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  • Brief guidelines of the process during and after your session
    In practice, having the Tachyon chamber since October 2018 and meeting folks with diverse backgrounds and levels of awareness, I’m witnessing various feedbacks before and after their sessions. Many individuals are discovering the mystic and magical reality revealing itself during and after the sessions and as a result they enhance multi hidden abilities and gifts within. Many others struggle to remove layer after layer of absorbed negative multi-life’s karma. There is no small group of people who find it difficult to "fully open" in order to feel the beneficial effects of this technology. A need to create brief guidelines is necessary in order to maximize the rewards of this remarkable technology. The Tachyon Chamber is a tool to accelerate, amplify and strengthen our inner capacity to recognize and experience in our presence, now moment, the desired potential result. In order to understand how better to manifest we have to learn what is a True Manifestation. Completely self-work and awareness is required to reach the always existing potential from within. For example, in order to heal, we need to come to an awareness of how to use the source field (Tachyon) by opening and expanding the region of a healthy energy field around the point of concern and transforming it to the desired reality. The process must be driven with Passion and a sense of Trust and Love followed by Thoughts that create an imaginary picture of the desired result. Please watch the following two videos as pre-session preparation. There is a way to access greater states of bliss and ecstasy using new and improved version of the ‘Law of Attraction’, coined by Michael Beckwith as the “Law of Radiance”: The NEW way to manifest what you really want | Michael Bernard Beckwith How to Be a Spiritual Shapeshifter | Michael Bernard Beckwith Giving and receiving are nothing other than the flow of life — the harmonious inter-action of all the elements and forces that structure the field of existence. As non-limited beings, our natural sensitivity to recognize the usefulness of the Law of Giving and Receiving should enable us to respond unconditionally to the universal flow of Giving from the heart with Love and Receiving with Trust. The Tachyon Field is the perfect platform to manifest this law by inviting feelings such as surrender, reverence, generosity, gratefulness and the feeling of Love. My personal suggestions, combining the spiritual and the scientific, is in asking you to allow the following steps of Giving and Receiving, to guide the process during and after your session: Giving: Permission – Free Will. We are all Divine Beings/Angels, in essence (having a human experience). In order to honor this level of purity, it is good to wear white or close to it*, when in contact with the Source. Then relax, take a few deep breaths and just sink into a surrendered, present moment, state of meditation. State clear your openness and availableness. Bring one's attention to the heart as a feeling of Love and the longer you maintain your presence in the moment, the deeper you are in Oneness with All that Is. When thought and feeling become one, then by Giving permission, the Tachyons enter into your energetic bodies and become a form of surrender without expectation. Attention: If you can’t silence your mind from spinning around daily snags, gently ask these thoughts to step away by using mantras or simply repeat: “present moment… present moment…” Receiving: Illumination. When one is passionate, in order to receive this Unified field, the energetic Portal opens, and you are moving into an amplified Tachyon field of energy. At this point, in order to be clear and open to receive, the attention should be in the heart area by feeling gratitude. Attention: Do not cross hands or legs during your session because your body language is blocking the energy. Open the chest with love and trust. Giving: Intent. Reveal and state an Intention. Free Will is divinely protected and pure clarity should be set. One needs a firm, confident sense and much passion in their intention. One must FEEL their intention as happening in the present moment by visualizing a new 'timeline' reality for oneself where one is Divine, healed, and whole. Are you ready to move beyond visualization and into breathing in a Visioning state? In a visioning state, you no longer need to “out-picture” your vision. Instead, you radiate it because consciousness is guiding you to operate from the highest expression of yourself. Through feelings, thoughts, radiation and imagination as a dreamlike moment of tapping into an intelligent Tachyon field of the primordial creation, every thought, every idea and desire, is possible. Tachyon energy is the most direct expression of the infinite consciousness of creation and everything that exists and gives you the ability to radiate your vision into its amplifying field of unlimited possibilities. Attention: The common mistake here is if we send messages as wanting, missing something, like “I would love to be healed from…”, “I would like to have…. “. By Law of Manifestation you are creating energies of “needing” and that is what will hold you back in the reality in which you don’t have it. One must visualize and feel deep in the heart on soul level how life is changed when the intention has been implemented. Receiving: Information. Your complete surrender is vital. Each person can allow his/her unique, Divine process to unfold. You may receive unique ideas as thoughts or visions, some as psychedelic, overwhelming feelings, audio vibrations, physical touch, warming or tingling body sensations, physical pain, or anything else through any of your five senses. You may attain pure communication with spiritual guides, celestial beings, Higher Self to receive guidance or important messages. On the other hand, you may experience none of the above, but just pure relaxed sensations, sleep-like where you may be floating in multi-dimensional realities. Tachyon Energy can promote deeper meditation, and heightened awareness. It can release multiple blockages and patterns of resistance, including mental baggage, releasing tension and stress, thereby freeing the nervous system which can then be bathed in higher frequencies where access to higher dimensions are then possible. Tachyon assists the body in detoxification in a gentle way, allowing generational and DNA healing to occur; by achieving more balance, chaos is reduced. Attention: There need not be expectation in this process, as it causes blockages of the free flow of Love energy. Expectation creates disappointment. Simply allow and trust in order to receive all benefits and experiences uniquely designed for your well-being. Trust… trust… trust. Giving: Gratefulness. One has to convey back the Love and Gratitude**. During the Tachyon session, if you feel you are receiving something, (or not) it is important to allow yourself to feel Love and gratitude regardless, even if physical pain occurs, because then acceptance, in addition, comes into play. To say 'thank you, thank you', allows heavy, low energy blockages to disappear. Usually, pain lasts for not more than 1-3 minutes. Attention: This step is extremely important. Gratitude is a major key to successful Transformation. Receiving: Clarity. Self-directed integration can be useful and can deepen the effect of Tachyon energy. Some suggestions after the sessions are as follows: Take time for yourself, relax and enjoy doing creative things such as drawing, writing, painting etc. and basically avoid stressful situations, and best of all, - meditate, be quiet. These activities can be healing in themselves and preserve one's overall feeling of well-being. Tachyon interaction can be regarded as body/mind/soul surgery, so it follows that rest and creative activities greatly contribute to recovery and can subsequently bring about greater conscious clarity, by revealing the hidden messages given to the subconscious during the session. Avoid harshness, engage in soothing practices, create a relaxing environment, laugh more. Attention: Feelings of fatigue, sleepiness, temporary memory (mental) fog, headache, all are nothing to be concerned about and are temporary. They are a natural reminder to stay heart focused and not suddenly jump into a daily routine right after the session, as it’s unnecessary. Giving: Action. Action through Change is the strongest form of intention, and the Universe will support your desired manifestation if you support yourself. The decision to change, strengthens the root desire and the intention that initiated that action. By the Law of Attraction, the pure intention, when exposed to the Tachyon field supports Balance, Harmony, Revival within, thereby strengthening our energy matrix. As a result, we are inspired to act by making mindful and heartfelt changes in our life. Attention: One's thoughts need to be constantly observed. What you DO is miniscule in comparison with what you choose to THINK, because your vibration is so much more powerful and so much more important. “When you no longer split your flow of energy with contradictory thoughts, you will know your power” – Abraham Hicks. Unfortunately, most people's thoughts are contradicting their desires and intentions and they aren't even aware of it! * Wearing white clothes during the session and avoiding strong colors and especially black, might accelerate the integration process and heighten the positive effects of Tachyon Energy session. White light contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum making white the most reflective color. ** Please remember, the Tachyon Chamber is not an external healing pill for receiving desirable outcomes in one direction only – Receiving. If you are not in the position to understand the importance of balancing by Giving back don’t waste your time to take a Tachyon session. Giving and receiving are two equally important currents in the flow of life energy, found everywhere in the universe. Giving is an expression of Yang or the divine masculine and receiving is an expression of Yin or the divine feminine, and a balance of both energies is what we call Balance, Harmony and Bliss. “When you give more than anyone could possibly expect, you get more than you ever expected.” ― Clyde Lee Dennis The kids are usually in synchronization with the natural intelligence field, the Source, without many polluted layers. Their experiences and manifestations with the Tachyon energies are much faster than the adults. They are not in the “box” yet and one 9 years old girl told me after the session “it is so peaceful here”. The chaotic emotions are visibly reduced, the immune system increased after the exposure to the Tachyon field. I have never had any experience with severe sickness of any kids, but I guess that the speed of their healing will respond accordingly to the soul awakening path of their parents (their reactions and actions). The parents should relate to the sickness of their kid not as a “bad news” thing, but as a guidance to change something without transmitting panic and stress into the kid’s energetic fields. In the next inspiring video by Michael Beckwith, you as a parent or a growing adolescent, will be guided to dig deep inside yourself and discover a seed idea about you or as a parent, your child infinite potential and possibility. This discovery, during your integration process after the Tachyon session, will transform everything you’ve ever thought about goal setting — you’ll finally have a goal that is worthy of that which is within you and grows you at the same time. Setting Soul-Worthy Goals | Michael Beckwith The healthy change in our consciousness is a radical shift in perspective which alters how we perceive and create our reality in Peace, Bliss and Love. And the last and not at least if you ask yourself where I’m standing on my spiritual growth, Michael Beckwith discusses in a next video the 4 Stages of Spiritual Growth and ultimately the dissolution of boundaries between you and the universe itself. The 4 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening | Michael Bernard Beckwith The Tachyon Chamber is The Path of Transformation to our Freedom!
  • What does a Tachyon Chamber session look like?
    The session takes place in a space that could be easily called a meditation / relaxation room. Every little object or a piece of furniture, there is an essential part of a precisely designed device, emitting Tachyon Energy, so nothing is supposed to be touched or moved even the slightest because it will affect the proper functioning of the Tachyon Chamber. During the session you are not required to do anything, quite the opposite – you will be relaxing laying on a bed for a period of time, absorbing the tachyon energy. You can meditate or even have quick nap, if you wish. Throughout the Tachyon session there will be a transmission of Source energy in the form of subtle Tachyon particles to your physical and subtle energy bodies in order to achieve optimal well-being. Just take it easy and let the energy rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. As soon as your time is over, I will come in and let you out of the room.
  • Do I need to have special preparations to create an integration-friendly environment before or after the Tachyon session?
    No, you don't need to have any special preparation. However, wearing white clothes during the session and avoiding strong colors and especially black, might accelerate the integration process and heighten the positive effects of Tachyon Energy session. You can also set an intention to speed up and catalyse the effect of Tachyon energy session. Self-directed integration can be useful and can deepen the effect of Tachyon energy. Here are a few suggestions what to do before and after the sessions: 1. Take time for yourself. Healing with Tachyon can be regarded as body/mind/spiritual surgery. And, like any surgery, rest and recovery time are essential. 2. Avoid harshness. Whether in the form of loud noises, scents, or even sights; take a break from things that are jarring. You may even avoid the news for a while. 3. Engage in soothing practices. Take a bath. Listen to soothing music. Snuggle with your pet. Drink comforting tea or sink into a really comfortable bed. 4. Create a relaxing environment. Clean up, de-clutter, buy some plants, light candles. Let your external environment influence your internal environment in a good way. 5. Clean up your relationships. In the words of Rumi: “Be with those who help your being.” Invest in nourishing relationships that promote healing and growth. You may also avoid toxic relationships until you have the strength to change their course through assertion, forgiveness, or letting go. 6. Listen to your body. Ask yourself on a daily basis: “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself today?” Let your body provide you with that answer. You may discover the extent to which you need physical rest, nourishment, or even hydration. 7. Connect with your body. Go for a massage, practice a martial art, or engage in yoga or mindfulness. There is a growing body of research relating to the mental health benefits of increasing the connection to one’s body. 8. Meditate. The benefits of meditation are well documented and include enhanced physical functioning as well as an improved capacity to regulate one’s emotions. Vipassana, Zen, The Presence Process, etc.: find the fit that is right for you. 9. Practice gratitude. Make a daily list of people and things for which you are grateful. Not only does the practice of gratitude act as an antidepressant, it increases access to positive memories, among other positive outcomes. 10. Get creative. Write, draw, paint, sculpt; even if you have zero artistic ability. Creative activities can have a healing and protective effect on mental well-being. They can also promote relaxation, reduce blood pressure, and even boost the immune system. 11. Spend time in nature. Purposefully reflect on your experiences and feelings in this setting. Take advantage of the direct and positive impacts of nature on well-being. 12.Attend an integration circle. I have the pleasure to host Sisterhood of Rose circles, and our goal is to embrace and nurture our feminine energies. In our Temple of Divine Feminine Healing we can experience together the ecstasy, peace and balance, learning how to live gracefully, breathe deeply, love passionately and serve humanity like never before. The circles are open to both men and women.
  • What is the cost of Tachyon Chamber session?
    Remember, when you invest in your healing the Universe invest in you. There is a benchmark of $60 per session that applies to all Tachyon Chambers sessions throughout North America. However… You are not just a client, you are also my Guest. I would love to share with you the remarkable benefits of Tachyon Energy according to your financial means, so feel free to choose a donation you are comfortable with. I know your Heart will tell you what the value of the improvement of your Well-being is, especially once you experience it. "Donation is a form of heart willing exchange of services, money, goods or energies between the donor and donee." Giving and receiving are two equally important currents in flow of life energy, found everywhere in the universe. Giving is an expression of Yang or the divine masculine, and receiving is an expression of Yin or the divine feminine, and a balance of both energies is what we call Balance, Harmony and Bliss. “When you give more than anyone could possibly expect, you get more than you ever expected.” ― Clyde Lee Dennis
  • How many sessions I need to get results?
    This is a question many people are asking. The process is very individual and depends vastly on the ability of your body how quickly it can regenerate and heal. According to the statistics, the majority reports a significant improvement after 5 sessions. Some people see the benefits of tachyon energy as early as their 1st session. For stable results and long-lasting improvement, the treatments should be gradual and over an extended period of time. Depending on the type and the severity of the problem, you may require a specific number of sessions, different than the average person to clear all blockages on a physical as well as energetic level. Furthermore, according to the statistics, willingness, inner motivation for desirable improvements and openness to the treatment will affect the time required also. The integration process following each session is essential too and as important as the treatment itself to align and support the received energy and increase its effectiveness. We invite everyone to come with an open mind and heart and trust that the Tachyon Energy, as an Intelligent Consciousness, orchestrates what is best for each of us.
  • Are there any contraindications to use the Tachyon Chamber?
    There are no contradictions or side effects recorded to this date by people who used the Tachyon Chamber. Potentially, all problems - realized and unrealized we might carry with us: from physical to mental, emotional and spiritual can be positively affected by Tachyon energy! Sometimes the effect comes through fast physical detoxification first or being overly energized for a period of time, but despite how overwhelming that might feel at the moment, the outcome will never be a negative. The body is in charge during the process anyway. Tachyon energy is intelligent and will mobilize and assist the body to do the work and clear the problem. Tachyon energy is simply a natural catalyst that will initiate the body self-restorative process where it’s needed.
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