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Catching up with the Updates. You have to master new knowledge that previously wasn’t on the planet

On 29 January 2023, at 09:56 AM CET, the Argorians’ space fleet and Siriusians’ Lunar tracking base in 23D conveyed the latest monitoring update.

On the plateau of the Giza pyramid, ethereal formations of red-golden and blue ERFAGO energies are concentrating, which changes the frequencies of sound flows, and of blue FIADO waves, which stabilize the men’s mental upgrading.

Giza Pyramids

On a Subtle Plane, when viewed, it’s seen the disconnection of the energy platforms of the 4th dimension from 3D, and their subsequent modification for 6D. Intensive processing and removing of 3D matter by an ultrasonic transducer continues.

This accelerates the disclosure of a multi-layered space and the flow of energies into Solaris, where 4D, 5D and 6D’s power circulates. It helps to adapt to vibrations from the Gerios Galaxy coming to 3D Earth via the Multiverse.

Co-Creators strictly control the situation on the planet, according to the amendments of the Absolutes’ Plan. The Earthly world is divided into layers by their vibrations. Complex processes occur at the quantum level, and it’s necessary to constantly make adjustments to the Earth’s life support system.

Changes in planetary Intelligence also affect the Schumann Resonance indicators. The Earth’s consciousness has reached a six-dimensional level, but human civilization is far behind, and still emits low-frequency energies. The environmental parameters have changed a lot under high-frequencies impact, and your devices work on the range of the three-dimensional world. So think, how can you trust them?

Upgrading the earthlings’ consciousness is the main task set by Co-Creators. You will have to master new knowledge that previously wasn’t on the planet. But, first of all, it’s necessary to adjust the brain, correctly perceive signals from the power space of the planet. A separate block in the cerebral works to receive cosmic Intelligence particles. But to decipher the information correctly, EVERY molecule of your body has to change on atomic level. ALL OF THEM must correspond to the parameters of the received energy. And you still have a lot of different frequencies, which you can observe by your reactions.

Correspond To Received Frequencies

​Purification and transformation of the planet to the six-dimension is a very complex, meticulous and multi-stage work of Co-Creators. Human civilization is located in the densest layer of the planet, and in the entire history of existence, has accumulated a lot of heavy heritage. We have to constantly raise the energy layers and dissect them for purification, as there is still a lot of negativity.

Unique opportunities will be opened to people who are ready to perceive knowledge directly from the information layer of the planet, necessary for the future development of mankind. This will bring new discoveries to archaeologists that will expose a lot of lies, and more and more truth will come to the surface.

In order for clean water to fill the vessel, it must be cleansed from mud, which the stream pushes to the surface, and gradually renews the water inside. The same thing happens with you: old info is withdrawn from your cells and filled with new energy of the cosmic Gold Standard Codes. This is the quantum transformation of matter.

The molecular composition of air and water has already changed, which means that your body is starting to work to new standards. Your lungs are transforming, and that is why there are so many diseases of the respiratory system.

Since September 2022, Earth has been surrounded by a six-dimensional space that affects all living organisms. Earthlings have two options: either to help their body increase frequencies under new conditions, or to leave the planet.

Sixth Dimension

Fractals of the 5th and 6th dimensions are being actively built now. Earth is expanding its energy shells. It will no longer be possible to live in the old way, no matter how negative forces try to stop the Great Quantum Transition. You must understand that now is a very difficult time, but it’s necessary to go through it. The Earth’s space itself will continue to be intensively cleansed of everything that does not resonate with it. This is how the nature works.

We have eased the Transition as much as possible by dividing humanity into two groups: those who live by their 3D programs, and those who will live in a five-dimensional world. We want to highlight the fact that there are some misperception and inexactitudes, regarding the Transition from the 4th dimension to 5D. They contradict the principles of Greater Cosmos building.

The fourth dimension is connected to Solaris, where the energies of the three-dimensional world are concentrated. It’s a closed system. What should happen? As you know, the current Fifth Race ceases to exist. Therefore, Solaris 3D/4D was removed, we have disconnected it.

Right now, there is no Souls depot in the previous version. Each Soul is identified, valued and determined, consenting to its merits for ALL reincarnations in ALL five Earth’s civilizations. Great Judgment is underway. (but remember that in one lifetime we can clear all karma because it is evident in all our thoughts and feelings in the present moment. In a moment of Wisdom we can gain Freedom to change, delete or create. "Books" are not on the shelf, but in the heart plus awareness, deeply connected with your Soul)

In circumterrestrial orbit, Souls are accumulated on an energy platform and sent by modules to the Argorians and other friendly races spaceships for transportation to other destination in exact accordance with the Souls’ frequencies. This is how the grains are separated from chaff.

On Near Earth Orbit

Co-Creators have already built the 6th dimension, and 4D flows smoothly there. The future Solaris of the Sixth Race energies unites the 6th and 5th dimensions. First, from transitional 4D, the Soul must enter 6D, and only from there, can it incarnate in 5D. And, as you may know, fractals of the 5th dimension are still being formed, and they are in the power field of the planet in the form of the Absolutes’ thought forms.

The fifth dimension will descend to Earth when the planet is completely cleansed from karma and other negativity and will undergo a transformation. Therefore, you must better understand the structure and formation of dimensions in the Greater Cosmos.

Since January 2022, each of you is inside the individual transformational spheres. We can analyze what we’re observing now. The spheres are filled with your radiations. By their luminosity, we see who is at what level of vibrations.

Transformation Sphere

High standards are necessary for living in a five-dimensional world. You not only have to get rid from all the low qualities, but also constantly work on your thoughts, emotions and actions. Everything is in your hands, and we provide you with the conditions for development. Help and protection will always come, ask, work on self, and live consciously.

Everything that is not manifested in your subconscious will constantly rise to the surface of consciousness. Watch yourself. External conditions are catalysts for your Spiritual growth. This is your maturity test in front of the Absolutes and the Source.

Don’t be afraid of anything. Your Soul knows what awaits it. Trust your intuition more, and not the media, which mislead you and lead you astray.


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