We Create Our Reality

Today, it is very important for all of us to stop running away from reality, feeling sorry for ourselves and others, complaining about the authorities or “enemies”. It doesn’t make any sense.

Now it is important to filter our social networks from those who whine, complain, fear, attack, and regret. These are very low vibrations.

If we are calm now or even feel positive about what is happening, then, EVERYTHING IS FINE WITH US! The old “laws” of 3D logic no longer work. We are moving into 4D/5D, where only our thinking will create reality. Even staying in 3D, as we will think, it will happen.

We were already afraid enough, saved enough, and were aggressive enough. ( Victim/ Savior/ Perpetrator). It has been going on for the last thousand years. We can see what this has led to. Now it’s important for us to learn how to react differently, and the reality will be different. Only our neutrality and positivity are most needed by the planet right now.

It is according to these states that the 4th Universe is carrying out a sweep. If we are already in 4D or 5D, we can be congratulated: we made the Transition. If not yet, we must continue to work on ourselves, we all have a chance.

When we change our attitude to what is happening, then reality automatically changes, or we will be calmer and easier to live through all the events. The 3D System will simply not be able to hook us anymore – neither with fear, nor with pity, nor with hatred and aggression.

Those who think they will avoid the sifting are mistaken. There will be something else besides virus, war and cataclysms. We can’t run away from ourselves…

Not only Earth, but the entire Local Universe is moving to a new level, with all its fractals, worlds and dimensions. It is ONE LIVING CELL.

Our awakening is going very hard. The separation of Light and Darkness on the Subtle Plane continues in the physical world, among people who consciously and unconsciously chose one or another pole. Each wavering Soul is brought every minute to the point of final choice so that it can continue the Transition or stay in 3D. All methods and scenarios are used for it.

These are tests of intelligence, humanity, and consciousness, the selection of living grains of Spirit from dead chaff. This is how the prep of the 4th Universe and its inhabitants is underway.

The deeper we dive into ourselves, the more we look from a height. It means that we cover more levels with our vision, and can keep more dimensions in the field of our attention. Our horizons become much wider. Those, who have chosen a habitual life, see less, but argue more and condemn fiercely than anyone.

We Create our Reality

Before our eyes, the world has completely changed. Its principles, laws, techniques, practices, information and everything acquired – neither bad nor good, simply doesn’t exist. Not anymore.

Everything that we knew, what we relied on, what we used, should be left in the past. Some of us get scared from these words, someone is at a loss, someone is interested, and easily and freely goes further, unburdened by the lived experience.