Are you Starseed or/ and incarnated aspect of Co-Creators?

Today on Earth there are more than one billion Starseeds from other worlds. They are also called Star Children, Indigo, Crystalline Kids, Rainbow Children, Lightwarriors, Lightworkers, Wanderers, etc.

They came from the constellations of the Pleiades, Cygnus, Taurus, Altair, Virgo, Eagle, Alpha Centauri, Tau Ceti and other Constellations. Before that, they often first stay on the 5D planet Gore, studying Earth’s society and the physical world.

Many remember their past lives and show extraordinary abilities from an early age. Others like earthlings have lived here hundreds of incarnations but don’t understand their purpose and mission.

They feel that something is wrong in their lives that they do not know very important things about themselves, and that Earth is not their home.

They are strangers to earthly manners, people, and sometimes laws, but they can’t get what is going on.

These Souls have been coming to Earth since the 1950s. And the reasons for it were very important at that time.

Atomic Explosion

The started atomic tests in the 1940s showed our moral and Spiritual failure and unwillingness to change in the right direction. But the laws of the Greater Cosmos forbade interfering with evolution and violating our free will.

Atomic explosions caused enormous damage to Earth and the Local Universe. They broke the Matrix between worlds and threatened to destroy other evolutionary platforms in outer space.

Each nuclear explosion tore thousands of Souls on the Subtle Plane into many fragments which couldn’t be a single whole. That is why so many defective entities are incarnating on Earth. Only very recently Co-Creators started to solve this problem.

With the onset of the New Galactic Year and the acceleration of Earth’s Great Quantum Transition from 3D to 5D, the role of the Starseeds has increased significantly and become more complex.

Before departure to our planet, they fully aware of where, why, and on what terms they are coming.

Volunteers accept a complete shutdown of memory and all the resources they used in the other dimensions they originally inhabited. They agree to work in the most aggressive and toxic environment that exists in the Local Universe.

To Pass The Test

That is why Starseeds undergo rigorous training and examinations before arriving on Earth.

They must show that they have the necessary experience to accomplish the mission and will not deviate from it for any reason.

Starseeds have to prove that they can withstand any Archons and Dark Forces’ attacks to hinder their mission at all costs.

What exactly is the test?

The over obstacle course is carrying out in holographic reality chambers that recreate the reality of 3D Earth with 100% accuracy. Once inside, volunteers are bombarding with the thought-forms, emotions, and energies they will encounter on our planet.

The test consists of three parts.

In the first phase, the situations in which Starseed finds himself are toughing from the start. Co-Creators watch how he behaves and what his reactions are to the challenges he faces. After each of his reactions to another provocation, he is automatically grading. It indicates how well-suited Starseed is for future work. The total score is displaying at the end of all tests.

In the second stage in the holographic simulation, the volunteer encounters beings and energies that will confront him during the mission on Earth’s physical and the Subtle Plane.

He is going through spiritual persecution, physical violence, energies attacks by countless embodied and disembodied entities. They are trying to subjugate or neutralize him and to thwart his mission.

As in the first stage, here, too, a grade is automatically assigned according to the examinee’s behavior.

The most difficult is the third stage. The volunteer put to the test in the form of a romantic relationship and great emotional attachment.

When carrying out a mission, these relationships and connections can hinder and even derail the mission. Starseed has to make a hard choice between his beloved and the duty.

During this examination, in a simulated incarnation, the volunteers fulfill their mission with dedication and devotion. Their dearest or family members strongly oppose it. They disbelieve and even despise and draw a line in the sand: it’s either they or the job Starseed is doing.

At The Bifurcation

This bifurcation becomes so unbearable that despair sets. What to choose? The mission or a part of the Heart, given to most cherished?

At this fork, many test subjects drop out. It is too hard to give up those with whom Starseeds deeply grow together in Soul and Spirit.

It is the decisive moment – to abandon the mission or to continue it no matter what. The decision is evaluating according to the strictest criteria.

At the end of the three phases, the total balls are summing up. Starseed passes the test only if he scores no less than 99.5 points out of 100.

But the exam does not end there. Starseed must take the second round of tests on the holographic reality simulator in which the conditions are twofold toughened.

Even if a Starseed passes the exam both times, there is no guarantee that he can complete his mission.

Many have failed and lost themselves in pain, fear, loneliness, and hopelessness that fill their lives on Earth. No matter how perfect and realistic a holographic simulation is, nothing compares to direct immersion in our 3D reality.

What happens next?

On Earth, in different places or countries, the next scheduled group of Starseeds incarnates. They are each given pieces of information about their shared mission.

To get the whole picture, they need to gather all the team members or establish a direct connection. Only then can they move on to the next level of the mission.

Restore The Contacts

Many Star teams carry enormous amounts of information and tasks. It is impossible to assemble the complete picture alone, for each is responsible for their part of the puzzle, and the team must put the whole picture together. It is a way to be passed by the 3D Matrix.

To establish who and where located geographically, information is allowed to be given to team members in public, in plain text.

Outsiders who are not ready will not perceive it and will ignore it.

But as the energies of each team’s members are fit and initially mutually attuned, they will sooner or later recognize each other.

Everything develops at its own pace. It is necessary to stay in the public space, communicate on websites and in groups, share information, and gradually re-establish contact.

To speed things up, sometimes an opposing side is given with whom Starseeds must fight and prove their position.

It is the same team that members also need to be put together to perform a similar mission. In confronting, each side gains experience and maturity.

Each Starseed receives an individual plan of development for the general stay and each incarnation on Earth.

They can choose it for themselves initially as a preview of a future embodiment.

When passing a certain number of incarnations, the energies of other teams’ members are superimposing on the plan. It distorts the luminosity and disrupts the energy pre-settings.

Pre-Set Energies

To find each other, Starseeds’ luminosity-energy-vibrations must assume the parameters set before entering Earth. It is allowed to replace one team member with another if the energies change.

Swapped energy without impurities, Starseed can join the team that matched in vibration.

Staying on Earth in a physical body, Starseed preserves the Divine consciousness. Passing a certain level (i.e. getting the necessary experience in the required number of incarnations), a channel is opened to him, or some abilities or he remembers the information embedded in him.

As a test, faux-negative entities can connect to the channel and pour in the wrong information. Starseed must learn to separate “yours from not yours”.

Those who are particularly active may be disconnected from the channel to slow them down a bit. It is how they learn patience and to accept the situation.

When the rest of the team begins to arrive, the channel will open gradually. They won’t receive everything at once. The mind and physical body have the step by step to get used to the new energies.

Everything happens on time. The more team members get involved, the more it is reflected in the energy they radiate. They begin to glow.

It turns on and bugs everyone who comes into contact with them, including other Star teams.

If they haven’t yet mastered all they need to go through on Earth, they won’t be ready for the mission, and the channel will not open for them.

Once they begin to feel and see what is happening on other planes, it will be all new to them, and at first, could be seen as hostile. But everything develops according to a set plan.

The goal for everyone is the same – to withstand and upgrade.

For reassurance and encouragement, hints or helpers are given that lead in the right direction to the next level. To get it, Starseed must learn to see such cues.

How many of these levels, in what spaces and dimensions not disclosed as they differ for each Starseed.

At a certain period of life, Starseeds have to go alone. All alone. No one can do it in their place. It is not a beaten path where someone else can lead them.

For such Star teams, their informing of the processes taking place, awakening, deep understanding of themselves and their kind, and further constructive interaction that the Galactic Committee now has the greatest hopes.

Maybe you are one of the co-creators?

Among incarnated on Earth, Co-Creators, or rather aspects of them, are the key figures, the architects of our reality, who gave birth to Earth and humanity.

They participated in all additions to this space project on various levels, and have now returned to see the results. Some of the Co-Creators are supervising the experiment all along.

Some of them created human bodies and today are engaged in medicine and genetics as a "Vessel experts". Some were Architects of Time-lines and Matrix programs, and work in science today.

Many come from other Local and Super Universes. They work on clusters of Galaxies and Constellations, Large and Small Sectors of the Greater Cosmos.

However, not everyone follows the initially chosen plans for incarnation on Earth. Some limit themselves to the role of Observers, remaining on the Subtle Plane.

The percentage of such Souls in physical bodies is very small – no more than 5%, but rather less than 1%.


Many high-level Souls are considered candidates for Architect’s rights, but not many get it.

Many are called, but few are chosen, for the percentage of those awakened among them today is low.

In many cases, the Souls of the cosmic and Universal levels cannot remember their true (extraterrestrial) essence and purpose. It is necessary to maintain the balance of their personality so that the Ego does not get infected with the star sickness and superiority complex, or as part of their training program.

Memory, however, returns as new levels are passed. Galactic Committee’s efforts are aimed at helping them master these levels with the most open and informed consciousness.

There is also another level of incarnates who have hidden knowledge about the true nature of man and Earth experiments, its objectives, and possibilities. For various purposes, they conceal this information from earthlings.

This refers to Black Archons, Dark Hierarchs, and negative cosmic races. They still try to control civilization, save hierarchy, block progress, continue parasitizing the population, and cut off access to true information.

Among this group are individuals who can incarnate in certain families from life to life, who have “super” capabilities (for example, longer life), and who have access to extraterrestrial technology.

A hierarchy of these now openly opposing each other clans also includes the cosmic and Universal levels. But this hierarchy is rapidly crumbling before our eyes.

That process accelerated after the former Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator and many of his Hierarchs – Lucifer, Kali, Lilith, Yaltabaoth (now – Yaltabael) returned to the Light Side.

Others, like Satan, are forbidden to incarnate on Earth. They are forced to remain on the Saturn’s Subtle Plane, one of their few reservations.

Co-Creators incarnated on Earth include Wanderers. They play the role of Portals and Guides to higher worlds.

The work of such Wanderers is routine and three-dimensional. But they do th