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A reboot of our world - Part 3

One of the I Am Temple members asked a question and I thought I'd better answer it here so that many people can read it:

"Dear Aurora, thank you for the nice message above. I participate in the collective meditations recommended by Cobra, the most important of which is the Divine Intervention Activation Meditation. Cobra is a Pleiadian positive being, you may know, according to the message above from the Argorians' space fleet commanders, should we stop participating in any form of collective meditation after today? 💖" by Ferya

I share my opinion, but you're welcome to keep yours if you don't resonate with it.

To visualize it, imagine a river that symbolizes the cosmic flow of vibrations interacting with everything that exists. We are small streams that also merge into the great river with our own frequencies that are carriers of our thoughts, feelings, experiences, and deeds. Every single moment we ourselves choose what frequency flow to create/carry within us to experience, enrich our field, and then release back into the cosmos to mix with the rest of the cosmic flow/river back to the Source. Consciously (as Creators) or unconsciously (as unwitting followers), our intention-directed energies are a super powerful generator and an immutable part of the common cosmos. If your personal intention, for your personal use, is pure and strong, you can make a personal quantum leap into another time/space. This is done under the Universal Law with a mathematical formula that takes into account many factors, one of the most important of which is the initial vibrational level and the filter through which this intention is made.

Chaotic spikes in all directions

When, in mass meditations, similar intentions come together at the same time, but through different filters and from different levels of initiation, a powerful energy shock is created from many such "generators", like an electric shock, or chaotic spikes in all directions of the sphere (time/space).

Intention serves to navigate the direction in which we want to move.

Movement is done by our arithmetic average energy potential.

Filters are our emotions, beliefs, level of awareness of the Laws of the Universe, and much more.

What happens to the great river at such a time is complete chaos, confusion, and complete disorientation of both the overall movement and the quality content itself, which is pouring out simultaneously from all directions.

If it is a single confluence of small individual streams of intentions, the big river manages to compensate and regulate and correctly calculate at what level the creek should flow or deviate if it does not follow the generally accepted law of the big river. At the end is calculating the collective Timeline as an average sum of all individual participants.

With the goodness in our hearts to help and be useful, we "jump" willingly into such mass meditations without actually knowing the laws of the Cosmos.

Let me give you an example of when "mass meditation" can be beneficial. The choice of who participates in meditation is very critical and, on such a level, is not made by our 3D/4D dimensional personalities, but by Cosmic Calls received from our Higher Selves. It is based on the principle of uniting many individual souls with an overall equally quantitatively and qualitatively accumulated energy potential. The Quantum field has abilities to scan the population on the surface of the planet, make its own estimation and send Cosmic Calls to these specific souls. Some of us will be aware, but some will not be and will participate "quietly".

In this case, mass meditation becomes a super-powerful force that is uncompromising in its pursuit of a certain goal.

What we, as soul incarnated on planet Earth, can do the best is to CHOOSE always and only one to raise your vibration as much as possible.... and Enjoy the process...

Therefore, it is very important to consider with whom we open our portals to participate in any meditation, even in a small circle. We have to be very selective and be fully aware if we are creating constructive order or introducing unconscious disorder.

We don't need to be called to mass meditation through the internet. We are now mature enough to accept calls through Quantum channels.

Let me tell you what's new in the last few days and you'll know what I mean by the above.

On 1 March 2023 at 09:05 AM CET, the Argorians’ space fleet reported on a new operation that its ships conducted from near-Earth orbit. It concerned a giant quantum wave from the Galactic Center, which struck the planet on February 24 and is forecasted until March 7 inclusive.

A chain reaction of events on the Sun caused filament eruptions, Solar Flashes, radio outages, and CME strikes on Earth, causing strong magnetic storms. Quantum waves accelerated Sun’s protons almost to the speed of light, with an energy of more than 10 MeV. The magnetic shield, which has sunk almost to the surface, directs these particles to the Poles, where they are absorbed by the polar caps.

The force of the bombardment was increased by the radiation of planetary stelliums in the first days of March. This was warned by Frank Hoogerbeets, a Dutch researcher and seismologist from the Institute of Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS), who previously predicted devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. In the first decade of the month, as he noted, large seismic activity with a magnitude of up to 8.5 and higher is possible in the Russian Kuril Islands, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Greece, Portugal and parts of North America.

Frank Hoogerbeets

To reduce the energy impact on Earth and earthlings, the Argorians’ fleet did the following. Grouped in a circle over the North Pole, their ships began to relay powerful streams of GREMO energy onto the planet. Descending clockwise to the South Pole, the waves with a dense red-pink layer with blue sparks, like a cocoon, began to cover the entire surface, saturating everything in their path.

Immediately, 13% of earthlings responded and joined the operation. From them, came new circular Light waves of awakened consciousness and powerful thought forms. The planet sparkled and shone like a Christmas tree on New Year’s Eve.

Layers of violet-green color began to open up on Earth, exposing an intensively working Quasitron that unites the power fields of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea.

North Pole Pulsations

The operation helped to overcome the most critical point of recent days, but in March many new ones are possible. In addition to transforming quantum fluxes and Solar Flashes, they will be created by radiation from Stars and planetary stelliums.

Some Co-Creators inform us and requested:

There will be an energy field alignment on the planet in the next 12 days, and this will lift energies stored deep within the physical and etheric Earth.

There will be a mass of energy that will rise and emerge on the planetary surface.

They ask that all the Conscious have their minds to a high standard, with good connections and actions, to help the Earth in this process.

Some areas of the Earth may suffer from seismic stresses.

Your intention when asking for good vibrations from the Consciousness of the Earth is for the most intense agitations to be greatly minimized.

They continue to ask for UNITY and LOVE among all so that the work of releasing these old forces happens in the greatest possible harmony (also considering the planetary karmic remains in dissolution).

They are in a “rush” calibrating the Earth’s magnetic field while several things are happening at the same time and they need us, the representatives of the Federation on the surface, as antennas, to maintain the greatest balance.

Hold the space with LOVE...

On 4 March 2023 at 09:30 AM CET, Argorians’ space fleet reported the fresh update on their 5D Earth’s transporting to the Gerios Galaxy into orbit around Star Oryx, closer to the Local Universe’s Sun. Earlier, it was relocated to 7D Earth, and together with its fifth-dimensional sister, they also can host our Souls that upgraded to these levels.

To Gerios Galaxy

Of the many Gerios Galaxy’s quantum flows (on scheme top right), can be singled out dark lilac GLEMAR energy, which forms new, 5D structures, and simultaneously purifies information energy; and light blue BLISKORI, saturating the Noosphere with the software of Intelligence upgrading.

A huge wave field around the squadron accumulates energy, which the Gerios Galaxy emits, and spaceships retransmit it to our planet via the Multiverse. The field is composed of light brown, azure, green, purple, yellow, pink, and dark blue quantum streams. With their high-frequency vibrations, they support the active work of plasma’s circulation channels, and at the same time, create a screen of enhanced external protection.


Under the control of Argorians, on Earth’s Subtle Plane, 5D plasma condenses and produces numerous transformations of matter. From the 0 (zero) point of rays intersection (on the scheme), the black energy CHERGEN sorts and removes Evil particles (Chiron) and other negative substances from the planet’s field.

At present, Argorians’ fleet passes through the sixth’s (the last) filter in the channel between dimensions to their final destination. The filter consists of several parts, divided by quantum separators, and now, the squadron is going through one of them.

In shape, the separator looks like a giant rotating and multi-layered drum. It works in automatic mode and periodically changes the direction of spinning – from the horizontal plane to the vertical, at various angles, clockwise and counterclockwise. So it sifts and removes everything unnecessary and adds what is needed to transform matter to high-dimensional conditions.

Inside, the separator is a very complex quantum structure, which Argorians, taking the opportunity, use to remotely transform 3D Earth through its Multiverse.


The structure of the separator is made as a frame of blue energy BLICADO that filters and condenses the plasma. The structure is divided into four sectors programmed for different quantum flows. Among them, is the scarlet FERMO, which on Earth, forms Matrices with upgraded soft for the information field and new collective consciousness.

Into this combined field, via Solaris (where 4D, 5D, and 6D energies circulate) and the Quasitron (focusing radiation of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean, and the Devil’s Sea), Argorians direct quarks of the fifth-dimensional level. Simultaneously, through the pyramid complex of the planet, they impact the Earth’s core to gradually remove from it four-dimensional quarks of transitional 4D.

The following energies are used on the external wave circuit of the separator: light green FEARIS (forms Intelligence layers), blue FARMS (affects mental development according to new programs and higher levels of consciousness), and purple GRASIMO (filters and synthesizes plasma, neutralizing and removing 3D admixtures).


The separator has three groups of cone-shaped Portals. Argorians use them to run quantum flows. By cherry or dark red MIROSSA, they process the upper layers of the atmosphere through emissions in geopathogenic zones, from which the dark green energy REARDIS (the concentrated substance of false information) emanates.

Another group of Portals radiates blue GRIKADO, forming the life support system of 5D Earth, which Argorians are now intensively saturating with several energies. These are azure FEARSCO (creation of 5D matter in the process of purification and stabilization of new cycles), blue GRISPO (purification and change in the dimensionality of space), and yellow SFIRO (neutralizes side effects).


The third group of Portals emits orange FERMAGO energies, with which Argorians cleanse the Earth’s Hologram, and fill it with a new DNA code for upgrading Intelligence and reincarnation management on the planet.

Inside, the separator has eleven compartments, filled with quantum energies, carrying the following software:

1. Golden LOBE, forms the protective and signaling system of the planet and removes unnecessary and processed energy.

2. Blue with silver BLISKO stimulates the development of Intelligence and thought processes.

3. Brown with a yellow tinge ERMIGO transforms the removed energies.


4. Yellow SFARGO cleanses matter from outdated Intelligence and eases adaptation to a multidimensional space with new wave impulses.

5. Violet-cream GRAZIS filters and changes the development of planetary structures and collective consciousness.

6. Emerald KEGINO transforms matter by magnetic fields.


7. Lilac GLEGES cleanses the near-Earth space from negative energy.

8. Silver LIBRO supports the interaction of magnetic fields.

9. Black CHERGEN performs sorting and removal of Chirons.

10. Dark beige CHERGAS enhances the evaporation of terrestrial particles, throwing them into near-Earth space

11. Claret red BAROGS condenses 5D plasma to form a new, five-dimensional matter.

After passing through this separator, the Argorians’ squadron, transporting 5D Earth to the Gerios Galaxy, will enter the next filter of the inter-dimensional channel.

On March 3, 2023 at 09:30 AM CET, Argorians informed us that on our planet a Portal has opened to move to the 7th Earth, which is in the third energy belt of the Local Universe, closest to its Center. This Subtle planet is temporarily located in the fifth dimension and has already received several dozen Earthly Souls. Now they are undergoing active adaptation.


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