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Universal Laws

Universal Laws are:


1. The Law of Unity.

2. Energy is magnetic.

3. Energy accumulates and creates similarity.

4. The Law of vibrations.

5. The Law of Execution.

6. The Law of Cause and Effect, also known as karma.

7. The Law of Change, or Transmutation.

8. The Law of Balance, integration of polarities.

9. The Law of Manifestation.

10. The Law of Synchronicity.

11. The Law of Wise Discrimination, also known as the Law of Differentiation.

12. The Law of Forgiveness.

13. The Law of Resonance.

14. The Law of Perfection.

15. The Creative Law Of Affirmations.

16. The Law of Retribution.

17. The Law Of Assimilation (Absorption).

18. The Law of Adaptation.

19. The Law of Causality.

20. The Law of Evolution and Rebirth, or Periodicity.

21. The Law of Analogies.

22. The Law of Duality.

23. The Law of Reason.

24. The Law of Reverence.

25. The Universal Law Of Rhythm.

26. The Law of Love.

27. The Law of Mercy.

28. The Law of Gratitude.

29. The Law of Patience.

30. The Law of Example.

31. The Law of Acceptance.

32. The law of Relativity.

33. The Law of Creation.


1. The Law of Unity

This Law states that the entire Universe is made up of one substance. Man and everything around him is pure energy. We are an integral part of a common energy field, a single whole.

There is an exchange between energies, and nothing can appear by chance or disappear. Everything in the world has a price. Before we can receive, we must give, for it is a unified whole process of energy transformation. The matter is perceived by our senses as solid objects not connected. On the Subtle level, matter consists of quantum particles and ultimately turns out to be all energy in its purest form. Energy varies in quality, density, and speed of manifestation. It consists of the elements – ether, air, fire, earth, water. The elements, in turn, consist of the elementals – wind, heat, humidity, dryness, coldness.

All things that man feels, including self, are different constitutions of types of energy. These are all kinds of different states of energy – solid, liquid, gaseous, plasma, etheric, etc. Each energy entity has a different frequency of vibration. This results in different qualities in density and form, in time and space, but we still interact and influence each other. The Laws of the Universe are the same for all. Energy is also one, but with different poles: male-female, cold-heat, wind-humidity, warm-dry, negativity and positivity, darkness and light, up-down, inner-outer, left-right, hollow-dense, world and anti-world, etc.


2. The Energy Is Magnetic

Energy can attract the energy of the same quality, particle to particle. It is how objects, life situations, alliances, families, collectives, States, and nations are formed. Thoughts and feelings attract similar vibrational energy.


The energy of an idea is primary, the matter is secondary. An idea is a plan containing a picture, an image.

This picture magnetizes energy and causes it to take a given form and manifest on the physical plane.


Thoughts and images create reality. Thought is condensed into a feeling, an emotion. Our feelings cause us to act, as we feel, so we act.


Thus, an idea, through the senses, triggers action and creates form. Conceived, felt, made. The like attracts the like to the like.


If we look at someone with a judgmental eye, feel angry at him, and get daily confirmation of our thoughts – yes, he is a bastard who makes us angry all the time. And no matter where we find ourselves, everyone will make us angry, we will attract what is within us. Wherever we go, we will encounter our energy, ourselves.


We always attract into our lives what we often think about, what we believe, what we expect, how we behave, and what we do. It is the Law that whatever we radiate into the Universe comes back to us twice as much.


3. Energy Accumulates And Creates Semblance

All energy creates its kind and can accumulate. You reap what you sow. As we do in life so life does to us. Treat people the way we want them to treat us. That is why: love God and your neighbor as yourself, for you are they, and they are you.


Desire to space (and in thought) what we desire to receive and have. Out of consciousness arise feelings that give rise to actions.

Once we have created with life, it gives life the right to do the same with us. If we are afraid of something, it is bound to come and frighten us.


If we are angry, it will surely come and destroy us. If we love, we will be loved and accepted.


Objects on the material level are perceived by our senses as solid and unconnected. But on the quantum level, it is all just energy in its purest form.


We and everything around us is the one energy, and we are an integral part of one energy field. All objects that we perceive as isolated are in reality only different forms of energy.

All of existence is the one. All things in nature are alive (there are no non-living things in the Universe), including our thought, thought-forms, feeling, disease.


Energy has different states because of the speed of its oscillation, so it has different qualities: thinner or denser. For example, thought is a thin and light form of energy, so it changes easily and quickly. The matter is relatively dense and compact energy, so it changes and moves more slowly.


Thought (idea) is primary, the matter is secondary. There is a law of creation and counter-creation, a law of subordination and counter-subordination.


Each kind of energy has its task, its own will, its own intention to be realized, and, accordingly, different possibilities and abilities. They are all vital to existence.


Energy consists of polar currents (electric and magnetic), of negative and positive currents. And they are always more than one to insufficiency of the other. Ideally, their proportion is balanced between 49-51%.

In the energy system of the Universe, nothing just appears and nothing just disappears, but one thing flows into another and one tries to displace or create another. Everything flows and is subject to change, i.e. development.

There is a law of energy exchange. If there is a gain somewhere, there is bound to be a loss somewhere. From the small, the big is added up, and the big becomes a small copy of the big. Everything has its price and weight. These are the laws of the Universe, the Will of the Source, and Its Design.


The energy of a certain quality or vibration can attract the energy of the same quality and vibration. Thoughts and feelings have their magnetic force which attracts energy of the same vibration. It has the property of accumulation, expansion, and mastery (possession, modification).


The energy we expend can be reimbursed from the Source in the 1000th amount, in proportion to the purity of our thoughts and inversely to our interest.


If our intentions, feelings, and actions help our evolution of consciousness and the evolution of other living beings, they will be supported by the developing Universal Force. If, on the contrary, they interfere, they will be stopped, blocked, and destroyed by the same Power. Life is perfect and safe, life is filled with Love.


Wise is the Soul that recognizes that all humanity is part of the one whole and that each being can be seen as an individual cell of the cosmic brain of our Creator. There is no separation, except where humanity itself wishes to invent it.


One of the great lessons of physical existence is to rise above this seeming separateness to see the obvious and to know that we are the one with Source not only in the physical but also in the spiritual aspect.


There is no separation in this world between us and the Source. This world is the Source itself. The Source is the world we inhabit. As we live in it, we are an integral part of It. Just as an aspect of the Source lives in us and is an integral part of us. So the great can be found within the small, which, in turn, is even greater.


4. The Law of Vibrations

This Law is an extension of the first. If the entire Universe is energy, each body has its kind of energy and has its vibration. And what a given body represents will depend on what its energy vibration level is.


One of the lowest levels of vibration is infrared. The highest levels of vibration are called high frequency.


What are the highest frequency and most powerful forms of vibration in the Universe?


This is Love.


5. The Law of Execution

This Law is also known as the Law of Procreation and the Law of Creation: what we sow, we reap. Every thought has the power to create reality, and as we judge, we will be judged.


The Law of Execution distributes the power of thoughts and words. Accompanied by the power of emotion, they give rise to a vibration that brings to everyone a reward according to the merits of what is generated by it.

Desire is the energy that awakens the dormant seed to life and gives it the power to reveal itself – the power of creation. This Law, true and eternal, is independent of our desires. If we sow our thoughts (the seed) and remove the weeds (doubts and fears) we can be sure that the seed will come up.


Preparing minds without anxiety and fear for the great things that are ahead of us means that they will surely come true.


The power that allows us to control our circumstances and align them perfectly is in our hands. It is the power of thought, which is Divine Power.


6. The Law of Cause and Effect

It concerns the actions of all beings. Karma is often seen as a recompense for sins, because what we give, we receive back, which can be seen as punishment.

However, karma is nothing but the return of energy. Once energy is released by the will of a being, it will certainly come back, according to the principle that like attracts like.


Energy expands in search of similar vibrations. If it is initially negative, it comes back to the one who emitted it and gives it back the original negativity. The same is true of positive energy.


7. The Law of Transmutation

Every condition can be transmuted, and all things are in a constant process of change. The only unchanging thing in the Universe is the principle of indestructible energy and infinite change of forms.

This Law is also known as the Law of Alchemy: every condition of life can be changed for the better and become Divinely beautiful, regardless of how it was in the beginning.


If we accept it, bless it, thank the Source for it, and maintain constant gratitude for everything that happens to us, we can transmute absolutely everything.


Even the most bitter and heartbreaking experiences and conditions can be changed and transformed into Spiritual beauty through this perfect and fulfilling Law.


We can also find the power to transmute our Spiritual desires and dreams into tangible, material manifestations.


This Law can never be broken, for it involves the Omnipotence of the Source in action, producing eternal and invariably accurate results.


The law of Spiritual Alchemy is the Law of Transmutation of all conditions, all vibrations, all Darkness into Light, beauty, and harmony. It is possible when we speak by lips of our Soul, not the body or even the mind.


The power of transmutation is the power of contact with the center of our Soul through our Heart. This is the only method that gives us the power of accomplishment and perfection.


8. The Law of Balance, Integration of Polarities

The term “polarization” means the formation of opposing or opposing forces, without any competition between them.


These forces move together toward a common goal, more harmonious than each of them which contributes to their Spiritual growth.

The duality of the opposing energy forces projected onto our character and making it adversarial and contradictory is the source of our Ego, an inherent property of our Soul in incarnation.


While we live on a planet of duality, we need to master the Law of Balance to equalize the polarities of male and female, positive and negative energies, and to achieve harmony and integration. The Law of Balance, accepted as the basis of our being, is the first step toward Enlightenment.


9. The Law of Manifestation

This Law allows us to manifest our desires and needs when the motivation behind them is for the greater good – not only for ourselves but also for others.

Decide what you desire, express it clearly and unambiguously, let it go from you, and accept it as accomplished.


Don’t doubt it! Our ability to manifest our desires in this physical world is a real fact. It is only necessary to tune in synchronously with the Source’s Will and prevent the introduction of any selfish and self-serving patterns from our cellular memory.


10. The Law of Synchronicity

It is the Law of being in a perfect time in the perfect place. Perfect alignment and co-alignment allow events to flow happily and harmoniously.

This Law, also known as the Law of Grace, states that if we are aligned in perfection, we move with the Divine Flow as the Source manifests Itself in our lives.

11. The Law of Wise Distinction or the Law of Differentiation

It helps us to be in perfect tune with what will be the next step of our evolution. Differentiation is one of the basic elements of Universal evolution from the simple to the complex at all levels – biological, psychological and social, Spiritual, etc.


12. The Law of Forgiveness

This Law establishes the need to pay the karmic debts, and to balance the energy of those who have caused the energy imbalance.

It carries the message of forgiveness of self and others, for without forgiveness there can be no true healing.


The forgiveness process is based on giving energy that we can hold on to if we have a grudge lurking within us. By forgiving, we give energy back to the person we took it from.


13. The Law of Resonance

Such energies attract appropriately charged particles in their electromagnetic field.

Whatever energy we send out in the form of thought, emotion and action are sure to amplify and return to us.

14. The Law of Perfection

Everything in the Universe is inherently perfect and in its perfect state.


15. The Creative Law of Affirmations

This Law says that by the power of thought and the spoken word, we are what our reality and ourselves are. That is, what we think and see is what we have.


16. The Law of Retribution

The principle that we receive what we deserve is nothing less than the Good Recompense. This Law is Universal and does not depend on our needs or desires. It is directly related to the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Creation and is carried out in direct relation to our choices of action and life.


17. The Law of Assimilation (Absorption)

This Law does not allow any particle to be incorporated into our body and Soul that we, as a Spirit, have not subordinated to ourselves and placed in the service of our purpose.


That is, based on this Law, no one and nothing can influence us, and harm us, etc., apart from our will.


18. The Law of Adaptation

It is a Law that affirms the need to trust in the one constant thing in the Universe, the ever-changing nature of energy expressing itself in a multitude of forms, and to swim with that flow.

We must remain as flexible as possible because the willingness to accept change is the basis of growth.


The ability to open up and let the purest flow of energies through unimpeded is a source of great joy and balance, opening the way to attunement to ever-greater forces.


As we tune our energy fields to accept the increasingly pure Source’s energies we more fully enjoy the great experience of life.


19. The Law of Causality

This Law operates in harmony with the movement of the Stars. When we are born in a certain position of the celestial bodies of the Solar System and Constellations, we can take advantage of the conditions created by the energy flows of these stelliums.


20. The Law of Evolution and Rebirth of Periodicity

The slow process of our development, with unwavering persistence in repeated incarnations, allows us to build up the effectiveness of our awareness of the Universe.


Thus, at the proper time, the stream of life carries us to the heights of Spiritual perfection – the recognition of the Source and our original belonging to It.


This Law is also known as the Law of Periodicity.


21. The Law of Analogies

“Know thyself, and thou shalt know the whole world.” This law enables us to reach an understanding of the Divine Power within ourselves, and within the Universe through an understanding of all aspects of our being.

The man was created in the image and likeness of Source. And these are not just pretty words. The structure of man and the processes going on in him all completely replicate the Universe and its Creator.


22. The Law of Duality

As soon as we have consciously united with Source and achieved enlightenment, we are out of the scope of this Law and no longer subject to it. Until then, this Law determines the polarity of our energies.

In simple words – nothing exists in the world without its opposite:


* Cold – hot;


*Bitter – sweet;


*Success – Failure;


* Male – Female;


And let’s remember the wise Chinese:


* Yin – Yang that are the opposites of the one whole energy of the Universe.


23. The Law of Manas (The Reason)

Since Spirit is the Absolute Reality, the mind is the intermediary through which Spirit manifests itself and the creation of forms on the physical plane takes place.

The Law of Manas states that what we believe is bound to come true. It means that, at this level, our beliefs create and influence our reality.


24. The Law of Honor

This Law honors the right of each of us to seek the Universal Truths and Divine Wisdom and directs us to respect all forms of life in the Universe.


25. The Universal Law of Rhythm

All life, all Nature, is built on rhythms. Knowing these rhythms is very important for our work on selves.

When does energy come in? When does it wane? When to act for it to succeed?


If we learn to feel the rhythms, success is guaranteed. Every knowledge and awareness, every living thing, and life itself has such vitality and such power that allows them to draw from within themselves all that they need to grow and successfully fructify.


26. The Law of Love

This is the main Law of the Universe. It reminds us of the need to live with an open heart, to love and care not only for ourselves but also for our neighbors and others, as well as animals, Nature, and everything that surrounds us.

The Law of Love allows us to see the original deep kinship between us and all.


27. The Law of Mercy

It allows us to forgive all mistakes and transgressions – others against ourselves and ourselves against others. This is what true mercy is all about.

To be merciful means to live by the Law of Love and to observe the Law of Forgiveness. Those who live by these sacred laws do not make mistakes in this world.


28. The Law of Gratitude

This Law is based on the Law of Resonance and says that the fuller we express gratitude for all that we enjoy in life, the more we attract to ourselves all that we could be grateful for.

The Law is based on almost all Universal Laws, such as Law of Attraction, Laws of Energy, Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Love, Law of Honor, Law of Oneness, and others.


29. The Law of Patience

This Law states that every created thing has a beginning and an end because everything that unfolds in the physical world according to the Plan operates in Time.


Patience reveals itself as the perfect understanding that a tuned focus will surely bring all our thoughts, words, and deeds to the long-awaited season of fruitfulness.


This Law teaches us to understand that our actions may not produce immediate results simply because we need to learn something else important in the moment to arrive at our intended goal.


30. The Law of Example

It is said that the most powerful force for change is when everyone does what they say they will do. Thus, each person, concept, or phenomenon can serve as an example to others.


31. Law of Adoption

This Law is closely related to the Law of Honor. It inspires us to recognize meaning and reason in all things.


Such recognition enables us to be above all judgment and separation arising from differences of race, religion, culture, gender, age and beliefs, habits, interests, etc.


The law teaches us to accept everyone and everything around us as they are without deep inner judgment. Judge not, less you be judged.


32. The Law of Relativity

Everything in the world is real only to and in comparison with something. For example, the weather is cold somewhere and even colder elsewhere on the planet. Without comparing these manifestations of cold with each other, and without relating them to our sensations, we cannot make a true judgment about the cold.


To understand something, we have to compare this “something” with something else.


In psychology, this Law works very well. Suffice it to recall how we ruin ourselves when we start comparing ourselves to someone else.


33. The Law of Creation

To create something, two opposing energies, Yin and Yang, must be combined. Then what we have combined must mature to be born.

Due to a misunderstanding of this Law, many of us make mistakes. Each of us wants everything at once. It doesn’t work that way.


Even if we just want to achieve something, it won’t happen right away. The energy we put into our desire has to mature and fit into the rhythms of the Universe.


What we are looking for must also find us.

If the Laws of the Universe are followed, this encounter will happen much faster than we can imagine.

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