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Goddess & Divine Mystery


Life is like a dance: sometimes it is swift and effortless,  other times melancholic and introspective, and often even ecstatic and passionate.

But regardless how we feel at the moment, the divine music is always playing around us. The question is if we can hear it and how often and how consistently we pay attention to it.

Let's reconnect to the stream of Sacred Creation and the flow of Ancient Wisdom through the Divine Feminine Essence that's around and IN us and once for all create harmony & balance between feminine and masculine energies here, in our home - beautiful planet Earth.

Blessing to you all! I hope to see you soon!

The Ecstatic Sound of Silence ~ A Magic Mandala Guided Meditation & Sound Journey with Shunyamurti

Guided Meditation: Higher Consciousness Activation: A Guided Journey to the Deep Self w/Shunyamurti

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