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Awaken your Multidimensionality

Guiding Awareness

One on One Personal Session

Set Intention as Part of Your Spiritual Practice

The Power of the Integration process

Unveil the Threads of Soul Evolution in Your Daily Life 

Offerings - $111


How to set an intention?

An intention for your Soul evolution can vary, but fundamentally, it represents your motivation for engaging in inner work on multidimensional levels of existence. It encapsulates the current matters and interests in your life that you seek to gain clarity on, connect with, transition through, transform, bridge, or perhaps create anew. We must always remember how powerful Creators we are.

An intention is an energetic directive that you project into the Universe—something you perceive as greater than yourself, whether you label it as the Universe, Source, God, or your Higher Power, etc. It's also an opening portal in your multidimensional soul quantum structure, where vast expanses of information and consciousness reside. Another perspective is that it acts as a refined tuning mechanism, allowing you to open specific segments of your existence for review or to gather additional information.

Your quantum field and numerous beings from different dimensions are present to support and assist you on your life journey, alleviating the feeling of solitude even when it seems overwhelming. However, due to our Free Will, the Universe typically doesn't offer assistance without being asked. It awaits your request and then mobilizes to aid you in fulfilling it, whether those requests are conscious or subconscious. An intention serves as your request to the Higher Power for what you desire. It's your way of asking the Existance to assist you in creating something, achieving a goal, or releasing something from your life.

Life is like a dance: sometimes it is swift and effortless,  other times melancholic and introspective, and often even ecstatic and passionate.

But regardless of how we feel at the moment, the divine music is always playing around us. The question is if we can hear it and how often and consistently we pay attention to it.

Let's rejoin the stream of Sacred Creation and the flow of Inner Wisdom through the Essence of Awareness that surrounds and permeates us, and finally establish harmony and balance in our life and our beloved home - the beautiful planet Earth.

Blessing to you all! I hope to see you soon!

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