the same info. Hence our dreams, deja vu, meetings with our incarnated counterparts, while not always realizing who we see in front of us.

Today’s humanity is basically the Monads’ incarnations going through such synchronous cycles. They need everyone’s experience! There is no unnecessary or wasted one. In this sense, the Monad and its Logos are omnivorous.

Therefore, incarnations (people) don’t do mistakes – only delays. But the whole experience goes for the future.

The penultimate and last incarnations close the cycle, and the final one identifies itself with the Soul-Monad-Logos.

Usually, the last incarnations are enlightenment, going beyond the ordinary understanding. At the end of the cycle, the Monad rises to higher spheres of the Greater Cosmos (octaves of densities), unseen before.

Many Monads and Logos are now completing their cycle of gaining experience on 3D Earth. The Great Quantum Transition is the end of the cycle. Those who manage to pass it rise to higher octaves of the Subtle Plane. At the same time, the singulars (and those who were knocked off the synchronous path) will remain here to play further.

How can we determine at which level of incarnations – initial, intermediate or final – we are?

Basically, this is expressed in the extent to which bodily values prevail over Spiritual ones, and vice versa. Here are a few key indicators.

  • How much do we get carried away by interaction with the outside world, society?

  • How important for us the recognition of others, position in society, status?

  • How much do we get carried away by the technological possibilities of this world, including for creativity?

  • How seriously do we take events in the worlds around us?

  • Do we sometimes (or often) feel that everything that happens in 3D is just a Game?

  • Does it happen that we feel an underlying desire not to participate in the current events but only to observe them?

Worlds around us

Answering these questions to ourselves (only honestly), we can roughly determine where we are in the perspective of incarnations.

Often, people who feel (at first – unconsciously) their deep growing desire to move away from the Game, to stop getting carried away with its various aspects, over time, more and more acutely feel the fake of what is happening. When they have to obey, plunging into the next round of the Game, they internally suffer from a heartfelt unwillingness to do all this anymore.

We secretly see and feel how everything around us only seems real, but in fact it is soaked through with falsehood, pretense and absurdity.

These are typical signs of the final incarnation, preparation for exiting the Game. All the experience in 3D has already been collected, and the Soul-Monad is preparing to quit the Game to move to much higher densities.

In this case our future life will certainly lead us to an epiphany, and our Monad will provide us with all the ways and tools for self-awareness, followed by the completion of the Game.

Intermediate and initial incarnations, reading this text, are likely to be indignant, pour accusations and criticism. It is OK.

If we are passionate about the Game, then it is better for us to look for other texts, and continue to live as our Monad tells us here and now.

In other words, do not lead ourselves astray if we firmly feel that this is our Way. It is wrong to assume that the initial and intermediate incarnations are somehow worse than the final ones.

These are equally important stages of the same Path of us as the Supreme Being. One way or another, all our personifications will exist at the same Time, and eventually they will return to our Home, to the Source.

Multidimensionality allows for a multi-layered manifestation of individual or self-determining group choices, therefore we will witness diverse realities.

From what I feel, the fusion 3D-4D-5D reality is not solid. The old notion that we sow as a solid fixed collective manifestation is no longer valid. So let’s not waste any more time expecting and waiting for the “new result” to be “seen”, but rather to ride the wave of Change and experience every moment to the fullest … our self-discovering creative imagination and our always very deep desire for peace, joy and kindness are the best tools for the open opportunity for the quantum journey.

Let's read what other people share:

"Every individual is a universe on its own… more apparent than ever now. It’s truly fascinating to witness the intensity and extensity of such rapid changes. To such depth where I can witness it on my own, the changes within that would seem almost “impossible” from past perspective – yet they’re there in very short time, or even just one single moment. And before you’re even fully aware of it – you’re changed.

For example, the whole war situation changed a LOT of what I had “imprinted” within myself. It literally purged a lot of “two sides of same coin” scenarios and lots of pointless holding onto something that actually doesn’t have true value. It all changed just in one day … but it took weeks to finally have my mind accept the situation and what change has occurred…

At the surface, we maybe see wars, chaos and insecurity … but on deeper level, it’s liberation, decoupling from the old, dissolution of the old. And it’s really finding me even a bit surprised, of how it works … because even if I’m seemingly “ready” and aware of it, it finds such ways to thoroughly change something that seemed so stuck for so long time within."


"I see so clearly the old world destroying itself. There is nothing and no one to save, it’s the consciousness that must change. As long as we perceive an enemy to fight, we are back in dual mind. Good or bad, making judgments pits us on one side or the other, but to be drawn into battle is to lower our vibration and give into darkness once again.

This is their playing field and the parasitic Dark will keep providing reasons for people to fight each other, whether in physical life or on social media. I have never experienced such divisiveness in society, friend against friend, family members against each other, or organizations and groups fracturing because of a difference in opinion or belief.

Humanity has long been conditioned, programmed, even poisoned to think and act in this way. This is all they know, and most of them are guided by the mainstream media that is controlled by the Dark. It’s really sad how brainwashed most people are.

For those embracing 5D consciousness and unity, we can find ourselves very alone when we decide not to choose (or fight for) a certain position. I stand by my right to choose my own thoughts and to stand in my own sovereignty as a spiritual being. I am witnessing massive destruction and an unraveling of the old but do not feel it’s my role to be caught in the drama.

If you are unsure of what you need to do, or whether you should step into the fray, ask yourself: “what will bring me the most PEACE?” And there is your answer!

I like the description of “active observer,” because sometimes we feel compelled to step in. For me, it’s stepping in to say my piece, then stepping back out, and staying detached. It’s easy to get caught up in emotion, to feel like “fighting” against injustice but for those on a spiritual path, this ultimately does not serve us.

Often we show others by our example another way to be and to act. This is very powerful. I believe it’s also important not to “belong” to any group, especially now. We need to make our Spirit and what I call our “Divine Presence” a priority, or we will fall into the trap of compliance with others.

MUCH LOVE to everyone here as we continue to make our way Home."


Argorians Update 9 May, 2022

The space squadron of 25D Argorians continues to transport 5D Earth to a new vibrational orbit in the fifth dimension in the Gerios Galaxy, on the Star Oryx orbit.

From the destination point, throughout the Gaia multiverse from 12D to 3D, powerful quantum waves arrive on Earth, forming a new 4D/5D space and the distribution of Souls in different dimensions in accordance with the frequencies they emit.

Argorians are closely monitoring these processes through both the Siriusians’ Lunar bases in 23D and on the Moon’s neutrino twin.

The squadron is preparing for a new change of vibrations in the channel between dimensions. The ships complete the movement through the ninth stage of the cascade filter of the third spiral (of six in total).

The cleaning of 3D Earth continues. The necessary work is carried out. The energies of space are increasing. The repeater-converter on the Moon works at full capacity, directing the Star Oryx energies to the planet. They change the fields of Gaia and the entire near-Earth space enclosed in a protective cocoon of red energy ERMA.

Earth has already fully entered the fourth dimension, although many earthlings do not notice it. A new SOLARIS has fully developed, combining dimensions. The buffer 4D space completely disconnected from 3D and entered the next stage of 4-6 densities.

Now, the entire transit 4-dimensional world has begun to move into the worlds of the 6D quantum level. The Time programs have been completely replaced. The planet is shaking, and even those who do not believe what is happening feel it.

The squadron command carefully controls the route through the filter cascades between dimensions. Ships and the 3D-12D planetary multiverse are approaching the entrance to the cycle change point. This is a serious stage. The whole team of Argorians is in a state of tension and attention right now.


The desire to save as many earthlings as possible for the Transition to 4D/5D still faces serious difficulties. Many people are not interested in the problems of the planet. They are completely immersed in their small personal issues of everyday life. Hence crime, aggression, anger, grudge, and wars.

This is the legacy of the last, Third Atlantis, which is repeated in full bloom. There is nothing to do with such baggage on a five-dimensional planet.

To accelerate the destruction of the remnants of Atlantis on the Subtle Plane, the entire complex of 144 thousand pyramids is actively used. Earth cannot on its own to cope with the legacy of Black Archons and their Dracos-Reptiloids Hierarchy.

For a gradual and less harsh transformation of earthlings, habitat zones in some points of civilization are temporarily closed. The radiation system of the planet is being rebuilt from wave to pulse, preparing it for a new rhythm and systaltic energies.


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