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  • Our Next Meeting | Tachyon I AM Temple

    Facilitators: If you love to learn more about Zohra (Venus) , please visit her website Shamanic 369 . AquaZen: Ocean Body Massage (Fabi) and Heart to Heart Hypnotherapy & Healing Energy (Petrina) ​ Our Next Meeting sam. 01 oct. AquaZen Acting in Harmony with Rhythm of Earth. A Day for spiritual reconnection, $111 (1) Ocean Body Massage (Fabi) and (Petrina) are back with our Spiritual Awakening Ceremony and you are invited to be our guests. Now is the right time to connect with your Higher Self and you are very welcome to join us in this journey! Reserve today: Partager Register Now

  • Tachyon & Evolution of our Consciousness | Tachyon I AM Temple

    Back Tachyon & Spiritual Evolution Hyper-dimensional Portal ​Tachyon particles were created by The Source in the very beginning of our universe. Therefore, they are a direct connection with Source, and naturally transmit the true original blueprint of creation. Encoded within itself, tachyon energy has all the purity, wisdom, intelligence, and power to awaken the innate perfect functioning of any system, most importantly the human mind, body, and spirit. ​ Joyous Life as a Super Conductor​ ​ Once upon a time, science and spirituality split; each following its own path towards the source of existence. Tachyon is a synergistic energy, merging the scientific and spiritual paths back into “oneness.” unfolding our spiritual potential, attaining harmony in all areas of life, and establishing radiant health are natural goals, Achievement of these goals is directly dependent upon how well our Subtle Organizing Energy Fields convert Tachyon Energy into all the various frequencies flowing through all the subtle levels of our being and then finally into our physical body. We do not have to turn ourselves into something we really are not. Instead, we can become “super conductors.” sin science, a super conductor is a material that has no resistance to the flow of energy. What we must try to do in terms of achieving optimal health is create a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body that is a super conductor. This means having no resistance to the flow of cosmic energy coming into our life through the Energetic Continuum. From the spiritual side, we have to realize that we are co-creators in our state of health. If we do not create any blockages in the flow of energy going through our system, our spiritual potential can unfold. We are able to establish radiant health in our lives and consequently, higher levels of joy. As super conductors, we reach for a state of optimal health and the highest level of order in the process of “order-chaos-order-chaos-order.” This process is what happens when we clear blockages using Tachyon. Each block we clear adds to the joy of the cosmic energy flowing through us. We can literally feel this happen. As we repeatedly experience it (and experience the Divine Energy consistently filling us with joy, peace and contentment), we begin to understand that we are part of the Divine Energy. ​ Spiritual Benefits: ​ While manifesting your desires in the Zero Point Field, Tachyon fields amplify the Intention being manifested. Tachyon heightens awareness and opens Dimensional Portals so memory blocks can be released. Tachyon rapidly accelerates spiritual development and opens spiritual channels. Tachyon restores and aligns chakra systems to a healthy zero point. Tachyon assists in clearing emotional, mental and spiritual fields in your past, present and future. The Tachyon field works in harmony to amplify the crystal’s attributes. Tachyon promotes deeper, more meaningful meditation Tachyon assists the body in detoxification in a gentle way allowing generational and DNA healing to occur. Tachyon chamber harmonize imbalanced energy and convert it to positive, balanced and harmonious fields Back

  • TACHYON CHAMBER | Tachyon I AM Temple

    Welcome to our own Vancouver Tachyon Chamber ​ This remarkable technology has been available to you in Greater Vancouver area, Canada since September 2018 ​ Isn't it amazing..... ​ ​ As you probably know, everything happens for a reason, and being here right now, reading this is not by chance either. Isn’t it fascinating to find out there is a new, simple way to re-calibrate and re-balance the physical and energy body on all levels including the emotions and the mind?! Only Infinite Source Energy in a form of Tachyon particles can accomplish such a difficult task. Just like Zero-Point Energy - the source of all other energies, Tachyons move faster than the speed of light and have no frequency, spin, or gravitation and contain the potential of an entire universe within them. ​ Here is a quote by the builder of the Tachyon chamber, explaining what exactly it does and its benefits: "Our product is based on ultra advanced tachyon technology. We have been working on this machine for seven years. Tachyon technology transforms everything on sub atomic level permanently. This is quantum physical treatment, not chemical. That means that any formation which are tachionized have several beneficent effects: - 3-5 times better effects of active ingredients - Great anti-aging effect - Dramatic Well-being effect - Balancing effect. That is why, tachyon technology is very effective, have immediate results, is safe, simple to use and have irreversible positive effect" ​ After being exposed to Tachyon Energy it is common to experience strengthening of your immune system and increased energy; more stable emotions; clarity of the mind and wiser outlook to life’s turns and challenges. Other common effects are physical and emotional detoxification, increased vitamin and mineral absorption, increased brain function, decreased pain/ ache symptoms related to diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions and an increased overall sense of well-being. Spiritually you might feel more tuned in to your intuition, higher self, feeling of unconditional Love and in resonance with the Infinite Creator more than ever before. ​ Well… if I triggered your attention, you can find more information on this website. ​ Click here for more details >>> Long story short.... Info Tachyon Technology in more details The Tachyon Healing Chamber is a divinely and uniquely designed device allowing you to access the Divine Grace of the Universe for your ultimate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being FAQ We asked the inventor of the Tachyon Chamber: ​ A: What is the major benefit of tachyon chambers for personal well-being? ​ C: The major benefit is it actually those tachyon chambers harmonize all levels of a human being, physical body, higher energy bodies and this technology is actually the one that can quite effectively connect us with the Source. ​

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