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Soul Statement

After many years of being on the spiritual path, it has become clear to me that the human race has a pivotal and truly magnificent role as powerful creators in the Multiverse, and by offering Tachyon Energy Chamber – one of the most advanced technologies existing on Earth so far, my dream and desire is to assist everyone ready to achieve multi-layered well-being and becoming the best version of themselves: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. 


Along with that I am offering an I AM MULTIDIMENSIONAL session to discover the Magic of your authentic Love and Creative Spark. 

Tachyon Technology is given to humanity to restore our lost connection with The Source and integrate us into the Cosmos so we can achieve a real Body-Mind-Soul Balance. Like a cosmic surgery, this energy will link our Inner with the Outer worlds,  our Spirit with Matter in a new way.

Many energetic waves have occurred over the past couple of years that have been re-balancing the excessive amount of unhealthy and unbalanced masculine and feminine energies on our planet. All of that inevitably creates chaos on the ground level, and uncovers many deep traumas and suppressed negative emotions from the subconscious on a mass level. For them to be dissolved, they demand a new outlook on life, as well as a deep inner transformation. And very often the process starts with a dramatic external event, which is the first trigger to initiate the inner alchemy process.

Divine wisdom flows to me convincingly and clearly. It brings new energetic resonances to my spirit, attuning me to both ancient and new codes of Light and Multiverse path and form of Creations. My soul mission is to share these inner insides with you in order to assist with self-evolution and contribute to the collective consciousness in times, when a transformation is most needed.

Through the years I’ve become aware of a Divine message to humanity that is going to affect all of us in the coming years, so I am doing my heartfelt contribution to assist as many soul sisters and brothers during this most critical and dramatic energy shift ever.

By providing you the opportunity to experience the effect of the Tachyon or Zero Point Energy - the physical expression of the Divine Omnipotence Source Energy - together we can spread the Sacred Wisdom of the united, balanced Feminine and Masculine aspects of our beings, and help as many humans as possible to get back to ultimate well-being and joy, bathe in the energies of Universal Love and Pure Consciousness.

The way out of our darkness and suffering is NOW. Both, Tachyon Energy and connecting with our Multidimensional self are

The Ultimate Path to humanity’s FREEDOM!

Let it be, so be it!

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