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Disclosure - The 3D Control Structure of Earth and our current Soul Maturity

So far, the humanity was a voluntary (voluntary on higher levels of understanding, involuntary on lower levels) captive in a brig on a ship steered by parasitic and selfish entities. They were the “captain” of that ship, and their lackeys and goons were the crew. Now, were approaching the point when there will be no captain or crew aboard… just a captive who picked the lock and realized someone must be on a steering wheel navigating the ship otherwise it will hit the rocks.

I would suggest anyone who is still deeply into political, ideological or religious nonsense (and further programming, deception and dependencies) to detach themselves while they still have a chance for detachment with relatively less pain. Anyone who doesn't detach, I guess, will be pulled underneath the turbulent waves of changes as these false agendas sunk to the bottom. Because the programming of fear and pure deception will create illusion within them of “impending doom”. While it is exactly the opposite of it…

Kim Goguen Disclosure - Jun 27, 2022 - Disclosure - 3D Control Structure of Earth

Who your enemy on Earth REALLY IS?

Where are they now?

I think this year will continue with its “shock and awe” direction. It began like that, but it feels like it will end in opposite tone from attempts at fear. Its reaching the stage where certain global systems will simply break at seams. Ideologies, religions and “governments” are merely facades.

It may be sudden regain of clarity within the people which is capable to break the spell of illusion. For some, this already occurred.

I see these last days as days for preparation for new societies. But if there is sudden influx of even more clarity, then many more will know exactly what to do and when to do it.

The societies are traversing from collapsing emotional chaos of misery into a serene simplified existence of love and abundance. There is nothing to be afraid … at the contrary … there is everything to be joyful and happy about.

The goal of all cosmic society is diametrically opposite: during the general, multidimensional process of transition to 4D and 5D, to SAVE AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBIBLE, AVOIDING DEATH; to transform their Subtle and physical bodies for it.

Co-Creators, Galacom and friendly space races consider it as the most important point in their Earth’s agenda, and with that in mind they impact on all physical process on our planet.

Below are two summaries of monitoring and assessing the state of Gaia and earthlings.


A number of adjustments have been made to the implementation of the Great Quantum Transition and the 3D ascension of Earth and people.

The ascension means the formation, stabilization and final consolidation in a single integral fractal eon of the combined fields of the physical 3D Earth and its two Subtle Bodies in 4D and 5D.

In A Single Fractal Eon

All Logos of the 3D-13D Multiverse (chains of eleven Earths to Pleroma) consist of Gaia matter, except for the physical three-dimensional globe, impregnated with the karmic substance of Black Archons.

The ascension of the 3D Earth involves its cleansing and replacement of the Archons’ substance with the Gaia’s matter; plus, the full activation of 5D Matrix, an updated planetary Logos, new evolutionary programs, codes and energies.

It’s not ascension in the form of the disappearance “here” and the appearance “there”, in a higher dimension, but a full-fledged entry into the unified eon of 3D/4D/5D Earth.


To do this, all friendly space forces are intensively preparing the planet from outside. Together, they execute a comprehensive and multi-vector program.

Simultaneously and in parallel, they continue to upgrade earthlings for the Transition. This is done by a special team of Light civilizations under the Galactic Committee’s run.

The upgrading is carried out strictly addressed, with each specific person according to an individual program. It uses three main criteria. Only those who, by to their vibrations, have been divided into different frequency groups and got the right to continue evolution on Earth 4D and 5D are preparing for the Transition.

The main task in the prep is to upgrade the consciousness, physical and multidimensional human body to GUARANTEE A DIRECT ENTER 4D WITHOUT PASSING THROUGH DEATH.

Now, thanks to constant inner work, about 90% of transients (ascenders) have reached to this level.

Guaranteeing a Direct Enter

If someone does not succeed so far, they are given the opportunity to continue their preparation calmly.

Another program’s correction: significantly reduced requirements for the physical body. The minimum attribute for a direct Transition now is to maintain stable vibrations at least at the level of 4.1D; plus, an entry-level of the Subtle Bodies and the chakral system.

In many, their etheric body has become stronger and increased in size, so it easily retains high vibes and is a more capacious as energy-informational conductor and accumulator.

The physical corpus is also changing rapidly: bio-matter, cells, DNA, genetics, blood composition, lymphatic, bone and other systems. Tissues, organs, and glands of the endocrine system morphed. The physiological basis of the body passes from protein to silicon liquid crystalline. This restructuring has accelerated significantly.

For a real understanding of these facts it must be emphasized once more that with EACH transient, the work is carried out in a targeted, dosed manner, but according to a single methodology. All of them are periodically irradiated with quantum fluxes. They contain energy-information crystals (files) loaded with special programs developed by the Transition Curators.

This high-vibration software is loaded and unpacked in the physical and Subtle Bodies of a person, changing them in accordance with the time-varying parameters. Everything is done in stages, step by step preparing people to enter 4D.

All the old programs and energies are removed from them, and new, high-frequency ones are loaded. Sometimes people have a very hard time. Such states just need to live them through; clearly aware of what is happening.

Now, the 4D Earth field is more than 90% ready to receive transients. Most are already considered technically transitioned because their vibrations (assembly point) have reached 4.1D and higher. They are on the incarnation service of the four-dimensional Earth’s Logos, where their embodiments’ mechanism is moved.

By these two parameters, an assessment is made whether a person is ready for 4D or not. If the answer is yes, then the last step remains – the transition of the physical body there, and the change of habitat.

One more correction of the transition program is that not one Portal is now open for entry into 4D, as before, but three. They are located at the frequency levels of 4.1D (for beginners), 4.5D (for well-prepared) and 4.8 D (for perfectly ready).


The higher the Portal, the wider evolutionary possibilities await a man in 4D. Accordingly, the shorter his stay in the fourth dimension will be, the faster he will go further, to 5D Earth.

The 4D field is an intermediate buffer between 3D and 5D. For three-dimensional people, it is designed to prepare and adapt to the fifth density. For 5D entities, this is a “pressure chamber” and a gateway in 3D.

Sometimes it is necessary in both cases. For example, a number of cosmic races came to the physical Earth from high dimensions and, having completed their mission, return back through this channel.

Such migrations occur in the Greater Cosmos all the time. Some are descendant transformations: condensation of a Subtle Body in transitional 4D and materialization in 3D as physical body.

The reverse transformation is an ascendant when the transition from the third dimension to 5D is also carried out through the 4D adaptation field.

Currently, on Earth, applied an ascendant program: the physical corpus, ready for the Transition, are transformed into four-dimensional ones.



This is the first time occurs in the Local Universe. Matured for the Transition, are tempered with such energies that they can withstand 5D vibrations in their existing body. Including frequencies (assembly point) at a level not lower than 5.05D.

For it, they must have other DNA, genetics, organs, and the entire physical body. The upgrade is needed much higher than for the Transition to 4D, at least 4.8D of the third Portal’s threshold.


According to the Transition plan, the earthlings’ higher organs – the heart and lung started to alter. With the change in the Earth’s atmosphere, the cardiovascular system is being rebuilt.

Problems arise, and we are aware of them. The pressure of the energies is increasing, and we are constantly correcting them. Especially for those whose hearts are connected to a pacemaker. They are particularly hard to tolerate high-frequency flows. The main thing is not to worry and not to be afraid. Everything goes in sync with the planet.

In Sync With The Planet

Many people’s eyesight is deteriorating. It caused by changes in the brain and nervous system. The optic nerve is tuned to multidimensional vision, and the parts of the cerebrum responsible for this process are also transformed.

Cell renewal is ongoing. It is important to rest in time, helping the body to carry out internal processes of quantum changes. The more energy you absorb, the easier it will be for you. But everyone has problems at the cellular level. Your bodies are already morphed by 63%.

Argorians’ fleet continues to transfer 5D Earth to a new vibrational orbit via wormhole, through the fourth filter in the channel between dimensions. Its radiation, coming via the Multiverse to 3D Earth, changes people’s consciousness for a qualitative change in their body.

It’s very difficult to transform the matter of the three-dimensional world, but as practice has shown, it is possible. This process is slow, since each cell needs to be tuned to the new radiation range.

Tinnitus, impulses of energy charges in the body, and other unpleasant symptoms are caused by adaptation to high-frequency currents.

We carefully monitor the emerging imbalances, distortions and congestion of life support systems, and where necessary we switch to manual control of all living organisms.

Changes occur gradually. The cellular structure changes at the molecular level. RNA and DNA receive programs for transforming the whole organism. The blood software has changed, and by washing cells and organs, it activates new 4D codes.


Those who do not feel the transformation cannot change under the environment. This leads to a conflict of energies, to all systems and organs fail, which manifests itself in diseases. Everything depends on a man’s consciousness.

The new energies of the Oryx star in the Gerios Galaxy, where 5D Earth is moving, are charged by Intelligence l-gamma particles and enter your planet through 13D-3D Multiverse. If a person cannot perceive them, he will not be able to live in a new environment.

Radiation will increase. Coming from the Galaxy, it penetrates into all Earth’s structures, saturating and changing 3D matter. Everyone who refuses to transform, everything that is not viable leaves the planet. The Gaia’s energy literally pushes out of itself everything that doesn’t correspond to its new parameters. The Subtle Plan changes the dense one.

To 5D Orbit

The key element for the Transition is the Soul maturity. Many who passes into the fourth and fifth dimensions does ask: what am I suffering this for? Why is this all happening to me? Why do I have to put up with this all the time? Who can help me and how?

To gain sight of the general picture, it’s necessary to adequately perceive new information and knowledge, which are generously provided to everyone who is ready for them. This flow will only increase. “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

Thanks to constant inner work, about 90% of transients (ascenders) have reached to this level. For now, it’s 90% of predetermined to make a Transition. But the rest of the total population also has a chance, awakening and starting their inner work. Everything is still strictly individual.

For several millennia of the past Kali Yuga, our planet was ruled by alien civilizations. For them, the Galactic winter (following the Splintered terms) on Earth is the most relish, the sugar era, a heavenly space for evil activities to decompose people and harvest low-frequency crops. This is the era of involution and separation of energies.

Kali Yuga

The life expectancy of people decreased – up to a maximum of 100 years. There is a general economic and spiritual degradation; people show the most terrible and disgusting qualities. Their courage, intelligence and strength are weakening. Their behavior is controlled by anger, envy and ambition. Men become deceitful and observe only the appearance of love and morality.

Ultimately, the loss of Spiritual values and the oblivion of human duty turn against the bearers of Evil, hatred and vice. Rulers are no longer can keep people in obedience, to protect them from inside and outside. Evil and violence fill the whole world, destroying it completely.

Now the Law of the Dissolution of Darkness has come into full force on Earth. It is sharply accelerated by the planet’s exit from dense 3D and, through a high-frequency quantum shift, transition to Subtle 4D and 5D.

To Subtle 4D And 5D

Both processes significantly reinforce each other with their waves, creating an unprecedented energy environment on the planet. The scenario of human development has changed dramatically. We’ll never return to Samsara again.

The Source’s energy of Love, purity, Truth comes to Earth, decisively, finally, and irrevocably. The power on the planet passes to the numerous Light Hierarchs. It’s no longer a material but a Spiritual System, with a clear program of evolutionary upgrading, aimed at expanding to other dimensions and energies.

Each density has its civilizations. The higher is dimension, the higher is frequency of space and its substances; the faster changes, decision-making speed, and wider the choice freedom. Consciousness is more developed, perfect, structured, and responsible for its manifestation and influence on others.

All beings on the way to the Source strive to increase the Light in selves, and reduce the separation, the Darkness.

Only the Light makes it possible to merge with the One and Its Vital Energy. The more we pass Light through our bodies, the better indicator of our consciousness and maturity for 4D and 5D.

To Merge with Light

After the millennia of the Darks’ rule, good times are coming for us now. With our awakening and request for a new scenario of planetary life, we begin to dispel the Darkness.

It’s not viable and has no power, because it does not create anything, not produce but only consumes. The Light without Darkness will live quietly and penetrate deeply. A parasite without us is a dead parasite. And without a parasite we are healthy and free men. And therefore the Light is simply destined to completely defeat the Darkness, and, then, to fill the entire Earth and Local Universe.

Everything that blocks the movement of Light in us and in our world, distorts its structure and beauty, restrains brightness, saturation, sound and harmony. From now on, for us, all the Dark is uninteresting, boring, ugly, immoral and unproductive. And we voluntarily reject that crap as unworthy and unacceptable for the inhabitants of highly developed worlds.

Dispelling Darkness

Darkness doomed to go into spaces where pride and ignorance reign. Where it wasn’t yet recognized, and not figured out. Where they didn’t get enough of its deceptions and provocations, and did not finally slam the doors in front of it.

A lot of Higher Light Hierarchs, Ascended Masters and Curators, Galactic Comittee and friendly space races working hand in hand with ground teams of Lightwarriors and Lightworkers, helping us. With love and joy, they assist all the residents of a denser and low-freqs’ 3D.

In every possible way they try to awaken us, establish a strong connection with us, energetic and Spiritual, and through telepathic channels they load our consciousness and subconscious with the necessary information and knowledge.

In this way, through them, the Source restores its vertical run: from the Highest to the lowest, from Teachers to pupils, from caring parents to their beloved children.

Separated for a long time from our cosmic homeland and star families, who, as we were told, abandoned us to the mercy of fate, we are now being freed from this lie and are preparing with incredible enthusiasm to return to our former high-frequency dimensions, to our high-dimensional abodes.

To Our Space Home

It’s time for us to become mature. Learn to understand and distinguish between good and evil, truth and falsehood, justice and lawlessness, and move on to personal responsibility for our choice freedom and free will.

Parents teach us to walk, hold our hand for a while. But we have to take steps on our own, fall and get up ourselves too. No one will free us from personal experience of awareness.

Higher Light Hierarchy, despite all its merits, despite our trust and recognition in it, is not independent. It’s a part of One, inside a Single Higher Life Principle, Unity, The Source.

The main thing for us is to be in a Single Source’s Field, with Its Law, and uniform rules for everyone. This is the Essence of Unity. After the awakening in the Source, in the Truth, in One, everything else is perceived as not significant.

Originally, we were created in the image and likeness of The Source, that is, experienced, intelligent, strong and loving, perfect beings. The higher dimensions are the worlds of free personalities. Freedom is not in the sense of permissiveness, but in the sense of the right to choose.

We have the right to make the wrong choice, and even suffer greatly from its consequences. But this is provided for our development. It is important for us to realize it and immediately correct our mistakes and return to the Truth.

We are given a lot of freedom, but at the same time we are warned about the dangers on the path of life: “Everything is allowed, but everything isn’t beneficial. Everything is permitted, but everything doesn’t build others up.”

We can’t rely solely on the guidance of Higher Powers. Our personal choice and responsibility are decisive.

The Source doesn’t need apathetic, submissive, not having their own will and opinions, unfree individuals who meekly obey instructions from above. We have been given the Laws of the Universe and Spirituality to live by them and build our relationships: with The Source, with ourselves, with other people and Nature.

But to live our life, to recognize and feel the Truth, each of us must ONLY himself. There can be ups and downs, ignorance and research, trial and error, and, in the end, agreement with the Higher Laws of the Greater Cosmos. And it’s of utmost importance to always paddle our own canoe.

Smooth cruising and good luck for all of us in the Transition.


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