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The portal 22-02-2022

Everything is quantum entangled. When I give an update for 5D Earth, which is not yet a physical reality for us, it affects us in full sync here in 3D-4D (3D or 4D manifestation depends from your own vibrations). Sometimes it can be beneficial for us, but it can also be a challenge - which we always take as an opportunity.

Here are the latest updates:


1. We get new body, through which every Soul passes, dying and being born again, we cross without physical death. - Not matching our vibrations with 4D/5D Earth’s freqs will only complicate our survival in the new energy environment.

2. The Sun threw a powerful halo-coronal mass ejection - the fiery knives - The energy cleansing fiery knives on February 15/16 is a preparation for a powerful Portal on 02.22.2022. And we all feel this purifying process differently.

How to deal with the symptoms while acquiring a new body

The transportation of 5D Earth to a new vibrational orbit continues and is now passing through an extremely tense space. Annular radiation of multicolored energies appeared around the Argorians’ ships and reaches Earth, affecting the planetary and our aura.

These are radiations of blue, white, and red energies. During the passage of the radiating ring against the background of swamp-colored energy, five-dimensional fractals of new 5D matter are formed from multicolored plasma.

Through Radiating Ring

In the space filled with new force fields that control and adjust our brain structure to new thinking, we may feel colic in the head and other parts of the body, blurred vision, hearing loss, changes in the frequencies of noise (buzzer) in the ears. Colic is also possible in the area of the heart and lower back. This is a normal state of restructuring of our body.

The incoming quantum flows also impact the entire pandemic situation. By succumbing to skillfully induced panic, we help the virus mutate with us. It has become an indicator of our Spiritual state and produces natural selection, as Argorians have repeatedly warned.

Until we understand what is happening, it will continue to be so. Fear is a serious matter, and it is tantamount to disbelief in God. Our further exams will be even tougher as the energy would be stronger. Not matching our vibrations with 4D/5D Earth’s freqs will only complicate our survival in the new energy environment.

That is why it is so vital to create a comfortable Spiritual state around us, calmly perceive extreme situations, and not lose self-control.

The most difficult thing, currently hanging in space, is the transformation of our physical body at the cellular level. In the evenings, we may have chills or a sluggish temperature, dizziness and headaches, insomnia, and increased emotionality.

Our Cell

The energies that trigger changes in the structure of our cells are becoming more and more activated.

It feels like the cells’ cores are growing and becoming more powerful, letting the energy of high vibrations into every millimeter of our body.

We are increasingly becoming conduits of quantum flows of the Absolute at all levels.

Gradually, our pineal gland begins to morph and would double in size.

It manifests in sleep disorders and at the same time very vivid dreams.

This is the activation of our vision and awareness.

We are becoming more powerful.

The processes taking place inside each conscious person increasingly affect his environment and events on a planetary scale.

In such difficult times, in no case should we escalate our mood and panic. In any unclear situation, it is important to hear our hearts. Mentally, fill it with Light. To allow ourselves to live and let everything that occurs happen for our good.

We must permit ourselves to see the situation as a whole, realize WHAT FOR it happened, see all possible scenarios, and automatically choose the best one.

Now it is important to eat right, and what we indeed want. Do not shove unnecessary food into ourselves. Don’t choose by our brain what to eat. By the first piece in our mouth, it is immediately clear whether we indeed want it or not. Do not finish to the end if we are full from a third of the portion. Drink more plain water that perfectly removes toxins and products of adjustment to new energies.

Walks in the fresh air and even light physical exercises perfectly restore. Stretching and charging will help our body to get enough oxygen and not stagnate. If there is an opportunity to get a massage, it is also good.

To Get Enough Oxygen

We need to keep track of the state of our body’s biochemistry: what is missing, what is in excess.

Sometimes it is enough to take med tests and drink vitamins to bring us into balance.

No race on Earth has ever lived through what is happening to humanity now.

That there is a future ahead of us that sci-fi dreamed of for centuries. It feels brighter and nearer.

Today we resemble embryos. We are forming again to be born on a new, 4D/5D Earth.

The getting of a new body, through which every Soul passes, dying and being born again, we cross without physical death.

In our individual spheres, every structure, every organ is being renewed, formed anew to correspond to new energies.

On a Subtle Plane, it looks like spheres that are suspended at a low altitude. At the same time, a wide light stream connects each sphere with the Earth. A very beautiful, luminous sight!

Our connection with the sphere – our energy uterus – runs through a block in our brain that emits Radiant energy AETRON.

Radiant Energy AETRON

It is no longer a physical connection with the mother through the umbilical cord when the task is to form the tissue of our body.

We already have a body.

This is a transforming-formation-renewal of a different level.

First, it is our brain that reacts to all impulses and directs signals to reactions-changes in our physical corpus.

Therefore, if we experience body reaction, pain, focus attention on some organ, system’s problem, then it’s most often produced by some emotional state during a day or several days.

So an image from the past may pop up, or an awareness of an old malaise in a new way, and so on. It is necessary to listen carefully to such prompts because they push us to revise our consciousness. Through thought, and then, if necessary, through action, we are now correcting, updating our body and awareness.

The difference is also that a child in the womb cannot influence the formation of his body. But as adults, we have awareness. And by running it and our attention, we can control the process. We can create the best at our wish.

Our brain is the first to respond to impulses about change. It sends info about transformation not only to our physical body but also to our energy shells and DNA strands activation. That is why memories of a physical and emotional nature return.

For example, if we feel back pain, then cases of our helplessness and insecurity may immediately come to mind, especially in childhood, when it happened.

And then we should restore this part of ourselves first of all on an emotional level.

In no case, we shouldn’t panic if are faced with several problems that may arise at once.

When this happens, we often don’t know which issue to tackle first, feel confusion: “where to run” and “what to do”.

This is how several parts of our brain are activated, cleaned, and updated at once.

After a while, clarity restores. The main thing is not to create excessive emotional tension and not to suppress the process.

Now we sense as isolated from the world. Everything that happens outside we perceive is like the background.

We can still hear what is happening around us, see our loved ones, and participate in our usual life. But all this is as if the child, being inside the mother, heard and felt what was occurring outside. We are perfectly safe, and at the same time in an intense transformation.

This is our Transformation.

Just imagine how much energy is spent on the formation of a new person, a new body in the womb.

And now realize how much energy it takes to transform our already formed body!

And what new energy ocean we are currently bathing in.

Previously, the Spiritual descended into the material.

Now the material rises into the Spiritual.

Internal Balance is extremely important for each of us these days.

This is a part and a key factor of the whole process we are in. It’s the alignment, and our coming back to Divine Balance.

Remember that collective transformation is no longer in the hands of man, and our individual transformation depends only on us.

It has passed barely above month and half of this year, and there were already many happenings and even further rapid conclusions / resolutions / accelerations occurring.

Unfortunately, one part of humanity is making already for some time an exit point from physicality. Its their own decision, though. This will surely get even more intense than it is now.

The most importance in one individual is to listen to their own intuitive signals, both physiological and psychological. Those who don't see much change within lately and are insisting to play out same “movie” they already play for decades now – they aren't having pleasant time at all. That's because the old ways are unsustainable now, and even their thinking and mentality is unsustainable.

This victim mentality feeds back the loop of implosion of individuals and must be broken. And some easily become victimizers themselves, as already witnessed.

Were nearing that interesting “22.02.2022.” date, and I have feeling these are really intense times. From “rumours of wars” to trucker protests where whole world sees the tyrants (Trudeau and other petty lackeys and puppets) “naked” and completely exposed to truth. Were nearing a point where everything will just break at seams.

Whatever happens, let's keep our mind calm and sharp, and help those who want help.

We remind you and welcome you to join us in the next Global Meditation on 22-02-2022. At the core of our awakening is the realization that we’re more than our physical bodies. Now many truths become evident, and methods of accelerating growth and ascension flow into our life. Let's return to our Divine balance

We will stop the registration one hour before the broadcast. Find the details below:

... and here is what further enhances the whole transition process:

The Sun threw a powerful halo-coronal mass ejection

On the night of February 15/16, 2022, the Sun threw a powerful halo-coronal mass ejection into interplanetary space. Its source was on the reverse side of our luminary, beyond the eastern limb.

Its average speed was about 800 km/sec. Among the halo emissions with an angular width of more than 270 degrees recorded in cycle 25, this emission ranks second in speed. The first place is still held by an outburst caused by an outbreak of class X1.0 at the end of October 2021 (remember the failed severe storm?). Its average speed was estimated at 1077 km/sec.

If on the physical plane the ejection went in the opposite direction from Gaia, on the Subtle Plane the picture was different.

Huge fiery knives of incandescent, high-frequency plasma pierced the planet through, mercilessly burning out intended low-vibes targets to the Earth’s core. They have annihilated everything that should go away forever.

Such CME is a managed process. They are aimed at rebuilding all the worlds of Earth, starting with the elementals realm. Unfortunately, such reformatting does not happen quickly.

And yet it is gradually gaining momentum. On the Subtle Plane, there is a complete rebirth of the planet.

Phantoms (people without Souls), clones, bio-robots can no longer live on a planet with new energies.

This is not their element and not their stronghold.

Their environment is 3D, made-up matter, which is controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

Now it is fiercely and uncompromisingly resisting destruction at all levels of the physical and Subtle Plane, in all spheres of human life and activity, but this is the agony of doom.

All the above-mentioned semi-artificial 3D creatures, after their removal from Earth, will be provided with another uninhabited planet that will resemble what they have been creating here for thousands of years.

They will have their tasks and opportunities, but there will be no free will. They will obey the will of their creator, free from any obligations to them.

Now only living Souls, not lower than 5D, are incarnated on the planet, carrying with them the programs and codes of the new, 4D/5D Earth. They interact with Nature, in which living cells have been preserved, and can revive them, cleaning from made-up 3D.

Interact With Realms

This is facilitated by the Absoluteverse of Gaia through the interaction of 3D, 4D, and 5D Earths. The full activation of the new Matrix of Life will help reformat the three-dimensional planet much faster than it happens in other parts of the Local Universe.

Through the Absolutized grid of Earth and its life-giving rays, the cells of the new Matrix saturate with their vital force all who have a Soul, not only dense but also Subtle and single Radiant Bodies.

The energy cleansing fiery knives on February 15/16 is a preparation for a powerful Portal on 02.22.2022. And we all feel this purifying process differently.

Portal of 22.02.2022

Many of us have noticed that over the past few days, unhealed emotions have been rising from the deepest levels of our subconscious.

Someone has grievances and fears, irritation appears, and someone just doesn’t want to do anything.

Those who have worked on themselves and have already freed themselves from a lot inside are already able to consciously observe this cleansing process without clinging to the negative that comes out from within.

From this, the process of liberation occurs more gently and comfortably, with understanding, and full acceptance and gratitude to these energies.

We always have a choice. At the crossroads, a huge space of options is highlighted. It is necessary to turn on awareness at least a little. This is what it means to be here and now. Because in the present moment we always lay the cause, the consequence of which we will meet later.

If we react with certain vibrations, it means that we have already laid the cause of the future situation. If we do not lay such a reason in our awareness, for example, we will not be offended, we will immediately see a huge number of paths and their variants in space.

Karma is a mental substance. If we are in Love and gratitude, then we get it. What we radiate, we receive.

We return to an important understanding: “How do I meet the events that are happening.” Those of us who meet events hard: “Horror, fear …”, those in the future will receive exactly such events, with the same emotions.

We think that something from the outside has made our life like this. But in fact, it is we who emit such vibrations. This is the law of free will: nothing interferes with our lives unless we have given it a precedent.

It’s We Who Emit Such Vibes

What is happening now is not chaos; this is how it should be. The rules are set, it is given.

But there are a lot of possibilities for creation inside it.

Disclosures of the spiritual pole expand the platform of our actions.

We live not only in the physical world, we live in other worlds.

We can create them here; attract some things into the physical world. We are multidimensional.

If to look from a Subtle Plan at what is happening on the planet right now, we’ll see it is crackers on it, very tough and dense energies.

The more of us from here, from these dense energies, will open our consciousness, the more channels of Light will flow to us.

This is the spiritualization of matter. It can only be done through our Spirit. Each of us can become such a channel, the Spiritual Pole in ourselves; learn to be aware; meet our events at our own free will.

To do it, there should be a pause before the meeting. We need to see how we react to events. And change something at this moment in us, in our feelings.

The more we open up, and it is at the energy level that we change our state, the more our whole life will gradually change.

Today many come out of the victim’s position, think that this is not happening to them, but from the fact that they created it themselves, then they can change everything.

We Can Change Everything

We can’t transform all the people. But each of us can change the frightened reaction in ourselves. Just accept that it is.

It’s important to observe fears and not think out of this energy. Fears attract thoughts from the general consciousness. Millions are thinking about something with fear. Don’t connect to them, to this common energy. It will affect your health. Learn to quickly jump out of heavy thoughts.

Now there is a purge of the consciousness of collective humanity. We didn’t just incarnate at this time but came here to participate in this cycle of Transition where natural selection takes place.

For example, a storm knocked down dry, rotten, inside, trees.

This is what happens in nature. Cataclysm produces survival of the fittest.

Today the same happens through our consciousness. Those who are not ready to change their consciousness, are severely combed out, leave.

But this is the choice of their Souls. Nothing ends with death. It’s just a Transition. It’s like moving to another country. Some Souls pass away through illness.

For those who have a different vision, it’s all hard for them. But let’s learn to consciously live through grief, too. I am a Spirit, thanks to this body, I can live these emotions. I came here to find out and test all this.

Only we can build the new, and it is being created every moment of our time. All our thoughts and vibrations make the future. A new world can only be built by a new consciousness cleansed of survival and sacrifice programs.

Other Souls who will not wake up, accumulate their karmic baggage, are some kind of admonish for someone. They create obstacles to ignite the Light of Spirituality.

Those of us who have not yet opened up in such awareness are now experiencing emotional roller coasters. All the dirt seems to be bubbling and splashing out. By doing it, we hurt ourselves and others.

We should not be afraid of these energies and blame ourselves, plunging even deeper into a negative state of depression. It’s necessary to remember the inner Light, align and harmonize ourselves. Giving the Light will dissolve all negativity that has come out of us and continues to spill out.

On days of such energy overload, it is especially important to distance ourselves from all external negative information, tune in to Light and positive energies, relax more and walk in nature, do what harmonizes and awakens inner joy. It helps to pass the cleansing energy waves.

To Be In Nature

When the process of cleansing is over, we will immediately feel a huge surge of strength and inspiration.

Unprecedented lightness will appear in our whole bodies.

When it becomes cleaner and brighter inside, the desire to make everything around us cleaner and brighter will awaken. What’s inside is outside.

This will make us want to clean up our home, relationships, and work.

We will see how much trash and dirt are around us. We’ll want to get rid of everything unnecessary.

This is a sure sign that the energy tsunami has helped and done its job. The cleansing and liberating energies of fierce knives come only to help us.


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