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Tachyon Chamber and Human Well-being



From the holistic healing point of view, complete well-being is an integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Living beings evolve in a continuous upward spiral of order to chaos (and/or disease). The energy spiral continues through the chaos to higher levels of order. Chaos is a stepping stone from one level of order to the next higher level. Every living being experiences this process of energy flow whether or not they are aware of it.

The body is ​interacting with what is called a 'Subtle Organizing Energy Field' (SOEF). When balanced, organized and functioning at its peak, the body is in a state known as negative entropy or "youthing", anti-aging. When disorganized, it slips into a state of chaos known as positive entropy, the most radical example being the production of cancer cells. If a SOEF is blocked or depleted, the flow of life force energy through the Energetic Continuum becomes deficient. Actually, SOEF's can be energized. Our body naturally does this through the chakra system, oxygen, sunlight, water and food.


However, when those sources are themselves deplete of Tachyon Energy, this can negatively impact our lives and may show up as symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and dis-ease.Dis-ease or illness comes when a blockage occurs within our individual Energetic Continuum. It makes sense, then, that we must clear the blockage(s) to restore the vertical alignment of our Energetic Continuum. In essence, a blockage is defined as a disorder or chaos in the Energetic Continuum causing an energy deficiency. These blockages in the continuum are in the form of particular frequencies that ultimately create disorder or dis-ease in the physical body. 

Tachyon, because it is the source particle of energy that organizes and energizes the SOEFs, provides the potential to restore harmonious healing frequencies. Creating a neg-entropy effect, Tachyon organizes that which is disorganized. It realigns and restores the SOEFs to their natural state of order and balance, thus creating a state of well-being or health.

For example, if someone has experienced an emotional stress and continues to go through life without any release or balance, a blockage of energy will occur in the emotional body of that human being. This blockage in the natural flow of energy (Energetic Continuum) in turn will cause an energy deficiency between the emotional body and a part of the physical body.

Let’s say the blockage is causing a deficiency in the lower lumbar area of the back. This person may begin to experience lower back pain. If the stress continues, the situation may escalate into severe back pain, ruptured disk problems, or even degenerative disk disease. Anytime part of the Energetic Continuum is blocked, the organ or system that is left in a deficient energetic state will ultimately succumb to one of this world’s many degenerative diseases.

When focused into the specific deficient area, Tachyon, as a self intelligent system,  reorganizes and energizes the disrupted SOEFs, therefore allowing the blockage(s) to dissipate. The body is able to reconnect to its Energetic Continuum when the blockage is removed. Connecting to the Energetic Continuum means increasing the flow of energy from life’s source - Zero-Point Energy. As co-creators in our state of health, once we increase the flow of Tachyon Energy, we can then be relieved of the emotional stress.

The confusion surrounding the various frequency-energy therapies

In order to appreciate and truly understand the principles of healing with Tachyon, it is helpful to briefly review the vibrational healing theories of holistic medicine. The vibrational approach includes such therapies as: orgon, magnetic field, radionics, bioresonance, photon energy, homeopathy, healing work with sacred geometry, crystals, color, flower and gem elixirs, sound and many more. Frequencies are further complicated by individualized oscillations and right or left spins. All these methods are based on one common principle: Within our Energetic continuum of subtle bodies, obstructions can manifest on any frequency level. These obstructions can then cause health problems.

Properly applied, the use of energies with specific frequencies can lead to excellent results if, in fact, one knows what frequency they are dealing with and how long to apply the frequency. Yet, all such methods have three significant drawbacks that are unavoidable:

The effects of energy with a specific frequency, as used in vibrational medicine, are limited to the range of that frequency. Photon energy, for example, is described as pockets of light energy. Scientists use this concept to refer to the particle-life aspects of light. Photons are always associated with an electromagnetic wave of a definite frequency. The frequency is between .4 and .64 micrometers. There currently is one frequency energy tool that emits photon energy from the far-infrared spectrum of .4 – .16 micrometers wavelength. This is a small electromagnetic wave of the total frequency possibility of photon energy.

This narrow frequency does correspond to a frequency in the energetic body. If there were a blockage in this narrow frequency range, then there would be a deficiency of energy between the blocked level and the physical body. But, what if the blockage lies between 18 to 35 micrometers: Applying this photon energy frequency might have some indirect influence, but it surely would not clear the blockage from, nor would it reconnect the system to, the Energetic continuum. One of the significant drawbacks to energetic medicine is the need to know exactly the frequency of the blockage in order to apply the right frequency treatment.

All subtle therapeutic methods other than Tachyon are only isolated frequencies of the whole. Accessing the complete spectrum of frequency and information to clear the entire system and restore total functionality of our Energetic Continuum is very rare and difficult using a single frequency approach, because people may have multiple blocks at different frequencies. Energies of a specific frequency can also have harmful effects. There are two basic reasons for this an excess of any frequency can potentially be just as harmful as an energy deficiency; since a frequency has no intelligence, it is left to the wisdom, insights, and training of the user to determine the actual exposure time and which specific frequency is needed.

​For example, the sun is a magnificent source of photon energy. Approximately 20-30 minutes of exposure per day is necessary for optimum health. Yet, this same ball of photon energy will burn you to a crisp if you are exposed for 4 – 5 hours. The reason for this is that photon energy, like all frequencies, has no intelligence and doesn't know when to start or stop! So, it is up to the user to decide when to stop the exposure by getting out of the sun.

Another example is excess exposure to magnetic energy. For instance, it is known that magnets work on a specific frequency with the North and South Poles having opposite effects. The South Pole is activating. If it is used for too long, it can create hyper-activity in the system and cause harm. Dr. Gabriel Cousens, director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, demonstrated through clinical experience that some people using magnetic mattresses developed high blood pressure, which fortunately went away when they were told to stop using it. This can happen because magnets operate on a frequency and have intensity, but do not have a built-in intelligence to know when to stop broadcasting.

These simple examples are meant to provide insight into the difficulties inherent in frequency-oriented medicines, as well as the mixed results obtained form using them.

Benefits of the Tachyon on Humans:

  • Tachyon Energy is totally different from both of these examples:

  • Tachyon is not a frequency, nor is it a frequency approach. Frequency, oscillation or spin do not exist at the level at which Tachyon operates. Its effects are regulated by the internal wisdom of the SOEFs. When Tachyon is applied to an area, SOEFs convert what they need to restore themselves to perfect balance and order.

  • Tachyon does not heal, Rather, it provides the energy for the body to heal itself, like a boost for the Immune system. 

  • Tachyon as only source energy to bring balance to our beings is that we do not have to deal with unwanted side effects. Even if we apply so much energy that parts of our organism experience a very strong, very quick healing effect, and other parts don't quite catch up, it is not a problem.

  • Tachyon Energy sometimes causes detoxification and healing reactions. For a very short time, one may feel overwhelmed, but there will never be a negative outcome.

  • Tachyon Energy doesn’t require a lot of knowledge and experience to apply it correctly because the body is in charge of the healing process. We do not forcefully apply it for a certain specific effect. We let the body produce its own healing results.

  • Tachyon Energy is simply the natural catalyst for this self-healing process.


The Moment of Truth

We have choices in our lives that we have to make. Do we choose to create a lifestyle, a diet, a way of being in the world that helps us become more of a super conductor? Or, do we choose to ignore the laws of nature and the Divine – in essence creating more chaos, entropy and degeneration in our lives? How do we make these choices? Is it only a conscious choice or are there other factors taking place that influence this very critical life-enhancing or life-depleting decision? What determines whether we choose to become more of a super conductor or less of a super conductor for the Energetic Continuum? The answer lies in the moment of truth.

In the chaos/order theory, there is a term called the bifurcation point. This is the point of overwhelm; the point or moment of truth in which the body either breaks down, i.e. manifests disease, or there is a movement towards better health; elevating the body to a higher level of order. In the past, how the body was going to react to this bifurcation point was always a mystery. Would it move towards order and health or spend an inordinate amount of time in chaos or disease?

Today, with the breakthrough of Tachyon energy, we have discovered a way to influence the direction a being's system will go. Tachyon balances and energizes the SOEFs affecting the being's entire system. At that moment of truth when a bifurcation point happens, a gland, organ, or system can attune itself to a higher state of order, and evolve through the bifurcation point into a higher level of order. When an energetic system passes through a bifurcation point, and if the system's SOEFs are energized and balanced using Tachyon Energy, that energetic system will move toward health.


From the holistic healing point of view, complete healing is an integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Living beings evolve in a continuous upward spiral of order to chaos (and/or disease). The energy spiral continues through the chaos to higher levels of order. Chaos is a stepping stone from one level of order to the next higher level. Every living being experiences this process of energy flow whether or not they are aware of it.


Tachyon Energy is the key to moving through chaos and stress in our daily lives; creating new levels of order and quality of life. Tachyonized tools significantly contribute to achieving near-perfect energetic balance at all levels. The use of Tachyon not only presents a fully holistic model of healing, but a process by which all living beings can move towards radiant health and communion with All That Is.

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