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We Create Our Reality

Today, it is very important for all of us to stop running away from reality, feeling sorry for ourselves and others, complaining about the authorities or “enemies”. It doesn’t make any sense.

Now it is important to filter our social networks from those who whine, complain, fear, attack, and regret. These are very low vibrations.

If we are calm now or even feel positive about what is happening, then, EVERYTHING IS FINE WITH US! The old “laws” of 3D logic no longer work. We are moving into 4D/5D, where only our thinking will create reality. Even staying in 3D, as we will think, it will happen.

We were already afraid enough, saved enough, and were aggressive enough. ( Victim/ Savior/ Perpetrator). It has been going on for the last thousand years. We can see what this has led to. Now it’s important for us to learn how to react differently, and the reality will be different. Only our neutrality and positivity are most needed by the planet right now.

It is according to these states that the 4th Universe is carrying out a sweep. If we are already in 4D or 5D, we can be congratulated: we made the Transition. If not yet, we must continue to work on ourselves, we all have a chance.

When we change our attitude to what is happening, then reality automatically changes, or we will be calmer and easier to live through all the events. The 3D System will simply not be able to hook us anymore – neither with fear, nor with pity, nor with hatred and aggression.

Those who think they will avoid the sifting are mistaken. There will be something else besides virus, war and cataclysms. We can’t run away from ourselves…

Not only Earth, but the entire Local Universe is moving to a new level, with all its fractals, worlds and dimensions. It is ONE LIVING CELL.

Our awakening is going very hard. The separation of Light and Darkness on the Subtle Plane continues in the physical world, among people who consciously and unconsciously chose one or another pole. Each wavering Soul is brought every minute to the point of final choice so that it can continue the Transition or stay in 3D. All methods and scenarios are used for it.

These are tests of intelligence, humanity, and consciousness, the selection of living grains of Spirit from dead chaff. This is how the prep of the 4th Universe and its inhabitants is underway.

The deeper we dive into ourselves, the more we look from a height. It means that we cover more levels with our vision, and can keep more dimensions in the field of our attention. Our horizons become much wider. Those, who have chosen a habitual life, see less, but argue more and condemn fiercely than anyone.

We Create our Reality

Before our eyes, the world has completely changed. Its principles, laws, techniques, practices, information and everything acquired – neither bad nor good, simply doesn’t exist. Not anymore.

Everything that we knew, what we relied on, what we used, should be left in the past. Some of us get scared from these words, someone is at a loss, someone is interested, and easily and freely goes further, unburdened by the lived experience.

We are all closely connected not only with each other, but also with the planet, and it depends on us how fast and harmonious the Transition will be. Due to our extremely strong dragging, Co-Creators are forced to constantly adjust the scenario. Operations on the physical and Subtle Plane do not stop. Many changes have been made in advance, reducing pressures, and write-off of karmic debts… So much has been done and is doing, if we could unlived our past.

Argorians Update 18 November, 2022

“On the plateau of the pyramids of Giza, the intensive movement of the brown GASIG energy continues destroying 3D structures and prepares space for 5D. The orange-gold ERCADO discharges give an impulse of power contractions and forms temporary programs.

Then, the energies are distributed along the equator line and go to the North Pole. There, the flows change to the opposite direction, clearing the Earth’s space. Three-dimensional matter is split and removed from the planet through Portals. With the help of the pyramids, the GASIG and ERCADO waves directed to the South Pole.

Quantum flows entering from the Gerios Galaxy also enter the pyramids, pass from them to the inner worlds, accumulate in the interplanetary crystal, diverge along wave channels, changing the tonality, and change the 3D structure from the inside. These streams carry numerical codes of synchronization of the Earth’s space, are adjusted to its needs, and are controlled by Co-Creators.


The 3D energies coming out of the bowels through the Mediterranean Sea are condensed into spheroids and taken off the planet to special storage facilities in inter-Galactic space. The spheroid point of this region is actively working to purify the inner worlds of Earth. It continues to intensively receive new energies and gives away its accumulations during the quantum transformation.

A similar process occurs in the bodies of earthlings: old information is withdrawn from the cells, freeing up space for new ones by high-frequency energies. Transmutation takes place in those who can assimilate them.

Co-Creators constantly adjust the transformation programs of the Earth’s space and matter. Since civilization actively influences the energy fields of the planet, we have to constantly remove negative distortions.

This is the most time-consuming and difficult stage. The consciousness of Earth has already moved to a higher level of the 5th dimension, and the consciousness of the majority of people still lives in the collapsing vibrations of the 3rd density. A very strong dissonance persists, which leads to an increase in the number and strength of natural disasters. The planet is in a fever, it has already reached a CRITICAL POINT.

We constantly hear the appeal: why can’t Co-Creators immediately remove all the evil on the planet?

We have one reply. We can create conditions for your development; eliminate the threat of nuclear war or explosions, and other dangerous moments when the threat of destruction looms over the Earth’s civilization. But we have no right to interfere with karma. This is forbidden by the Creator. Each Soul must learn their lesson and close debts before a new incarnation.

To facilitate the quantum Transition, we have taken all necessary measures. We divided this process into 16 time streams according to the level of men’s consciousness (radiated frequencies); provided each individual transformational sphere. Inside it, each Soul is actively filling with new energies, as much as they can get, the gene structure and consciousness are changing.


We have sped up the Time. The places of conflict are under our control and are isolated by energy domes. The interplanetary worlds have been cleared so that people can quickly free self from the shackles of Dark Forces.

Inside the current, Fifth Race, a new civilization is maturing, and the world of the 5th dimension is emerging. Both processes are formed in 6D. According to the Absolute’s decision, everything will take place more harshly and quickly. The planet is already living in a new density, and men are still in different dimensions, which is very noticeable by the radiation of individual spheres.

The three-dimensional world ceases to exist, the Fifth Race is closing. We constantly provide you with information about the Transition. The final act will be the inversion of the magnetic poles and the alignment of the Earth’s axis.

The planet must take the necessary position for a complete reloading and the implementation of a quantum leap. To move into a new dimension, special conditions and a lot of energy are needed.

Solar Pillar, Yakutia, Russia

Time and all processes on Earth have greatly accelerated. Each of you is in an individual sphere of transformation, which creates all the conditions for Transition. This is helped by the gold standard codes, which actively influence the matter’s morphing. Additionally, programs for upgrading DNA and RNA, the molecular basis, consciousness and Intelligence of people are loaded.

If you carefully observe the processes taking place inside you, sensations and reactions, then you notice how your consciousness has changed. You can no longer live in the old way, but don’t know how to live in a new one. This is normal for this stage.

Compare your inner feelings with what is happening around you. Don’t take information from the media, filled of lies. Observe the position of the Sun and Moon and notice their displacement, as well as unusual phenomena in the sky in the form of plasma, and the modules of the squadron ships that constantly change their location.

Plasma Cloud in Huffman, Texas, USA

Learn to tune into a new dimension, listen to your Soul, and trust your intuition. Your personal worldview may be completely different than that of others. And look for like-minded people, unite. This is your strength, it will be easier for you to survive everything, and we will help you.

Everyone who passes by their vibrations into the new world is under our special control. Take care of the Light of your Soul, be beacons for others, keep peace of mind, know that everything is going according to the Plan of Co-Creators.”

Many of us find it hard to bear the acceleration of events. The readiness of corpus to enter 4D/5D is different for everyone. While a new etheric body is being formed from top to bottom, the physical one barely has time to transform the cells. It fails for many, and all diseases come out.

Some are better prepared. The younger a person is, the higher energy he was born in, which means his body is built according to high frequencies. Especially kids. If they become ill now, it’s because the living conditions do not correspond to their elevated consciousness.

It is most difficult for the elder generation. Old energies have to be cleaned out, and quite painfully, there are too many low-frequencies imperil deposition.

I gave a lot of recommendations on what to do with it. First of all, it’s the understanding that we need to change a lot, literally everything – thoughts, feelings, attitudes, actions and perception of the world. All the rest depends on that.

Someone will say: I didn’t know about the transformation, no one told me. But this is not the case. Every consciousness knows what is happening now, and what needs to be done. But the ego doesn’t want to hear it, and hides behind the usual way of life. Each incoming high-frequency quantum wave destroys the old lifestyle, and exposes us. No one could hide.

No One Could Hide

Now it’s not easy for all Light consciousness. The subtlety of our perception increases, quantum waves carry us to higher frequencies, and somehow we’re forced to be in that state with other people, who don’t have those processes.

Often, even advanced consciousness breaks down when incoming energies reach a peak. High-frequencies waves enter everyone. Inside, a storm begins from the reaction of the body and psyche to the Light flux. If people radiate negativity nearby, it’s unbearable.

Energy dirt and wild mental tension cause a feeling that we have fallen into hell, and we are guilty of all sins. We often identify with this condition, take it as ours, and feel like we’re in a terrible place. It takes a serious workout to learn the difference.

For it, we have to understand the reasons. We are here to perfect our multidimensional nature. At the same time, our personality often has an old perception, it is difficult for it to quickly rebuild. It immediately reacts to everything.

We need to learn that all the imperfections that lie in people are the result of their long and difficult paths. And if we have gone beyond our duality and ego, and even if we haven’t, then, we should understand everyone well. And our reaction should not follow in a flash.

If someone tries to take out their anger on us, it’s better to just find an excuse to move away, and stop talking. Do not keep the dialogues in mind, do not twist them constantly in your mind, and even more so, do not blame. It is caused by our reactions, resistance, not acceptance. Everyone goes through their lessons, give them this opportunity. And we have the right not to face it, but to politely step aside.

We can remind ourselves of LOVE, which accepts everything, and gives everything to be, being the source of our consciousness. But our ego, as a rule, blocks it.

It is important to monitor our personal (first of all) states, and the level of vibrations, because this is where everything starts, the scenario that we will personally watch.

The space of perception for each of us is individual. And contact with the general planetary scenario and integration into different events depends on our level of vibrations. They merge in frequency with others, forming clusters that create developments of similar energy.

So, there is one task, which has always been the same, – to monitor our state, and run it consciously. This will be a creation of our reality.

We must understand well where we are pouring our energy into, and which scenarios will follow. Everything is saturated with our attention, awareness, and energy. We can make any scenario for ourselves – from the calmest to the most restless. Our prevailing vibration will attract us to the corresponding events by resonance.

The changes on Earth are going according to a schedule prepared in advance and carefully calculated by Co-Creators. Even if, for a while, they introduce chaos, it’s strictly planned.

According to Schedule

Today, the entire planet’s space is undergoing accelerated and intensive purification and transformation. Being in 3D, we had no idea about the multidimensionality, ours and Earth’s, their functioning, and interrelation. Therefore, some processes can frighten many and look cruel and unfair.

But Co-Creators don’t let anything drift of its own accord. All changes are necessary, and their perception and understanding depend entirely on our vibrations, nothing else.

Any actions out of fear, reflections out of scare, distrust of space, and Co-Creators lead to a decrease in our vibes and a deterioration in the quality of our personal life.

Earth is an intelligent, wise multidimensional entity that controls all of its creations (including us) and transformations. Be sure. There is no end of days, only the natural processes of space restructuring continues.

Yes, it’s hard for many. But let’s look again at the situation and events in general, which are perceived as the end of time.

But it was at this time that we came to Earth, each to his country. Today, all of them, together with the entire global system that has been built for the last 13 thousand years, has come (or rather, brought) to a dead end. Its mechanism no longer works. By December 2012, it had led humanity, the Fifth Race, to be erased from the planet, as had previously happened with four other civilizations.

In parallel, the Third Local Universe terminated its history, and was doomed to the fate of the previous two. The Absolute destroyed them by giant cosmic flash in order to start a new Universe from scratch, where we incarnated.


The Absolute did not remove us from the planet in 2012, but decided to populate the worlds of its Fourth Universe with us, completely free from 3D negativity. It’s for that powerful high-frequency quantum flows are directed at us from the Center of the Galaxy, purifying and transforming us and Earth on the physical and Subtle Plane.

No one is dragging us into the new world by force. Everyone decides their fate, consciously and unconsciously, according to free will and choice freedom. There are many spaces and dimensions in the Greater Cosmos where anyone can continue evolution.

We can watch an exciting blockbuster about the birth of a new world and even take part in it, discarding all our fears, apathy, and distrust. We are also co-creators of space together with the Higher Light Hierarchy. It’s time to realize this here and now.

Awareness, choice, creation is what transforms us, the world around us and everything that was behind us, whether we know about it or not. This life and the past, all our genealogy, failures and everything that we learned about ourselves and hangs on us as heavy burden, is changing in the present.

It is not necessary to know about this for our transformation here and now. Responsibility for our life is now only ours. No one and nothing dominates or influences us anymore. Be aware of this.

Imagine that we have just been born. We don’t know anyone or anything about ourselves. We have no problems, no setups of how to do and not do, information about our genealogy, our screw-ups, debts, and problems – there are none, there is nothing.

Start living like this. Clean, empty, and free from any info, that we previously dominated us. We wanted to be free and get rid of problems. We were given this unique opportunity.

Forget about everything. Begin showing ourselves as we have not known yet, listening to selves, not relying on anything else but selves. Now is the ideal time to sweep all detritus aside and kick off our new life.

Of course, there is an inalienable freedom of will and choice, to receive any experience that we need, not lived and not fully assimilated. But let’s be clear. This planet is undergoing changes. The conditions on it have changed dramatically, irrevocably and are no longer suitable for passing through many variants of our Earthly experience.

If we didn’t have enough lessons of the past, in third dimension, we have not learned and are not sated with life in 3D laws and world order, we will go through it again in other places. Here, there are no more suitable conditions for that. The choice is ours.

In November, all events on the physical and Subtle Plane accelerated dramatically. This is especially noticeable in our daily life.

Events are more Noticeable

Understand that aggravation is normal. Don’t be nervous, track our emotions and reactions. Try to understand their origin and the lesson they carry (jealousy, anger and other forms of rejection).

If we feel a sudden rush of adrenaline (signal of attack), we have immediately put energy protection. The same applies to other cases when some try to unbalance us. It is important to show tact, acceptance, and composure.

To forgive all offenders, not hold and not suppress our emotions. To understand that people and situations are given to us for our personal growth, as a lesson FOR something, and not AS a punishment. And we have the right to study, even by mistakes.

In fact, there are no mistakes. Everything is experience. Any stress allows looking deeper into us. Ideally, it is important to learn from any situation, emotions and feelings to extract a lesson for ourselves, regardless of the vibrations of this feeling, to experience this or that state, but not to let it control us.

Many “energy attacks” are lessons to be worked out, which we ourselves attract, but strive to avoid at all costs. As a child tries to hide under the bed from his parents to avoid punishment for a prank, so we, grown-up aunts and uncles, may have a mania for persecution by visible and invisible enemies, and begin to be hung with amulets, runes, spheres and other magical devices.

Protecting from minor external influences, we deprive ourselves of a lesson, thereby postponing it for the future and multiplying problems, because we still have to solve them.

It is much more expedient to gradually work out our weaknesses, emotions, beliefs and character traits that attract “undesirable” situations into our lives, rather than refusing to interact with external stimuli-teachers, if the lesson is still not learned.

These studies are better to take gradually, on simple events, rather than constantly being in an armored cocoon of “protection from negativity”, attracting the attention of more resourceful “aggressors” who perform their function in the teacher ecosystem.

This does not mean that energy protection is not needed at all. But there is no sense in a paranoid reaction in most everyday cases, as there is no point in wearing a bulletproof vest in everyday life.

We must remember: the world is our reflection. What’s inside is outside. We literally shape our reality with every thought, emotion, and word. The more we are afraid and try to defend ourselves, the more the world will give us object lessons on the law of resonance, until we begin to take responsibility for ourselves, and not shift it to external forces and supposedly circumstances beyond our control.

Circumstances are not as important as our character, because it is what shapes circumstances.

Fluctuations of cosmic and planetary energies will have various effects on our health – from headaches, aching joints and muscles, exacerbation of chronic diseases, up to fatal outcomes for those who cannot withstand the flow.

Such Souls have fulfilled their program on Earth, and it’s time for them to leave. Not necessarily through illness. Accidents, weather and natural disasters and other force majeure are possible … It is advisable to let them go on a new path without regret; it will be much easier for them and for us.

As the incoming energies are given for our development, we need to use them for this, rather than sit out in the usual insults, discontent and routines. We can change our lifestyle if we feel the need. Any template schemes (metro-work-sleep) sew us deeper into the 3D Matrix programs and do not allow us to master the new high-frequency 5D energy. Take a day off or vacation, go for a walk or a trip.

Remember that gorge habit before bedtime takes a lot of energy and can lead not only to fatigue in the morning, but also to poor quality of sleep and dreams, because our body is resting at night and cannot properly digest dense meal.

Nature, creativity, exercise and healthy eating have always been and remain our friends, but now it’s better to turn to them more often.

Quantum waves coming from the Galactic Center through the Sun will increase. One or two will be normal, then, a powerful tide and a small pullback, and, after, they will be replaced by normal ones again.

By the end of 2022, high-frequency quantum waves are expected to be even stronger than in November. If during a powerful tsunami we do not have time to adapt and postpone what comes out for working out, it will be accumulated and crush us. As a result, we will get a nervous breakdown or depression. Diseases will arise and worsen in those places where the corresponding emotions and feelings emerged.

During the passage of powerful waves, we get a chance to enter a new level of upgrading. Even with a small successful adaptation, the energy intensity of our body increases, and we perceive the next wave as not so strong.

In the times that have come, the stage of theories is almost passed; we need to translate all our knowledge in life, in practice. If we know a lot but don’t do much, it will only increase our internal tension and discontent.

Many of us are in the process of merging timelines, where aspects of our Monads are located. From here, our memories of other worlds, civilizations and incarnations emerge. Someone is slow, someone is very fast. Sometimes, it’s enough just to get one kick-activation, and the gates swing wide open…

The already hospitable world of 4D/5D gives us all the opportunity to enter this gate and move on to a new round. We get a lot of hints and opportunities.

On a Subtle Plane, it looks like the ignition of new Suns and Stars. We begin to shine and awaken others with our light. Others are reaching out to us, and there is a chain reaction. This was the case before, but now it is more relevant than ever, and very noticeable.


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