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Awakening the Light Body Matrix via synergy of the geometric and sonic codes of creation

What we are facing in this present moment of Human history in the dawn of year 2020 is the grand planetary Ascension of consciousness that is underway. This grand Ascension require completely re-code the Starseeds and all human DNA with high-vibrational Central Sun energy so they will resonate at the 5D level, causing the observed reality matrix to vibrate at a higher, lighter, more pleasant and positive state! All physically perceived reality (an energy matrix) is a holographic, geometric projection of the energy transduced into it.

The energy coming into this new Earth matrix template is 40-hertz, 5D, gamma light data that originates from the galactic core in the Sagittarius constellation (the central sun!)

Think of this new 5D holographic Light Grid or Matrix as the new operating system for planet Earth!

The new Earth Light Matrix is generally strong and functional now and is ready to begin receiving the 4.5 billion Starseeds of Earth in the coming months and the rest of humanity, to follow!

Our Tachyon Chamber is extremely helpful tool to tune, calibrate and balance your current body/ mind/ soul vibrations to the new 5D holographic Light Grid. You are The Master of your own transformation and you are very welcome to come and experience the energetic calibration of what is still in imbalance in your energetic field.

Dear soul family, be aware that you have personally played and continue playing a big role in the formation of this new Earth Light Grid!

Let me present to you the amazing work done by the The Template production group ( Jiva & Juliet Carter) as additional tool for your transformation. They designed extremely powerful tool, which they called: The Template Ceremonies

"The map of the evolution of the Human entity into a sovereign being able to access any time or energy level in the universe is indelibly written into your genetic codes.

Your ability to activate and integrate the fullness of these codes is a question of energy pathways or electromagnetic circuits in the body.

The design and progression of The Template Ceremonies are a combination code which, through our natural resonance with Sacred Geometry, builds synergy with the vibratory infrastructure of the DNA, reconnecting bio-circuitry permanently.

These are processes that will assist you out of a fear-based perception of the present global situation and allow for a quantum shift."

"The Template ceremonies are a coded convergence of sound and geometry, which, together with the revelations of Humanity’s origins and history and the full potential of the immortal Human design, initiates a powerful and transformative journey into the past, the ability to courageously be conscious and grounded in the present, and an understanding of the future which we will collectively co-create through the resurrection of the light body."

The same as Tachyon chamber "The Template Ceremonies" video productions are using visual Sacred Geometry plus Sonic Codes which make the experience very powerful.

“Sacred geometry expresses in form the unfolding of life from seed to flower to fruit to seed

an infinitely manifesting, recurring structure. Geometry out-pictures and holds within it the sacred spiral, which in return creates and re-creates geometry. These co-creative forces are codes for each other. Together they are the code for the portal of infinite possibilities. Like the infinite reflections created by two facing mirrors, this fractal system holds the geometric keys to conscious evolution. Unity is the point at which the cogs and key in the lock harmonize to open and reveal what is inside. Geometry is the visual model of the unity within us and its relationship to our unlimited potential, individually, socially and universally.”

by Juliet Carter

The Template Ceremonies must be experienced in sequence, but not necessarily all at once.

The Template re-connection process restores 33 bio-circuits, through a spoken code and the presence of items of sacred geometry. It takes place in six phases in a series of coded ceremonies: C1, Original Innocence: C2, The 13th Circuit, The Sacred Marriage: C3, Sacred Breath: C4, Source: C5, The Temple of Time: C6, Worldbridger.

The design and progression of the ceremonies are initiate the return to wholeness, re-establishing our true identities and freeing us from the fear-based matrix that rules our deepest behavioral patterns, and connecting us to a new 5D holographic Light Grid.


Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Ether

The first ceremony starts the healing journey and establishes the emotional foundation on which to build our conscious evolution.

The circuits form a template of receptors in our body which specifically respond to the 5

Elements : Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Ether.


The 13th Circuit, The Sacred Marriage

‘Form is the shape of consciousness’

In the Synthesis or Sacred Marriage Ceremony, pathways of electro-magnetic life force are reinstated at both ends of the pranic tube – the occiput and the coccyx – reconnecting the 13th Circuit.

This Ceremony revisits the 5 Elements at a deeper level, in their ultra-organised geometric coherence. 22 basic Sacred Geometry 3D shapes are used to realign our being by providing the resonant frequencies of the higher physics of creation, reawakening the life mandate beyond the reach of genetic manipulation.

The alchemy of the male and female electro-magnetic potentiates activates and integrates the creative impulse into form.


The 6th Element

Stellar Radiance

The Sacred Breath Ceremony reconnects 7 respiratory circuits including the Lungs, the Umbilical and the Fontanelle through our natural resonance with stellar geometry, the ‘language of light’.

The reconnection of these circuits enables the pranic system to absorb the full spectrum of prana when we breathe. Breath is life.


The Ceremony to Clear and Protect is a quintessential core self reference Code that contains within it a distillation of all Template Ceremonies. Template Codes being layers of the codification of the quintessential core Human fractal blueprint prior to genetic modification.

Identity re-calibration is essential…daily. Some days hourly. It can be a murmured incantation of reassurance as you draw in your breath. I am the light. It can be experienced as a rush of gratitude as various fortunate circumstances culminate in a moment of release. I hold the light. It can be shouted at the shadows as they draw near. The light is with me always. And sometimes it gets too heavy and you need to look in the mirror and make it a Ceremony.

Juliet Carter

"We must have some ability to understand the implicate order of our own creation and, to some degree, the complexity of the reality in which we find ourselves. No living thing within creation exists in isolation. The interconnected, interactive, co-creative individual system of each entity is a fractal of the one holographic system that encompasses the subatomic to the multi-universal. Transcendence requires the resurrection of the dormant components within the Human hologram, to be re-embraced into the governing mechanism of the universal holography."

"The Human Soul Covenant contains a holonomic symbiotic code in which the Human is the sensory organ of planetary transcendence as Earth is the sensory organ for Human transcendence. The codes of the Template ceremonies resurrect our ability to translate and utilize, through our physical bodies, the language of light – to achieve, literally, en-light-enment. The Template is not for a spiritual elite but for everyone of any age, race or creed who wonder what is happening to our mother planet and to those who are sustained by Her: who feel, however dimly, the stirrings of the remembrance of their quintessential identity."

I founded the presented Ceremonies together with the Tachyon Chamber as essential tools in the process of historical planetary transformation.

Much Love for all of you,


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