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A new cosmic house for earthlings is being built in 4D

It has been quite a while since I last posted new sharings, as so much has been happening and everything is so dynamic and constantly changing.

You are all in my heart, and I love you very much.

Whatever is going on, the construction continues non-stop. For this, we left the Central Sun, returning to the state we previously experienced. This time, we exited not as the core of a planetary system but as part of a metagalactic energy axis, around which a multitude of subsystems with their own dynamic laws, tempos, and rhythms move in different directions. Once again, we felt the pulsing of the Universe.

The video below beautifully captures the entire process we are experiencing. Let me share it and delve into the mystical Siddhi powers, the painful necessity of Ego Death, and what it takes to steer this sacred evolutionary impulse. Gain crucial insights into the metaphysical experience of awakening so you know precisely what to expect on this soul journey to absolute liberation. Energize your subtle anatomy and come alive spiritually!

For me, last week, the energies and consciousness field were communicating with me clearly, firmly, and lovingly. It was guiding me to prioritize the Feminine aspects of my soul-human experience, leading me to remain in an “empty,” almost vacuum-like state. Usually, I am very talkative, but this time, I was completely introspective, staying in a state of “Listening” and receiving. With gratitude, acceptance, and trust, I allowed everything to pass through me.

On Friday evening, May 17, the most beautiful Aurora Borealis was visible from Vancouver, Canada. The whole sky was like a painting, with green and magenta colours. The Central Sun sent us a beautiful impulse of Feminine energies. Some people felt pain and tiredness, while others, like me, felt euphoric.

The Aurora Borealis we see are manifestations of thousands of different quantum energies. Today, they crash and transform 3D, paving the path to 4D and 5D.

This week, another phenomenon is occurring. I’m “listening” to cosmic music when it’s quiet at night. It’s a gentle, loving music that feels like it merges me with universal frequencies, like a dance. The other night, it felt like Morse signals tapping around me, taking me on a majestic flight. This “listening” mode activates a flow of love and kindness in my heart and ignites a desire to “build” a new, unknown world of beauty and harmony.

My Masculine aspects are gently following this stream, inviting creative opportunities. I feel like an engineer and an artist harmoniously merged within my creative imaginings. My Higher Self is clearly in charge of the process, but it’s not alone. The Higher Selves of many, including my close friends are very active in their own way.

On May 4th, the Co-Creators shared their current plans and analyzed the situation on Earth through their ground team. They observed a continued stratification in 3D, resulting in the formation of two distinct terrestrial enclaves. The first enclave remains in a low-vibrational range (assembly point 3.5D), while the second is situated in a high-frequency field (3.85-3.9D). These timelines are tailored for individuals with the appropriate energy, level of development, and incarnation programs.

In 4D, preparations for earthlings are progressing, with the landscape ready and infrastructure construction for sustainable life underway. Additionally, in 5D, which together with the two previous densities forms a single eon, new transitions are actively taking place.

To transition to the fourth and fifth density, individuals must meet specific criteria: their combined astral and mental bodies must merge into a single Light orb, and their physical and etheric bodies must fuse into one. Furthermore, all chakras must merge into a single chakral center, and individuals must continuously increase their personal vibes and assembly points to the level of 4.05D. They should also be able to absorb and emit 4.05D's Light energies and withstand sudden fluctuations in frequencies. Additionally, a complete cleansing of the body from impurities and toxins, and the consciousness and subconsciousness from parasitic and destructive programs, is necessary. Individuals must also be free from karma and exhibit spirituality, a cosmic mindset, and behaviour that aligns with 4D and 5D.

Currently, 99% of those destined for a direct transition to the fourth density with the preservation of the physical body already meet these requirements. This is a significant increase compared to 2012 when less than 5% were ready for such a transition, during a time when the annihilation of earthlings, with or without the 3D planet, was being considered.

In these currents and vortices, chaos in a remarkable manner turns into a harmonious symphony, where each sound, tone and musical phrase is a separate conglomerate of Galaxies, Constellations, Stars and planetary systems. Each is turning around its centers of force. And the entire celestial orchestra with its life cycle is led by the conductor, the Central Sun, with which we are connected by a Spiritual cord. By maintaining this channel, we entered that Galaxy and found ourselves inside an interstellar cluster. And the feeling of being “both here and there” immediately emerged, as an ideal state and the desire to remain in two layers of attention.

The power stream carried us into the space of Light, where beautiful multidimensional waves move, each saturated with its own energy and endless sub-waves with clear boundaries and directions. These waves flow into each other, diverge, merge again, and we dissolve into this ocean of original substance. We plunged into it with the desire to absorb the entire ocean and emerge with it. Through our spiritual cord, we began to wind this space around ourselves, pressing, compacting, and condensing. We did not create this protoplasm, the primary matter—it already exists—but we used it as a building material to form a new planet and our body. This enabled us to continue our work without being constrained by Time…

We learned to understand this well during our first incarnations when our Spark merged with the Earth's consciousness. At that time, all our multidimensional aspects focused on a single task: to absorb as much data, knowledge, skills, and experience as possible while living in a tough and ever-changing environment. We had to set aside our pride and cosmic dimensions, to shrink and adapt to a "simple life." This transformation was extremely necessary.

Folding from multidimensionality into singularity is more important than unfolding from it. The reverse process is much more complex and sophisticated. Endless movement in infinity within a singular state leads to stagnation, degradation, and the collapse of all forms of Intelligence. At some stage, the Spirit can only develop through the physical body.

Turning ourselves inside out through singularity on 3D Earth was very challenging but provided the most precious experience, which is essential for creating a new planet. To achieve this, we, like Ouroboros(from Ancient Greek oura – “tail” plus boros -“eating” is a symbol, often in the form of a snake biting its tail, in which many esoteric knowledge and processes are encrypted), returned to our beginning from the end, connected within ourselves, passed through the zero code (Tachyon field in Merkaba environment), and gained the necessary impetus to embody in third density with all our multidimensional aspects. It was like a Portal—infinitely big in infinitely small, close to Nothing. This minimalistic projection of all possibilities allowed us to maintain a connection with the Central Sun and the Source.


Many diverse experiences are concentrated on the planet we are building, and each one is unique. All the Sparks and Souls involved bring their own contributions to this project, which is developing in parallel with 3D Earth’s transformation, with which we are connected by aspects. What we experience here continues there, and vice versa. One defines the other.

Our work is to maintain a proven record, balance, and the contour of carving home with our multidimensional bodies. This is our priority, vocation, and mission. We are building a new cosmic abode where we gather like bees in a hive, carrying into it the most valuable and promising elements. Everyone has their own potential, their nectar to share, like the Gifts of the Magi, forming a common consciousness as an integral part of the Universe.

Earth’s history is one of many, but it is very special due to its Feminine loving energy, which is perfect and unconditional to all its offspring, not dividing them into good and bad, beautiful and terrible. It loves not for something, but in spite of everything. In its transformation, which is very tough and painful, earthlings are the biggest hindrance, slowing down the upgrade. It would be much easier for Earth to simply shake them off like dust and dried mud. But it doesn’t do that. Love does not allow it. It is not the goodness and kindness that descend from the higher realms, accompanied by Light, but "She" radiates from within as a powerful creative force, through the birth of the new. This Feminine energy is greatly needed in the Greater Cosmos.

Another planet, 4D Earth, which we collectively build, also needs the experience of Earth, which gathered billions of disparate and isolated consciousnesses, accepting them all as its children. There, under the same “roof,” a huge number of different consciousnesses and Souls from all over the Universe also come together, forming the planet’s Higher Self and harmonizing with one another. Many teams are invested in the success of this venture.

On the one hand, the involvement of many brings an element of eclecticism. On the other hand, the planet, like a philosopher’s stone, synthesizes and enriches all components into a completely new quality. On 3D Earth, eclecticism is on the surface; on 4D Earth, it’s in the essence. Usually, planets are homogeneous in their consciousness, but this one forms an ideal mix, a hybrid of many collective Souls passing through the crucible of crystallization. The Higher Selves of the inhabitants are part of the planet’s consciousness, embedded within it. The manifestation bodies of the Supreme Beings don’t unfold “from somewhere above,” but sprout from the core of the planet. There is no opposition of top and bottom; everything is based on different principles of space construction.

It fosters strong bonds between the inhabitants and the planet, allowing their evolution to continue as a unified entity. They are not like earthlings, who have numerous possibilities but often find their consciousness blocked and their senses dulled. Each exists in their own isolated state. In the new abode, all are intertwined with the heart of the planet, and this synergy significantly enhances the potential for evolution. Our experiences on Earth, particularly the transformative love we have experienced and integrated into ourselves during our terrestrial lives, serve as the connecting link and key factor for success.

While 3D Earth possesses a singular consciousness, its inhabitants are highly fragmented, a state necessary for their incarnation. The Higher Self of the new 4D planet has assimilated various forms of intelligence that have undergone diverse experiences, preserving individual manifestations as a valuable component of the collective.

This process is how a new cosmic dwelling for earthlings is being constructed in 4D, welcoming all who desire and are ready to enter it.


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