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Welcome to I AM Temple Gathering 

Let's Find Each Other on 4D/5D plane of existence

The real journey on the road to discovery is not to see new landscapes, but to see with new eyes.


The new 4D/5D space is designed primarily for strong, active men and small groups. We came to this planet to search and find, to love and be loved, to create and grow.

If desires and intentions coincide, 4D/5D space itself will unite us on the Subtle Plane and help us find each other.

We trust that ultimately expansion of the Spirituality helps us develop a deep inner-standing of ourselves. Along with this inner-standing come Divine Compassion, Gratitude, Joy, Kindness and Unlimited Unconditional Love.

A Soul that has forever embarked on the path of searching for beauty and expanding its boundaries, to find the meaning of existence, and balance inside, everything in this world is feasible.

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