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Welcome to our Goddess I AM Temple 


Seeking the Divine Mother

The divine mother calls, sometimes softly,
Bringing the feminine voice into awareness
She nurtures, inspires, listens
And radiates a sense of unity and connection


The divine mother models compassion
And teaches us how to live with passion
She is a holder of dreams and visions
And offers a container in which creativity can emerge


The divine mother holds the space
where both masculine and feminine can flourish together
It is the careful dance between them
That enables us to become whole


I connect with her in solitude, in prayer,
walking the labyrinth and in nature
She is part of me and I of her
She is awaiting our call, our openness to her presence
I celebrate her beauty, her wisdom, and her guidance.

— Kimberly Weichel -- Taken from

Life is like a dance: sometimes it is swift and effortless,  other times melancholic and introspective, and often even ecstatic and passionate.

But regardless how we feel at the moment, the divine music is always playing around us. The question is if we can hear it and how often and how consistently we pay attention to it.

Let's reconnect to the stream of Sacred Creation and the flow of Ancient Wisdom through the Divine Feminine Essence that's around and IN us and once for all create harmony & balance between feminine and masculine energies here, in our home - beautiful planet Earth.

Blessing to you all! I hope to see you soon!

How is your connection to the Divine Feminine these days?

How’s your awareness of those qualities within you that are gifts of the feminine face of The Source?

Ancient humans regarded the Divine as an amalgam of feminine and masculine powers represented by Gods and Goddesses who together made up the wholeness of creation.The yin and yang of Asian culture symbolizes this unity. Over time, the workings of human history upset the balance and blocked the feminine power's expression in worship, culture, and society.

Today, the gifts of the Divine Feminine are needed like never before to bring harmony, balance, love, and compassion back to a troubled, but very fast transforming world. You have within you the capacity to awaken and develop your personal connection to the Divine Feminine. Think how important this can be in your own life and in all the lives that surround you.

Have I mentioned that the Divine Feminine is not for women only?

Masculine and feminine energy lives in everyone. Ultimately, all men and women are spiritual beings, made of energy, all on spiritual paths of growth and gradual enlightenment. In every life, essential feminine energy represents the best and most beautiful aspects of what you offer yourself, your loved ones, and the world. Whether expressed through career, family, artwork, taste, or style of living and dreaming, each one of these is an important component of spiritual life.

By honoring and connecting to the Divine Feminine, you honor yourself and all of creation. Achieving awareness of the Sacred Feminine helps you appreciate the feminine qualities in all people and in all areas of life. Feminine energy helps build respect for Mother Nature as well as tolerance and compassion for the life passages of others. Wholeness, harmony, inner and outer peace, oneness, and connection are the gifts of awakening your Divine Feminine energy.

So how do you start on this life-saving, heart-opening endeavor?


Our Feminine I AM Temple is inviting you to bring forth your inner Divine Feminine and share with others brothers and sisters in our temple.

Here are some suggestions for recharging and renewing your feminine energy:

1. Nurture—Embrace the Energy of Mother Love.

The Divine Feminine is a nurturing mother and you deserve to feel the warmth of her love.  It’s easy to get so caught up in day-to-day worries and to-dos that you forget to take a moment to care for and love yourself. Remember not to lose touch with the Divine Feminine love inside you!  Breathe deeply, smile, and take a moment – even when things are at their most chaotic.

Make it your priority to do the things that allow you to connect with your deepest self and to feel true appreciation for who you are.  For me that includes taking time to meditate (the effects are almost magical) and spending time in nature. Honor your life and you honor the gift of life!

2. Create—Rejoice in the Gift of Making Things New.

The Divine Feminine brings forth new life, creates beauty, and fosters growth. Are you using your unique gifts, those that bring you joy? What engages your mind, body, and soul and makes you feel you are doing what you were born to do? Can you sing, play an instrument, dance, draw, or write? Maybe sewing, cooking, or interior design is your gift.

Do you have a knack for politics, religion, or the healing arts? Whether you cook a beautiful and nourishing meal or grow a rose garden that inspires the neighborhood, each act of creation is a gift to a world in need. You are contributing to life, and the world needs your uplifting contribution, given in your unique, magical way. Your soul longs for self-expression, and the vibration of your joy extends forth and revives the world around you.

3. Serve—Spread the Love and Share the Hope.

The Divine Feminine is life-affirming and life-supporting. Once you embrace self-love and express your creative joy, you can pass on the same positive, healing energy to others. Take a few moments for the people you come into contact with every day. Make the effort to really engage as you give time and attention to your friends, your co-workers, your children, your partner. 

Put down the cell phone, the book or the TV remote and let the people that you love know they have your full attention for a moment.  When you’re out in the world, give strangers that you meet the gift of a joke, a smile, or a compliment. Make routine interactions more fun, and allow the light of your Divine Feminine to shine forth!

4. Opening to Intuition - Be Present to the Current Moment.

The Divine Feminine and we as human are gifted with an incredibly powerful connection to our intuition. Our ability to tune into our intuition helps guide us to make decisions for our highest good. In every moment we have the opportunity to be mindful or mindless. It takes energy to be present, but the upside is that we can make constructive decisions that bring us back to our initial intentions.

​Intuitive impulses are directions from the Heart, and are always loving. Intuitive impulses may sometimes take you out of your comfort zone and ask you to be firm and courageous, and yet they will never show you a route that is harmful to the Divine Path. Honoring the intuitive impulse is a radiant & purposeful jewel in the crown of every man and woman working the Energy of the Sacred Feminine.

5. Feel Your Feelings - Allowance is Key.

All feelings are beautiful gifts from your deepest self. They’re reliable indicators of what needs to be focused on in your life. In seeing them as such, the emotional charge around them is released, and one can learn to feel their emotions without wallowing in them or feeling that their emotions define them. Feel your emotions fully - not labeling anything as good or bad. Allow everything to flow through you like waves in the ocean. 

As you begin to allow yourself to fully feel your feelings without judgement, have them witnessed with compassion, and not run from them, the true essence of the Spiritual Feminine can begin to flow through you once again.

Emotions are a source of Goddess Wisdom. By giving credence to your emotions, and honoring them in yourself and others, you are tapping into a treasure chest of long-suppressed spiritual feminine energy.

6. Allowing Yourself to Feel and Express your Sexual Energy.

Many Souls who are called to awaken Goddess energies hold emotional residues of past life abuse and trauma in their bodies. This past life imprint could also have traveled to experiences of physical, sexual and emotional abuse within this present lifetime. As the vibration of the Goddess stirs within the energy bodies, the physical body will desire to shake off and release old trauma held in the tissues and cells. This is vital for the divine feminine consciousness to begin moving through the entire being.

This kind of energetic clearing can be greatly assisted by creating regular times of stillness, meditation and contemplation


We Must Form a Feminine Energy Circles

We can heal the feminine by building a circle of support. Support provides a safe space to express your feelings and share your life. We are social beings that thrive in social settings. Human connection and support is such an important part of our mental and physical health.


The most important our group can serve as vortex nodes to activate meetings of Soul Family members which will facilitate spiritual activation of the planetary Soul Family mandala.

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