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Tachyon Energy

The Source of All Frequencies


​Tachyon energy is unique because it doesn’t have a fixed frequency or range of frequencies, but has instead been called ‘the source of all frequencies. Tachyon Energy is the very first energetic structure that emerges out of non-structured, formless Zero-Point Energy. Just like Zero-Point Energy, Tachyon cannot be measured in the Hertzian frequency spectrum. It is not a certain type of energy. Rather, it includes all energies within itself. Its qualities are much like Zero-Point Energy, varying only in that it is a structured field.

Tachyon Theory

Tachyon theory is holistic because it accepts the notion of two interdependent universes which are actually indivisible: the visible, sub-light speed universe and an invisible, faster-than-light one. Tachyon theory also substantiates omnipresence, a purely metaphysical concept. The Creator is omnipresent (simultaneously existing everywhere). Omnipresent existence can only occur at faster-than-light speeds, since slower-than-light travel takes time to cross space. Therefore, omnipresence can only be an attribute of a Tachyon Universe where time and space collapse and no longer exist.

Tachyon theory states that the Tachyon universe continually creates, sustains and energizes the physical universe. Every created thing owes its existence to the expansion of the Tachyon Field. In this sense, it sounds like a religious description of the Creator, or the Creative Force.

Tachyon theory claims a gentler, perpetual flow of movement occurs between the material world and the Tachyon universe. As in a flowing stream of water, there are swirls of movement, as energy passes from one universe to the next and back again. Movement between material and immaterial, the transformation of energy into non-energy, occurs spontaneously, effortlessly and freely.

What is Tachyon Energy?

It is an Anti-Entropic, organizing force that charges the subtle energy organizing fields that underlie our material reality and many levels of our spiritual reality, too. It brings energy from the energetic source of existence and channels it into our bodies, minds, and beings. 

Tachyon energy is potentially omnipotent, yet actually harmless to biological organisms. The vacuum contained in an ordinary light bulb is said to contain enough Tachyon energy to boil all the oceans of the world. Yet life forms are continuously nourished by the Tachyon Field without harm as it materializes into the visible universe. The Tachyon Field supplies the energy needs of all living organisms until balance is achieved, then it eases until called upon again. As it is needed, and a depletion occurs, it rushes in until balance is achieved once again.

Tachyon Energy is a Creative Force

Living forms developed and evolved by learning how to harness the Tachyon Field’s resources, and we continue to evolve by developing more and more sophisticated ways of accessing these resources. The nervous system and brain are nothing but an extremely sophisticated antenna and receiver to absorb, process and transform the resources of the Tachyon Field into our thinking, activity and creativity.

While study of the electromagnetic interaction of all life may seem revolutionary, quantum physics has gone even farther. Experiments showing the reaction of plants to mental influences suggest that there are forces beyond the electromagnetic spectrum responsible for the interactions, for plants responded even when placed in a Faraday cage which blocked penetration of electromagnetic waves. (Tompkins and Bird, 11) Quantum physicists speculate that the force beyond the electromagnetic is something that has been given the name “Tachyon energy.”

Tachyon energy is speculated to be the creative and sustaining force of all life, which requires a certain balance of energy to sustain itself. When a life form requires life energy, a vacuum is created and tachyon energy rushes in. The nervous system is viewed as a conductor for the absorption and processing of this energy. Energy healers are perhaps simply individuals whose sensitive or developed nervous systems make them more adept at manipulating or processing this energy. (Takionic Products) If tachyon energy is indeed the life force, then it is this force which may correspond to the vital energy of life called variously Chi by the people of China; bioplasma by Russian researchers; animal magnetism by Franz Mesmer, the father of hypnotism; orgone by Dr. Wilhelm Reich and the Force by Master Yoda and his disciples. Electromagnetic fields may prove to be merely the language through which this energy manifests and communicates.

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