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Astrology in May 2022 - Cosmic Tornadoes

The cosmic fire furnace continues its cleaning work on Earth.

On April 20, the Sun moved into Taurus, opening with its powerful energies the eclipse season of a new cycle on the Taurus-Scorpio axis which will last until the new moon on May 30, 2022.

Cosmic Fire Furnace

Both spring eclipses are on Uranus, and therefore not only maximally aggravate all the conflicts and contradictions smoldering on the planet to finally resolve them, but also give an unprecedented acceleration to the events and processes of the civilization’s renewal.

Why the season? What does this concept mean?

Solar and Lunar eclipses, as a rule, occur in pairs with an interval of two weeks. The length of each eclipse season, that is, the time when the entire series takes place, is on average 35 days.

The seasons are repeated every six months. In 2022, there are two of them: in April-May and October-November.

Each is an important turning point in the key events of the year. Through an acute crisis and tense cosmic tornados, systemic reforms of the world order and our life models will take place, despite all attempts to prevent it.

The 2022 spring eclipse season opened on April 20, 2022, with the ingression of the Sun into Taurus at 02:24 UTC, and will end on May 30, 2022 at 11:30 UTC with a new moon at 10 degrees Gemini.

We have entered a period of high predestination and fatality. All choices and decisions at this time will be of great importance and determine our lives: for the majority within one year, for the rest – for the next 9.5-18.5 years.

This season, which will last 40 days, has two eclipses: Solar – April 30, 2022 at 20:42 UTC at 10 ° Taurus 28′, and Lunar – May 16, 2022 at 04:13 UTC at 25 ° Scorpio 18′.

Partial Solar Eclipse On 30 April 2022

Their impact is not the same. Solar eclipses launch a new stage of life which is often accompanied by a crisis of public and personal consciousness, a rupture of previous patterns, behavior and scenarios, a reassessment of internal values and external goals.

A new cycle is emerging, and everything outdated loses its significance and gradually goes away. Much has not yet been determined, since the energy of the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon is in the earliest phase, and all the main things will be revealed later.

Lunar eclipses affect our emotions and fundamental, unconscious habits. Depending on whether it occurs two weeks earlier or two weeks later than the Solar one, it can manifest itself, in the first case, as the termination of the past life stage; and in the second case, in the form of a crisis of the new program fulfillment that was launched by Solar eclipse.

The first season, which started in spring, not only defines the theme of the entire cycle of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio until the end of 2023, but also gives a start to renewal programs.

As a powerful energy factor, the axis of the Lunar Nodes fixes the vector of development. When during eclipses the Sun, Moon and Earth line up on this axis, a favorable, key turn occurs, and we can radically change our lives.

At this moment, we choose the path: either ascending which is indicated by the Northern Lunar Node (Rahu), or descending which is pushed by the Southern Lunar Node (Ketu).

We either decide to get a new experience that develops us, or continue to go with the flow, obeying imposed stereotypes.

Lunar Nodes

This season, such a turning point will be May 13, the day when the energies of the Sun will be in exact connection with the vibrations of the rising Lunar Node.

Due to the distance from the latter, Solar eclipse on April 30 was partial, and the Lunar eclipse on May 16 will be total, and therefore stronger in impact.

The axis of the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio is associated with the evolutionary cycle of life and death, prosperity and destruction, material stability and insecurity.

The energies of Taurus help to create, preserve, accumulate and stabilize; and the vibrations of Scorpio ease to transform, destroy, take risks, and fight.

As with any polarity, both directions are the same in their opposite: without dynamic development, stagnation and degradation occur; without stabilizing preservation of what has been achieved and accumulation of resources, the risks of crisis and instability increase.

The Same In Their Opposite

The cosmic energies of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio from November 2021 to November 2023 accelerate the transformation of Earth and humanity, removing destructive, and dead-end programs, generating potentially valuable, and opening up new opportunities and new life on the planet.

While the Nodes will be on the Taurus-Scorpio axis until July 18, 2023, the main thing for us should be the desire for creation, stability, security, and reliable relationships (the energy of the Northern Lunar Node in Taurus).

This can be achieved only through deep transformation, getting rid of ball and chain of outdated concepts and programs, as well as through the will, the ability to fight, overcome crises and the ability to maintain a balance of material and Spiritual (fundamental vibrations of the Southern Lunar Node in Scorpio).

The connection of the Lunar Nodes with the quadrature of Saturn and Uranus gives the current crisis a special dynamic.

To Get Rid of Ball and Chain

FIRSTLY, the entire cycle of eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis in 2022 is accompanied by an acute collision of the energies of two antagonist planets – Saturn and Uranus.

Their vibrations, under the influence of eclipses, will not only continue to deeply and dramatically reform the world order and our habitual life through an acute crisis, but will also intensify even more.

Whose energies will prevail will be determined by a new factor that charges all conflicts with crisis, explosive energy throughout 2022 – the connection of the Northern Lunar Node (the vector of the evolution of society) with the innovator-revolutionary Uranus.

Uranus emits powerful vibrations of the struggle for freedom, independence, democratic values, and progress.

These are the energies of renewal and unity, purifying zeroing and the birth of a completely new Aquarian reality – sustainability, security, breakthrough ideas, technologies, and inventions.

Vibes of Freedom

Together with the builder Saturn in Aquarius, laying a fundamentally different stability and foundation on Earth, these energies will continue to change the Reptilian 3D world, destroying and sweeping away everything in their path that no longer corresponds to the high-frequency Aquarius.

The situation on the planet reached its greatest tension in March and will continue until November, when Saturn forms a tau square with the Lunar Nodes (the exact aspect occurred on April 13), and the peak of dynamics will happen in July-August, between the seasons of eclipses.

At this time, the vibrations of Uranus will connect with the energies of the Northern Lunar Node and Mars (the exact date of the triple junction is July 31-August 1, 2022). This will be the midpoint between eclipses (it will coincide with the new moon in Leo on July 28), and also an important turning point of the year with explosive and unpredictable dynamics.

Denouement of the Global Conflict

The midpoint will determine the further trajectory of events that will lead to the denouement of the global West-East conflict during the eclipses of October-November.

The energies of Uranus have a great destructive power, capable of completely zeroing out and clearing space if it is “slagged” with outdated goals and programs that slow down development.

The vibrations of Taurus, along which Uranus is transiting, and where the first Solar eclipse took place on April 30, create a comfort zone, our cozy material world, established ties and close relationships with other people.

If we have not updated anything in our lives for a long time, stubbornly clung to stability and immutability, then Uranus with its frequencies, enhanced by the energies of eclipses, can give us a strong shake, cleaning, pulling out of the comfort zone, zeroing everything that we did not dare to change ourselves.

Zeroing Everything

If we can destroy what is outdated in time, move from stagnation to development, are not afraid to take risks and experiment, are connected with technology, science, forecasting, future projects, are fond of technology and esotericism, love to philosophize and dream, then under the impact of the energies of eclipses on Uranus, we will quickly rise to a new qualitative level.

The Solar eclipse on April 30 on Uranus launched new global events, and the Lunar eclipse on May 16 will show how viable they are. It will occur during the opposition of the energies of the Moon and Uranus, and in the quadrature to Saturn, when the tau square is formed (the exact aspect of the Sun and Saturn is on May 15).

Therefore, we will either be able to overcome some important milestone, a powerful transformation through over-risk and over-effort, relying on our patience, perseverance, consistency, responsible, thoughtful approach, and professionalism; or we will face a sharp, unexpected, extremely painful and destructive collapse of plans that will block our further development.

SECONDLY, the Sun will be in a sextile with Mars for the entire eclipse season, and Mars will be in a sextile with Uranus (aspects’ peak on May 4-7).

In positive scenarios, the energies of these stelliums will charge all our aspirations with a great penetrating force, help us achieve goals and get the desired result.

Achieve Goals

Being in conjunction with the energies of the Sun, Mars forms a sextile on Pluto (the exact aspect on April 22), then it will move to its Aries sign (on May 24), where it is strongest, and there will connect with the vibrations of Jupiter (the exact aspect is on May 28). This will increase its power and activity at times, and we are going to have a very conflicting time, filled with pronounced aggressiveness.

THIRDLY, Mercury’s retrograde loop will complicate and slow down many events. Therefore, it is not worth starting something fundamentally new, making decisions and actively acting throughout the eclipse season (until the end of May), if there is no doubt about the choice made, or anxiety and uncertainty remain, the risks of major mistakes with long-lasting consequences are high.

On April 27, Mercury entered the retro loop at the 25th degree of Taurus and will exit it on June 18 at the 5th degree of Gemini. All events during this period will take their final form only after the transition of Mercury to direct motion. And the bundle of Taurus and Gemini will make the main theme the reboot of the stability and security program.

From May 10 to June 3, during the retro loop of Mercury, there will be a particularly difficult time when many things in our life will unexpectedly change – be updated, reset, destroyed or blocked under the influence of vibrations of the total Lunar eclipse in Scorpio in tense aspects to the energies of Uranus and Saturn.

Especially important are the days when Mercury will connect with the Sun, burning in its fire furnace old plans, programs and models. This period will last from May 15 to May 30, with a peak on May 21 at 1 degree Gemini at 19:18 UTC.

To Burn Old Programs

Therefore, by May 20, it is advisable to complete all the work, started on the last connection of Mercury and the Sun on January 23, 2022 or earlier, and to kick off a new one only after their new connection but only if it is well planned and prepared in advance.

Despite the complex and tense events on planet, Mercury, during its retrograde loop, will form only stable, long-lasting and harmonious connections with Pluto (the exact aspect will be repeated on May 25 and June 10), Venus (on May 6), and Mars (on May 24). It will give the changes a powerful transformational potential, energy, pressure, and constructive orientation.

During the formation of a new cycle, the vibrations of the Sun and Mercury make a favorable sextile to Jupiter (exact aspects on May 20 and 23).

This opens up great opportunities if clear goals and strategies for achieving them are defined.

Otherwise, there is a high risk of getting stuck in unrealistic plans and, as a result, being left with a broken trough.

A particularly harmonious combination of the energies of Mercury and the Sun with Jupiter will occur when the latter moves from problematic Pisces to an initiative, fiery and determined Aries on May 10.

It will cause a sharp change of vibes that affect goal-setting and development, accelerate the implementation of the plan, where initiative, leadership and pressure are very important.

For the entire period, Jupiter is in conjunction with Pluto (the exact aspect on May 3).

Combining, they form the energy of enlargement, strengthening, scaling and dynamic development of both positive and negative factors.

FOURTH, during the entire eclipse season, the harmonious aspects of Mercury and the Sun will be in a stable bisextile on Neptune.

In its highest manifestation, this planet radiates the frequencies of Spirituality, Faith, Love, and Beauty, and in the lowest vibrations – all the dirt, mud, deception and meanness of the Reptilian 3D world.

Neptune, in turn, forms harmonious aspects to the Lunar Nodes, giving events a special depth and predestination, tied not only to the karma of our Soul, but also to the karma of the genus, nation and country. Also, Jupiter, Venus and Mars successively pass through the connection with Neptune during the eclipse season by their energies will give the events a clear focus.

The combination of many planetary and zodiac energies opens up a lot of positive opportunities. But only spiritually mature nations and individuals who have come to this with maximum awareness, a clear understanding of their path, and a willingness to make a breakthrough to global, inspiring goals will be able to use them. Otherwise, large-scale disappointments and losses cannot be avoided.

Harmonious Energies

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